Unscented Pheromones: 4 Things You Should Know

Hello fellow Love Scenters!  In this week’s blog we’ll be discussing the ins and outs of unscented pheromones.  Often we get calls from people that aren’t sure whether they should get unscented or scented pheromones, and what the real differences are.  Here are 4 things that anyone interested in unscented pheromones should know:


1. Unscented Pheromones Have Their Own Smell


Despite the fact that the active effects of pheromones happen subconsciously and do not depend on a detectable scent, all pheromone chemicals have their own unique smell.  Pure androsteNONE, the most commonly used pheromone, has a strong, musky scent, very similar to the smell of human body odors.  Anyone who’s tried Essence of a Woman or our Love Scent Copulin Concentrate can tell you that copulins also have a pretty strong scent.  Other pheromones have unique smells, but “musky” can describe the scent of most pheromones to some degree.


2. Most Unscented Pheromones Should Be Covered With A Fragrance


While some unscented pheromones are low in concentration and can be used alone, most should be used along with a fragrance to cover the pheromone smell.  The positive effects of pheromones happen because we detect them through our VNO (the part of the nose that detects pheromones), and the actual scent of pheromones can be off-putting for many people.  For you, this should be seen as a positive!  This means that you can use any cologne or perfume you like and still get the positive effects of pheromones by adding one of our many varieties of unscented pheromones.


3. Unscented Pheromones Can Also Be Combined With Scented Pheromones


You don’t have to cover unscented pheromones with a normal fragrance.  Most unscented pheromones work extra well when combined with one of our scented pheromones!  For instance, Add a little Alpha-7 Unscented to your normal dosage of Chikara, and the normal pheromone effects you see will be magnified.  We even sell that particular combo as a bundle so you can save some money.  For women, try using Liquid Trust and Arome De Femme together and you will see great results!  The possibilities are endless, and with a little experimentation, you’ll definitely find a combo that works for you.


4. Pure Pheromones Allow You To Make Your Own Unique Pheromone Formula


Most of our unscented pheromones include more than one pheromone chemical, but what do you do if you want the specific effects of one pheromone, but not the others?  What if you have your own ideas for pheromone combinations that you’d like to try?  Fortunately, Love Scent can help you out!  We sell pure pheromones for men and women that allow you to use individual pheromone chemicals in any ratio that you want.  However, this option is intended for pheromone experts only, and we recommend that you do some research into the effects of each pheromone chemical before you try making your own concoction.  In the coming weeks, we’ll look at these pheromone chemicals individually, so if you’d rather us do the research for you, stick around!


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