Pheromone Focus: AndrosteNOL

Hello Love Scenters, and welcome to another Pheromone Focus.  This week, we’ll be looking at another popular pheromone, androstenol. Androstenol (also known as NOL) is a commonly used human pheromone found in fresh human sweat.  It is also found in many of the most popular pheromone products and has positive and attractive effects for both men and women.  Androstenol is a much less aggressive pheromone compared to something like androstenone, and is often used to balance out the intimidating effects of other pheromones.  Read on to learn more about this important pheromone.


What does androstenol smell like?

Unlike many pheromones, such as androstenone, androstenol has a very light, pleasant scent.  Some have compared this scent to the smell of sandalwood, which is perhaps why some products such as Edge have sandalwood scented versions.  Because of its light scent, androstenol is fairly safe to use on its own, without a cover scent.  That being said, we still recommend using a cover scent when trying out pure androstenol or unscented pheromones containing androstenol, because as a general rule pheromones work better when combined with a complementary fragrance.


What are the effects of androstenol?

Androstenol is almost the opposite of the aggressive androstenone.  Androstenol’s most noticeable effects are that it will make you have a friendlier than normal impression on people.  People will be more willing to approach you, talk with you, and trust you.  For these reasons, androstenol is sometimes referred to as the “ice breaker” pheromone.  Androstenol also can create a feeling of youth and sexual energy, making you much more attractive to the opposite sex.

Speaking of genders, androstenol exhibits positive effects on both sexes.  Men and women can both appear more friendly and approachable by using androstenol.  That being said, androstenol is more often included in products made for women, simply because the effects it has are often seen as more useful to women.  In men’s products, androstenol is usually used to balance out the aggressive effects of androstenone and androsterone.  Some people can react negatively to androstenone when it is used alone, simply because of the powerful “alpha” qualities it can impart on the user.  Adding androstenol to a pheromone mix can help you break the ice, while the other pheromones do their work at making you seem authoritative and sexually powerful.


What are the best pheromone products that use androstenol?

Androstenol is used in many products for men and women.  Some of our favorites include: Love Scent Pheromone OilsPrimal Women, and Super Primal for Him.


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