The Importance Of Using Cover Fragrances With Pheromones

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This week, we’re going to take a look at the importance of using cover fragrances with pheromones!

First, let’s go over what cover fragrances are and how they work, and then we’ll take a look at why they’re so important.

For starters, cover fragrances are just the perfumes or colognes that you add to unscented pheromones (which, unlike scented pheromones, don’t have a cover fragrance added) to mask the natural pheromone smell. Those of you who have used unscented pheromones know that these products can have a musky smell similar to sweat or, according to some people, urine. This is because many pheromones are naturally found in our bodily fluids, with sweat being an especially common natural source of pheromones. Even synthetic pheromones will have this unpleasant odor attached to them. Scented pheromones use cover fragrances to mask that odor.

When we talk to customers about scented and unscented pheromones, many want to know: doesn’t adding a perfume or cologne defeat the purpose of wearing the pheromone? If the cover fragrance covers up the smell, doesn’t that make the pheromones useless?

The answer to this very good question: not at all! Pheromones are detected by a specific, highly specialized organ in the nose: the vomeronasal organ, or VNO. Take a look:

Diagram of the human olfactory system. The vomeronasal organ is highlighted with a red circle. It is located right above the roof of the mouth.

This organ detects and responds directly to pheromones, but not other smells. Those other smells, such as flowers or cookies or perfumes and colognes, are detected by other parts of the nose. Because the VNO is a specialized organ that only responds to pheromones, using a cover fragrance to mask the unpleasant body odor smell doesn’t cause a problem. Basically, the VNO doesn’t pay attention to those smells anyway, so they won’t interfere with its pheromone-detecting duties. But the other parts of your nose will pick up on the cover fragrance, not the body odor smell of the pheromones.

So, that’s the purpose of a cover fragrance: to mask the natural smell of pheromones. That said, even the rare pheromones that don’t have a bad odor to them can benefit from the use of a good cover scent. Let’s take a look at why using cover fragrances with pheromones is always a good idea!



We’ve already discussed why using cover fragrances with pheromones doesn’t interfere with them. It’s also important to look at it another way: using cover fragrances with pheromones actually helps those pheromones work better!

Imagine this: you’re at your favorite bar on a Saturday night, hoping to meet someone special. Or maybe you’re headed to a blind date with your friend’s friend who is said to be perfect for you. Or maybe you’re waiting for your partner to come home so you two can enjoy a quiet night in together. You meet up with the person you’ve been waiting for–a stranger at the bar, your blind date, your long-term partner–and, unfortunately, they smell like they just left the gym without showering.

You’d be put off, right? So would anyone who is standing next to you after you’ve applied some smelly unscented pheromones. No one wants to stand next to someone who smells bad, much less spend an entire evening with them. Even if someone looks fantastic, is making great conversation, and is overall a pleasant person, a bad odor can ruin the whole moment.

But put on a decent cover fragrance, like your favorite cologne or perfume or a great blend of essential oils, and no one is going to smell the sweaty-gym-clothes aroma: they’re going to smell the great scent notes in the cover fragrance. That can draw someone closer to get a better whiff of that great scent–and, in doing so, they breathe in a good dose of the pheromones too.

Think of cover fragrances as a necessary component of an unscented pheromone’s good performance. With the right cover fragrance, pheromones can work wonders. Without a cover fragrance, pheromones can actually drive people away. Make sure to use cover fragrances with pheromones so that the pheromones can do their jobs!



Another huge point to keep in mind when using cover fragrances with pheromones: our sense of smell is deeply connected to our emotions and memory. The olfactory bulb, which picks up particles in the air and interprets them as odors, has a direct connection to two critical parts of our brains: the amygdala (responsible for processing emotion) and the hippocampus (linked to cognition and memory). Other information gathered by our other senses–such as sound or touch–don’t have this direct, automatic connection to these parts of the brain, and thus aren’t as strongly linked to memory under normal circumstances.

Neuroscientists, psyshologists, and therapists have studied this connection between scent, emotion, and memory for years. From increased brain activity when exposed to smells with positive connotations, to greater brain activity when exposed to smells as opposed to visual stimuli, to strong connections between scents and negative memories in clinical situations, the research shows that, for better or worse, scent is a powerful trigger for memories and emotion. A particular smell can evoke generalized memories of the past, or of a very specific event (whether it was a pleasant or unpleasant event), or even of a specific person–and those memories are often loaded with emotions of all kinds.

