4 Important Facts About Pheromones and Age

Pheromones are incredibly important for relationships and mating, for both humans and the animal kingdom. By now you probably know this, but what you might not know is that age can have a huge effect on your natural pheromones, the kinds of pheromones that have effects on you, and how you should be using pheromones. Read on to learn about this important subject.


1. Humans Produce Less Natural Pheromones As We Age

From the time you reach puberty, and on into your late teens/early 20s, you produce more natural pheromones than you ever will again. As our body’s reach sexual maturity, tons of pheromones are produced and released. This is one of the reasons why we don’t even sell pheromones to people under the age of 18.  People this young don’t even have a use for pheromone products, as they produce plenty of natural pheromones on their own.  After you become an adult, you slowly produce less and less pheromones, and that’s where our pheromone products can come in handy.


2. Younger People (Late Teens and 20 somethings) Should Use Very Small Amounts of Pheromones

Because younger people produce more natural pheromones, it is important that as a young person you don’t use too much pheromone product. Especially when using highly concentrated pheromone products such as Alpha-7, it is extremely important that you start with a low dosage (1 drop). When combined with your natural pheromones, it’s easy for pheromone products to add and overwhelming amount of pheromones to the mix, which can give you negative effects and turn people away.


3. Older People Can Use Larger Amounts of Pheromones

On the flip side, people in their 30s and older can feel safe using more liberal amounts of pheromones, and pheromones with a higher concentrate. You still need to be careful about using too much, but to use Alpha-7 as an example, you could start with 2 drops and work your way up. Pheromone products are great for middle-aged and older people because they can help bring your pheromone levels back to how they were when you were younger.


4. Pheromones Can Work Differently On Different Age Groups

Not only do people of different ages produce different amounts of pheromones, they also react to the various pheromone molecules in different ways. This issue is pretty complex, but it can explain why you might have experienced hits from a certain age group while wearing some pheromones, and hits from other age groups while wearing others.


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