Pheromone Focus: AndrosteNONE

Androstenone (also known as NONE) was one of the first pheromones found and studied in humans, and is widely used in pheromone products for both men and women.  Androstenone is produced naturally by both men and women, and can be found in our sweat.  Androstenone is a powerful sexual attractant, which is why it has found use in so many pheromone products.  In this post, we’ll delve into androstenone and share a few bits of info that can be useful for all pheromone aficionados.


What does androstenone smell like?


One of the most interesting things about androstenone is that different people smell different things when exposed to it.  In fact, about half of the human population can’t smell it at all!  For the other half, some find that androstenone has quite a pleasant scent, often compared to vanilla or a floral fragrance. Unfortunately, some other people find that androstenone smells rather bad, close to the smell of strong body odor or urine.  For this reason, we recommend that anyone using unscented pheromone products that contain androstenone make sure to cover it with a nice cologne or perfume.  If you’re trying to charm someone while wearing androstenone, you won’t know if they’re someone who smells vanilla, BO, or nothing at all when exposed to androstenone.  Adding your own fragrance on top will mitigate the risk.  This variance in scent is also one of the reasons why different people will react in different ways to pheromone products using androstenone.


What are the effects of androstenone?


Androstenone is one of the most aggressive human pheromones.  It can give both men and women an “Alpha” presence, and some men have even found that other men are more aggressive towards them when wearing androstenone.  This is a common complaint levied towards Primal Instinct for Men, a product that includes only androstenone.  Our own product, Alpha 7, includes a small amount of androsteRONE on top of the NONE, which adds a bit of balance to the effects of both pheromones, mitigating the potential negative effects of androstenone.  In any case, it has been shown by multiple studies that androstenone can definitely increase sexual attractiveness in both men and women.


The aggressive nature of androstenone also means that users must be careful when using products with a high concentration.  In particular, younger people will find that androstenone can be too powerful, since it mixes with natural pheromones that younger people produce at a higher rate.  Older people will find that androstenone can give them back some of the sexual energy and drive that they’ve lost with age, as their bodies produce less natural pheromones.


What are the best pheromone products that use androstenone?


Androstenone is among the most widely used phermones in products from all pheromone companies, and Love Scent is no different. Some of our favorite NONE based products for both men and women include: Alpha 7, Chikara, and New Pheromone Additive.


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