Pheromone Focus: Estratetraenol

Happy weekend, Love Scenters!  This week on Pheromone Focus, we’ll be looking at a great human pheromone called estratetraenol.  Estratetraenol (sometimes referred to as EST) is produced naturally by women and is mostly used in women’s products, but it can be useful for men as well in the right formula.  Read on to learn more about estratetraenol and its uses in pheromone products.


What does estratetraenol smell like?

Estratetraenol is another pheromone that does not have much of a smell of its own.  This makes it an easy pheromone to add to any formula if you like to experiment, and it means that estratetraenol can be safely used alone, without perfume or cologne covering it up.  That being said, pheromones are usually more effective when combined with fragrances and other pheromones.  However since estratetraenol doesn’t smell like much, you can easily combine it with any fragrance you like!


What are the effects of estratetraenol?


Estratetraenol was one of the first pheromones to show unique effects on men vs women.  Studies have shown that estratetraenol specifically has the most effect on heterosexual men and lesbian women.  These studies were particularly interesting in how they showed that pheromones can have different effects depending on sexual orientation.  In another study, researchers found that when exposed to estratetraenol, heterosexual men were more likely to view gender ambiguous images as more feminine.

Pheromone users have reported many great effects caused by estratetraenol, including self-effects useful to both men and women.  Overall, estratetraenol is a very warm, cuddly, and romantic pheromone.  Users have reported that when wearing estratetraenol, their sexual partners were more cuddly, more protective, and easier to communicate with.  Both male and female users have found that estratetraenol can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression and can generally elevate your mood.  Male users have found that estratetraenol can increase the effectiveness of androstadienone, one of the most commonly used pheromones.


What are the best pheromone products that use estratetraenol?

Currently we do not have a lot of products that use estratetraenol, but the best by far is Mistress Pheromones for Women. We also sell pure estratetraenol to use by itself or to add to your own pheromone formulas.


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  1. What is the name Best pheromone with Estratetraenol used by men?

    • Hi Kent,

      Estratetraenol is more common in women’s products, but Phero X (which has a masculine cover fragrance) does contain Estratetraenol…along with quite a few other pheromones. You can also get Estratetraenol in its pure form.

      – Love Scent

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