Properly Using Cover Fragrances With Pheromones

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Today, we’re going to look at one of the logistical issues of using pheromones: combining unscented pheromones with a cover fragrance.

Remember, when we say that a pheromone is “unscented,” we only mean that it does not have a perfume or cologne already added to it. Chikara Pheromone Cologne, for example, has a cover fragrance already blended in; Alpha-7 Unscented does not. But, as anyone who has smelled Alpha-7 Unscented knows, this product still has a scent to it–and many people think that it smells like body odor. Not exactly the ideal fragrance for attracting someone!

Alpha-7 Unscented is not alone in its strong natural odor. Many unscented pheromones have a mildly unpleasant smell to them, ranging from an intense musk to sweaty gym clothes. Sex pheromones such as AndrosteNONE tend to be smellier than social pheromones like AndrosteNOL, but some people are sensitive to the natural smell of any pheromone. Any pheromone that smells unpleasant on its own, to you or those around you, must be combined with a cover fragrance if you want it to work its best.

We’ve discussed the importance of using cover fragrances before. But how exactly do you combine the pheromones with the fragrance? Do you dump a whole bottle of unscented pheromones into your perfume or cologne bottle? Not exactly! Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take here. Don’t worry–it’s not complicated! It’s just important to think through it so you don’t end up wasting your pheromones!



As we’ve said in the past, the right cover fragrance can make or break a great pheromone. Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses, and if we don’t like a particular scent, we will stay far away from the source of that scent–even if the source is a person we are otherwise attracted to. That’s why it’s important to choose the right cover fragrance for our pheromones.

Now, if you have a perfume or cologne that you already love, and you know other people like it too, there’s no need to change! You can just use that as your cover fragrance for your pheromones. There’s a lot to be said for going with what works for you!

But if you’d like to switch it up, that’s great too! We have some detailed tips on how to choose the right cover fragrance for your pheromones, but really, the only three requirements for a good cover fragrance are:

  1. You (and those around you) enjoy the smell
  2. Strong enough to mask the scent of the pheromones
  3. Long-lasting (so it doesn’t fade before the pheromones do) or easily refreshed

Anything that meets the above requirements can work as a cover fragrance. Commercial perfumes or colognes, essential oil blends, your own DIY cover fragrances, even baking extracts such as vanilla or almond extract–all are fair game!

Once you’ve chosen the right cover fragrance, it’s time to choose how you’ll combine it with your unscented pheromones. Let’s take a look!



There are two ways to combine an unscented pheromone with a cover fragrance. Option A is to apply the pheromones to your pulse points and then spray the cover scent on top of them (ideally after the pheromones have dried so they don’t run everywhere), in which case you just store the pheromones and fragrance separately and only combine them when it’s time to use the pheromones. Option B is to combine the pheromones with the fragrance in a container of some kind and apply them both at once, essentially turning a pheromone-free fragrance into a DIY pheromone perfume or cologne. Which option you choose is up to you, but one or the other might be better for you.

Some people might do better going with Option A. If you’re the sort of person who likes to wear a lot of different fragrances–maybe you have one you wear to work, one that you wear to clubs and bars, another you wear when out with friends, yet another you wear when on dates, with the choices changing depending on the season or weather–then adding different pheromones to all your different fragrances might not be the most efficient strategy. Or, if you like to experiment with a lot of different types of pheromones in a lot of different settings, keeping the pheromones and fragrances separate until it’s time to use them might be the better bet.

Basically, Option A works best for people who like to mix and match their pheromones and fragrances. Keeping the pheromones and fragrances separate allows you to choose the exact pheromone and fragrance combo for a particular situation. Remember: once the pheromones are combined with a fragrance, you cannot separate them again. So folks who like to frequently switch up their fragrances and pheromones would either have to make a large number pheromone/fragrance combinations, or just keep their pheromones and fragrances separate until it’s time to use them. Keeping them separate is probably the easier approach.

So what about Option B, combining the fragrance and pheromones in a container (such as a spray bottle or roll-on bottle) to have a ready-to-go pheromone fragrance whenever you need it? This works well for people who have only one or two fragrances they like to wear, and only one or two pheromones they like to wear. And this is true for a lot of people! If you find yourself spraying on the same tried-and-true cologne you’ve been wearing for ten years, and applying the same pheromones you always wear, just combining the two of them into one bottle and applying them both all at once is the more efficient choice. It also works well for people who only wear fragrances and pheromones on special occasions, such as dates with their partners or nights out at their favorite club.

In the end, the choice between Option A (applying them separately) and Option B (combining them in a bottle to apply both at once) is a matter of one simple question: which makes things easier for you? If applying them separately is easiest for you, go with that. If Option B would be easier, go with that. It’s all about making things simpler for the person actually wearing the pheromones, and only you know the answer to that question!

Now, if you’re going to go with Option B, you’ll have to decide on the amount of pheromones you’ll be adding to the bottle–and how to store the final product! Let’s take a look at that now.



Choosing the pheromone-to-fragrance ratio requires a bit of experimentation. Generally, we recommend starting with a 3-to-1 fragrance-to-pheromone ratio–so three parts of your chosen fragrance to one part pheromones. It will be helpful to have a pipette, eyedropper, syringe, or something else that allows you to get reasonably accurate measurements of each part of the equation, but you can also use your best estimate.

We recommend making very small test batches until you find the right ratio. You can store them in an atomizer, roll-on bottle, or any other clean and empty container. Just don’t add the entire bottle of pheromones to your fragrance, because you won’t be able to separate them again…so if the proportions don’t work, you’re out of luck. If you make a small test batch and it’s not the right proportion, you can just make another small batch and try again.

After you’ve made your 3-to-1 small test batch (perhaps 1 ml of fragrance and 1/3 of a ml of your favorite pheromone), go out and test it in whatever situation you’ll be using it in the future. If you see the responses you want, great: 3-to-1 is the right ratio for you, and you can make a much larger amount to use from now on! If you see negative responses, decrease the amount of pheromones in your next test batch (maybe try a 4-to-1 fragrance-to-pheromone ration instead). If you don’t see any responses at all, increase the pheromones in your next test batch (maybe a 2.5 or 2-to-1 ratio).

After you’ve experimented long enough to find your ideal fragrance-to-pheromone ratio, you can make a much larger batch to last you a long time, so you’ll need to choose a storage container. Easy-to-use options are:

  • Atomizers: good for thinner, alcohol- or water-based pheromone fragrances (you can try one of ours or get a larger bottle online or at a perfume store)
  • Roll-on bottles: good for thick, oil-based pheromone fragrances such as those made with essential oil blends (you can get a 5 ml roll-on here or find larger sizes online or in specialty stores)
  • Eyedropper bottles: good for both thick and thin pheromone fragrances; also allows you to apply exact amounts to your chosen application points (easily found online and in many pharmacies)

Store the final batch in a dark place at room temperature (such as a drawer or cabinet) and you’ll always have it on hand when you need it!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! As you can see, combining a pheromone with a cover fragrance isn’t very complicated. Just consider which fragrances you like and how you use pheromones, and you’ll know what will work best for you!


How do you use cover fragrances with pheromones? Do you turn a whole bottle of your favorite scent into a pheromone fragrance, or mix and match your pheromones and fragrances? What is your favorite cover fragrance to use? Tell us in the comments! You can also contact us directly with your comments, questions, and concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about blog posts, new products, exclusive promotions, and more!


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