Pheromone Focus: AndrostaDIENONE

Happy Weekend, Love Scenters.  Welcome to another issue of Pheromone Focus, where we discuss the details of the individual molecules used in pheromone products.  This week, we’re focusing on androstadienone, also known at A1 or dienone.  Like androstenone, androstedienone is one of the most commonly used pheromones.  You can find androstedienone in many products, including: pheromone fragrances, unscented pheromone formulas, mainstream colognes and perfumes, and even the occasional body wash.  Read on to learn why androstedienone is so popular.


Where is androstadienone found naturally?

Androstadienone is naturally produced by men, and in male sweat and semen.



What are the effects of androstadienone?

Though it is only produced naturally by men, androstadienone can be used by women for it’s positive “self-effects”.  Androstadienone is known to have a calming effect for many women.  Many users have reported that it can even relieve PMS symptoms.  However, when experimenting with pure pheromones, women should only use small amounts of androstadienone, as large amounts can actually chase men away.

When worn by men, androstadienone is mostly used for the effects it can have on women.  Androstadienone has been shown in studies to increase cortisol levels in women, which influences arousal and mood.  One study found that women rated men as more attractive when exposed to androstadienone.  Finally, androstadienone has been found to make men more cooperative with each other, showing that it has more uses beyond sexual attraction.

In both sexes, studies have shown that androstadienone makes people more attune to emotional information, which obviously can help out with attraction.


What does androstadienone smell like?

Though not as strong a smell as androstenone, androstadienone smells very similar.  It has a musky smell very much like body odor.  For this reason, we recommend that anyone using pure androstadienone or any unscented pheromone concentrates that contain it make sure to cover it with a fragrance.  Even with the many positive effects of pheromones, no one wants to be near someone who smells strongly of sweat and BO!


What are the best pheromone products that use androstadienone?

Our favorite androstadienone-containing products include NPA for Men, Edge Sandalwood for Men, and Chikara.


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  1. I’ve noticed aggression towards me from men in some instances while in other instances, men tend to back away when i used androstedienone. Women on the other hand tended to be shy/hesitant/unsure about me yet would linger and sniff me, some to the point of being completely passive….

    • OH and the product quickly dries out even in the bottle….it doesn’t store well at all for the price i paid. i was typically left with nothing after first use even after making sure the bottle was sealed tightly and stored in a dark place…

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