Due to their strong link to memory and emotion, smells can also influence our moods, behavior, judgement, and even our work performance! They play a huge role in our emotional lives and in our interactions with other people.

So, when using cover fragrances with pheromones, you are communicating directly with the emotional and memory centers of someone else’s brain. That, in our opinion, is truly amazing.

So, how does this affect your choice of a cover fragrance? Well, if you know that your partner has great memories associated with a particular type of fragrance–maybe they love florals because of their positive associations with it, or have great memories associated with a particular essential oil–you should consider using that as a cover fragrance when you wear pheromones. On the flip side, if you know that your partner has negative associations with a particular smell, you should avoid wearing it as a cover fragrance: that smell has a huge impact on their emotional connection with you, and you won’t want it to be a negative experience.

Also, keep in mind that your cover fragrance will become sealed in the memories of those exposed to it. Make the experience a good one, and they’ll associate that smell with positive emotions for years!



Because of their strong connection to memories and emotion, cover fragrances play a big role in your relationships by themselves, even without the added element of the pheromones. Choosing a cover fragrance you know your partner will love can make a big difference in how effective the pheromones are, and choosing a cover fragrance you know they won’t like can stop the pheromones’ benefits in their tracks.

Now, if you’ve never met a person before, it can understandably be hard to know what kind of scents they like and what they don’t like. Take the time to learn whether someone likes the fragrance you’re wearing, or if it puts them off. Ask them what they think of your cologne or perfume, ask what kind of scents they like, ask what smells they don’t like. Pay attention to their answers, and incorporate that into your cover fragrance selections!

And remember: your associations with a fragrance aren’t going to be the same as someone else’s. Even if you love a fragrance, someone else might have unpleasant memories associated with it. If you hate a fragrance, someone else might love it. The key is to find the overlap between your scent preferences and the preferences of your partner or date.

Once you’ve found the right cover fragrance for you and your date or partner, you’ll have an extra layer of allure added to your pheromone blend. Pheromones work best when someone is having a good time when exposed to them, and scent can take you a long way in making the experience a good one.

Once again, think of cover fragrances as a necessary part of a pheromone’s work. Choose the right scent to help the pheromones work their best!


All right, now you know why it’s important to use cover fragrances with pheromones. Now let’s take a look at some cover fragrance options available through Love Scent!



You always have the option of choosing pheromone that already has a fragrance added to it! This makes using cover fragrances with pheromones as easy as could be–just apply them and you’re good to go. Some of our most popular scented options include:

  • Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men–a balanced pheromone cologne with a memorable sandalwood-inspired fragrance. Our best-selling scented product for men!
  • Mistress Pheromones for Women–a sensual women’s perfume with an herbal cover fragrance. Perfect for women who want to strengthen their relationships!
  • Love Scent Pheromone Oils–a social pheromone available in a range of fragrances. Perfect for pairing with strong, smelly sex pheromones!

Take a look at these scented options, along with our many other scented pheromone products!



We have a large selection of pheromone-free colognes and perfumes that you can use as cover fragrances with pheromones. Some of the many options include:

  • Arrivederci Homme–a unique men’s fragrance with floral and citrus notes blended with patchouli.
  • Ocean Breeze–a refreshing women’s perfume with floral notes.
  • Shahana Gold for Women–a bright perfume with fruity top notes, floral heart notes, and base notes of amber and musk.

If these don’t appeal to you, make sure to take a look at our other cologne and perfume options!



If you prefer to use more natural cover fragrances with pheromones, we have some essential oils that you can make into your own blend!

  • Lavender–a soothing, stress-relieving floral. One of the most popular essential oils worldwide!
  • Peppermint–a stimulating minty fragrance. Perfect for wintertime blends!
  • Sweet Orange–bright and citrusy. A popular choice!
  • Tea Tree–a herbaceous oil. More often used in skincare, but an occasional perfume ingredient!
  • Eucalyptus–an earthy oil. A unique ingredient in cologne or perfume!
  • Lemongrass–cheerful and energizing. Sure to be memorable!

You can also purchase all of these together in our aromatherapy sampler!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! We hope you understand the importance of wearing cover fragrances with pheromones, and have the tools you need to make the right choice for you!


What is your experience with wearing cover fragrances with pheromones? Which perfumes or colognes are your go-to for pairing with your pheromone blends? Are there any fragrances you’d like people to wear more often, or fragrances you wish people would stay away from? Tell us about it in the comments! And as always, you can contact us directly with questions, comments, or concerns. Also be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to be the first to hear about blog posts, vlogs, exclusive promotions, new products, and more!


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