The Top 5 Pheromone Products For Business and Sales People

When most people think of pheromone products, they imagine using them to find new sexual partners or to reignite the passion in current relationships. These are definitely not the only uses for pheromones.  Pheromones can also be used to get an edge in the workplace.  In particular, people in sales or other jobs that require interacting with and schmoozing clients and customers can get a lot of use out of pheromones.  In this week’s blog post, we’ll show you the top 5 pheromone products for this purpose.


Liquid Trust1. Liquid Trust

Our most popular product among businessmen and women is definitely Liquid Trust.  Liquid trust includes a special social pheromone naturally produced by all humans that is heavily involved in trust, generosity, emotional stability, and social connections.  Obviously, these effects can be extremely useful in business, especially when working with clients.  Liquid Trust can give you a real edge in sales as it will help you build trust and connections with your clients.  Other products on this list contain the same pheromone, but Liquid Trust is the only one that can be purchased in a smaller bottle for only $29.95!  Another benefit of Liquid Trust over other products here is that it can safely be worn alone, without cologne or perfume to cover it.


2. Connekt


Like Liquid Trust, Connekt contains social pheromones involved in trust and human connection.  The differences are pretty small, but Connekt comes in a larger bottle with attractive packaging, and contains a slightly different formula.  Connekt is also a bit more concentrated than Liquid Trust, and because of this we recommend that you pair it with a nice cologne or perfume for the best results.

UPDATE: We no longer carry Connekt. Try Liquid Trust instead!


3. New Pheromax Trust


New Pheromax Trust combines to social pheromone found in Connekt and Liquid Trust with the patented Pheromax Pheromone formulas for men and women.  New Pheromax Trust is a bit more pheromone heavy than Connekt or Liquid Trust, and can also be used to boost sexual attraction.  For this reason you’ll want to be a little more careful with this formula.  However, if your job requires more active schmoozing of clients, it can potentially do the job better than other products listed here.  Make sure you cover it with a cologne or perfume, as it has a unique smell that some may not find attractive.

UPDATE: We no longer carry Pheromax products. Try combining Liquid Trust with your favorite sex pheromone instead!

4. W.A.G.G. (What a Great Guy) Pheromones


W.A.G.G. is a pheromone product intended for more alpha-type males who find that the more sexual, androstenone based pheromones make people too intimidated by them.  It imparts a “nice guy” vibe on the user, like it says in the name.  While this product is usually used more in social situations like other pheromones, its formula is also great for business interactions because of it’s friendly vibe.

UPDATE: We no longer carry W.A.G.G., but we have several other products with the same key ingredient of androstenol. Try the Love Scent Pheromone Oils, or pure androstenol!


Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men5. Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men

Chikara is one of our most popular pheromone colognes for men, and one of the reasons that’s true is because it is great for all sorts of situations and uses.  It definitely has a bit of a sexual bent, since it contains androstenone, but it also contains 6 other pheromones (including androstenol) that balance it out and make it great for developing platonic social connections and friendships as well.  Try it out in combination with Liquid Trust for even better results.


Well, there you have it.  Pheromone products can be used for all sorts of situations, and that’s why many pheromone users use different pheromone products at different times.  These 5 are some of the best in the business (for business).  If you just want to dabble in social pheromones, give Liquid Trust a try, and from there you can explore the rest of the list and see the difference it can make on your career!


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