Unscented Pheromones: Questions And Tips

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We’ve had a few questions recently about unscented pheromones–what they are, how they work, and if they’re safe to use for people who are sensitive to scents.

First of all, let’s clarify one thing: “unscented” pheromone products are not pheromones that have no smell; they are pheromones that do not have a cover scent added to them. They are the same pheromones as the “scented” pheromones, but without the added fragrance. If you’re particular about the fragrances you wear, or have sensitivities to certain (or all) scents, unscented pheromones will be very useful for you.

Now that we have that clarified, here are some questions that people ask about unscented pheromones, and our answers:


Q: Are unscented pheromones less effective than scented pheromones?

The answer: no, they are not. The pheromones in Alpha-7 Unscented and Alpha-7 Scented (which we no longer carry) are the same pheromones (AndrosteNONE and AndrosteRONE), but Alpha-7 Scented has a cover scent already added to the bottle. It doesn’t change the pheromones, it just changes the way the overall product smells.

Now, though the pheromones themselves are not less effective in unscented products, some people argue that the scented versions of certain products are more effective as a whole because of the quality of the scent. Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men, for example, has a distinctive and popular fragrance that can help draw someone in closer and give them a better dose of the pheromones. Generally, cover scents are very useful when using pheromones because they do much of the hard work of bringing someone physically closer.

The benefits of the individual cover scent are, of course, extremely subjective, and some people might be put off by a scented product’s cover fragrance as much as someone else is drawn in by it. Use your judgment and pay attention to the preferences of the people you’re trying to attract. If you’re interested in someone who loves the smell of your current cologne or perfume, go with something unscented and pair it with that fragrance. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken!


Q. Do cover scents lessen the effects of the pheromones?

This is an interesting question, and the answer is related to how humans detect pheromones in the first place. Our body detects pheromones via the vomeronasal organ (VNO), which is part of our olfactory system, while other receptors in our noses pick up on the other smells those pheromones have. Pheromones’ natural scents range from faint sweetness to thick body odor.

Luckily, the VNO will detect the pheromones even if they’re paired with a cover scent. This allows you to mask the scents of smelly pheromones like copulins and AndrosteNONE while still letting the pheromones do what you want them to do.

So the thing to focus on when choosing a cover scent is not “Will this keep other people from detecting the pheromones?” Trust us: if they’re close enough to detect the pheromones, the cover scent isn’t going to get in the way. Focus instead on whether the cover scent will work for you by drawing people in and making them want to be closer to you, or if the cover scent will work against you by chasing people off by being too strong or unpleasant. (If the person you’re interested in hates everything Axe has ever made, for example, don’t pair your pheromones with Axe.)


Q. What is the best cover scent to use?

This one is all up to you. Use what you like, what your partner likes, what the person you’re trying to attract likes. You can use a fancy designer fragrance, a body spray you picked up at the local convenience store, natural essential oils, the same cologne or perfume you’ve been wearing for 20 years, and even baking extracts like almond extract or vanilla extract.

We have some advice for pairing pheromones with cover scents here. Basically, though, whatever you’re using, make sure it meets three requirements:

  1. People (including you) like it
  2. It still smells good when mixed with the pheromones
  3. It’s adequately covering up the natural smell of the pheromones

Does the cover scent you like check all those boxes? Then congratulations! You’ve found the right cover scent for you.

Remember, Love Scent has a variety of brand colognes and essential oils you can use as cover fragrances, so check those out if you need somewhere to start!


Q. I’m very sensitive to scents/my partner is very sensitive to scents; can I use unscented pheromones on their own?

The answer to this one depends on the pheromone. Some pheromones have very strong, generally unpleasant natural smells of their own. Others have very light natural scents. Other pheromones fall somewhere in between.

Pheromones with very strong natural scents include AndrosteNONE, AndrostaDIENONE, and copulins. When using products that have a mid-to-high concentration of any of these, you should be prepared to pair them with cover scents. If you’re sensitive to all fragrances, you’ll need to avoid them.

Other pheromones, however, don’t smell too strong on their own. AndrosteNOL, Estratetraenol, and AndrosteRONE are examples of pheromones that don’t smell like much when used by themselves, so you may be able to use these without a cover scent. Just use your best judgment: if your partner is one of the rare people put off by these pheromones’ natural smells, you’ll need to use something else or pair them with a scent of some kind.

If you’re in need of some unscented pheromone products that are usually safe to use on their own, we have some suggestions here:



1. Scent of Eros Unscented ($49.95)

Available in gel packets and in a liquid formula, Scent of Eros Unscented contains AndrosteNOL and AndrosteRONE. The AndrosteNOL works to elevate mood, reduce stress, and increase trust, while the AndrosteRONE gives you a dose of confidence and charisma.

You can try out the Scent of Eros Unscented formula in a 10-ml roll-top bottle for $49.95. Order yours today!

UPDATE: We no longer carry the Scent of Eros products. Try the Love Scent Pheromone Oils or Liquid Trust instead!


Liquid Trust2. Liquid Trust ($29.95)

Our most popular unisex product, Liquid Trust contains an important social hormone that plays a huge role in all human relationships. It promotes trust, reduces stress and anxiety, facilitates bonding between family, friends, and colleagues, and increases feelings of physical and emotional intimacy. It’s a good product to have for just about any occasion. And, because it doesn’t smell like much of anything, it’s safe to use on its own, without any cover fragrances at all.

A 1/4-oz spray bottle of Liquid Trust is $29.95. Try this popular product today!


Super Primal for Her3. Super Primal for Her ($59.95)

Not to be confused with Primal Instinct or Primal Women, Super Primal for Her is an AndrosteNOLbased product that can be, but does not have to be, combined with your favorite cover scent. You will have all the benefits AndrosteNOL offers–social magnetism, enhanced mood, youthful energy, and a generally pleasant personality–without giving yourself or your partner a headache by using a cover scent.

At 2 oz for $59.95, Super Primal for Her is also one of our best deals. Order now!


That’s all for now, Love Scent fans! Remember, if you want to order any of the above products, use the code SUMMERFUN at checkout for 25% off the order!


What is your favorite fragrance to pair with pheromones? Or, if you’re sensitive to scents, which is your favorite unscented pheromone to use? Let us know below! Also feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to hear about new blog posts, exclusive promotions, product announcements, and more!


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  1. Can pheromones stop natural testosterone production?

    • Hello,

      Good question. The answer is no, they won’t stop natural testosterone production. You don’t absorb enough for that to be a risk.

      – Love Scent

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