A Short Guide to DIY Pheromone Mixes

Once you’ve tried a few pheromone products, you might be interested in creating your own mixes and formulas. Love Scent is one of the only places where you can buy pheromones individually in pure form, allowing you to mix them together in your own ratios and customize a unique pheromone formula just for you!

Mixing pheromones is a complicated subject, and we won’t be able to cover every possibility here, but we can point you in the right direction. Read on to learn about mixing pheromones and how to start doing it yourself.


Tools of the Trade

Before you start making your own mixes, you should know about all of the pheromones you can potentially use. Over the last couple months, we’ve written articles on almost all of the pheromones you can use in your own mixes, and we’ll provide links to those articles here. Any of these pheromones can be bought on our website in pure form, and are located here.

All of these pheromones have unique effects on both yourself and the people around you. You’ll find more information about each individual pheromone by clicking on the links.


Your First Mix

There are a few ways you could go about making your first mix. Just remember that you might not get the results you want on the first mix, so until you find a mix that you like, only make enough mix for a few applications.

A great place to start is by checking out our FAB FOUR Chem Set. This is a perfect starter kit that comes with half-size bottles of four of the pure pheromones we sell: NONE, NOL, DIENONE, and RONE. Any combination of these pheromones will give you results of some kind, so you can go wrong with a 1:1 mix of any two of them, or even a 1:1:1 or 1:1:1:1 mix of three or all four of them! Don’t be afraid to dig in and just try something out.

If you want a suggestion, try NONE and RONE together. NONE is a pretty aggressively sexual pheromone which can potentially make you too intimidating. RONE balances NONE out, enhancing it’s good qualities, and reducing the aggressive factor. Our own Alpha-7 Pheromones for Men is simply a 6:1 mix of NONE to RONE.

That brings us to another potential way to start. You could attempt to replicate a pheromone product you already like and see if you can get similar results with your own mix. The product table on pherolibrary.com lists the pheromone content in most of our products, and the ratios of those pheromones if they are known. Even if you don’t want to replicate one of the products that we sell, that product table is a great place to get ideas for your own mixes.

One more way you could start out is by mixing a couple of your favorite pre-made pheromone products, or by adding one or two pure pheromones to one of those products. For instance, if you’ve got some Primal Instinct for Men that is a bit on the aggressive side for your taste, add a little bit of RONE to it to give it that same balance that Alpha-7 has. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.


Testing a Mix

Once you’ve settled on a mix, you won’t know if it’s good or not until you test it. We’d recommend that you test a mix for at least a few days before you write it off.  After that, write down any hits you’ve gotten, or differences in your own attitude and state of mind.

Now you can look at what you like and didn’t like about the results, and add or subtract pheromones to your mix from there. It’ll take a while before you know exactly what to do to a mix to fix it, but it’s worth the effort!

You can also post your mixes to good pheromone forums like PheroTruth and PheroLibrary. There are plenty of experienced users on these forums who can critique your mix, help you improve your mix, and share their own mixes with you.


Always Use a Cover Scent

One of the most important things to remember when making your own pheromone mixes, is that you should almost always use a cover scent. This is especially true if your mix contains any NONE or DIENONE, which have a natural musky scent similar to body odor or sweat that many people do not like to smell. Just spray some of your favorite cologne, perfume, or fragrance over your pheromone mix, where ever you apply it.

Alternatively, you could just mix the pheromones in with the fragrance, though you might not want to do this until you’re satisfied with a mix.


Don’t Overdose

One of the risks of making your own mixes is that it’s much easier to accidentally overdose.  Using too much of a pheromone mix can make people turned off by you and not want to stick around.  When testing a mix, start with a very small amount and work your way up if you aren’t noticing any results.  As long as you’re careful, you shouldn’t have trouble.


Now You’re an Expert!

With this guide, you have a great starting point for your own DIY pheromone journey. If you have any specific questions on pheromone mixes, leave a comment, contact us, or ask around on the forums. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on new blog posts and get some free samples!


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  1. One thing I have noticed in my past experience with mixing too is that for some reason certain colognes have alot of alcohol in them which depending on the cologne sometimes weakens the mix. I reccomend using A oil base for testing instead also I have found it easier to figure out ratios this way because when I do A smell test I don’t have the alcohol throwing me off. Also with A oil base it seems to last longer with 1 application! I want to eventually try the super primal oils just for this reason! but have tried attactionoil.com’s with fair success.

    • While it is true that alcohol can throw off a smell test, it is a myth that pheromones are weakened by alcohol. It’s really just up to personal preference. If you like oil based mixes, super primal oils are great, as well as the Edge Essentials line. Also, you can avoid some of the smell test issues with alcohol based mixes by spraying or dripping a small amount of the mix onto an index card or a piece of paper and letting it dry for a minute before giving it a smell. The alcohol smell dies off pretty quickly, giving way to the actual smell of the mix.

  2. They can be used to mix with regular men’s cologne as well ????

    • Yep, in fact that is what we would recommend you do if you already have a cologne that you like a lot. You can use regular cologne to cover any of our unscented pheromones and pure pheromones. If you haven’t tried it before, I’d recommend starting with one of our premade unscented pheromone formulas such as Alpha-7 Unscented. Just apply a drop or two of Alpha-7, and then apply your cologne over it. You need to cover unscented pheromones with a fragrance of some kind, so you might as well use your normal cologne.

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