8 Tips On Meeting New People

Pheromones can be a great way to help you break the ice with new people, but they won’t do the work for you.  You still have to be able to put yourself out there and make the first move if you really want to get anywhere.  For some, this can be difficult.  Here are 8 great tips that we’ve found can help you find new social circles and break the ice when you do meet new people:


1. Take a class that requires physical contact with others

Taking a class for something that you’d like to learn is a great way to new people.  The best classes to help you overcome any shyness are ones that require some physical contact, such as dance classes, martial arts classes, and even massage therapy classes!  These classes force you to engage directly with new people, and soon you’ll be as comfortable around them as you are around any of your friends.  Check out class listings at your local community college or search around for local dance and martial arts studios and you’ll be sure to find something that interests you.


2. Take a public speaking, debate, or acting class

Ok, this is pretty similar to the last tip, but these classes can really help you find your own voice and build confidence in your own social skills!  Acting and public speaking classes force you to step it up and become the center of attention for some period of time.  If you aren’t used to a lot of attention, this can be pretty scary!  After a few lessons, you should be a lot more prepared to walk into any room and engage with the people that seem interesting to you.


3. Force yourself to talk to strangers

Your mother may have told you to never talk to strangers when you were a little kid, but now that you’re an adult, talking to strangers is the only way to make new friends!  Simply forcing yourself to walk up to people you don’t know and striking up a conversation will help you become more comfortable with meeting new people.  At first, this will feel incredibly awkward, but after a few tries you will surely meet someone that you can make some kind of connection with.  Make sure to do this in situations where people are willing to speak with you, such as any sort of social gathering, party, club, or event.  If you try to talk to someone that looks like they’re in a hurry to get somewhere, you probably won’t get good results.


4. Ask people questions about themselves

Most people love to talk about themselves.  One of the best ways to continue a conversation with someone is by asking them questions about their life.  If you’re in college, ask them about their major.  If you’re at a social gathering, ask them something that pertains to where you are at.  Whatever the case, just make sure that you ask them questions that you’d be willing to answer too.  Don’t get too deep the first time you meet someone, unless the conversation takes that turn on it’s own.


5. Eye contact

Maintaining eye contact shows that you are confident.  Most people find it awkward to talk to someone who never looks them in the eye.  Now, too much eye contact can be a little creepy, so don’t go overboard, but consistent glances into the other persons eyes will show them that you are actually paying attention to them and care what they are talking about.


6. Smile!

People like being around positive, happy people.  If you want to make someone else feel comfortable around you, be optimistic, think positively, and smile!  Other people will be much happier and more comfortable around you if you have a positive energy.


7. Don’t fear rejection

If you follow our advice and start talking to a lot of new people, you have to be aware that some of them are not going to want to talk, or won’t want to be your friend.  Everyone gets rejected sometimes, but you can’t be afraid of rejection before you even start a conversation.  Make sure to think positively, and if someone rejects you, just shrug it off and move on.  There’s no point in fretting over one rejection when you could be spending that time and energy on meeting other people that might turn into friends.


8. Pheromones

This one should be obvious to readers of this blog, but we’re gonna say it anyway.  Pheromones won’t bring you to new people or sign you up for a class, but when you get there, pheromones can help seal the deal.  In our last article we showed some of the science behind pheromones and how people are affected by them.  With pheromones, you can feel more confident that others will find you attractive, interesting, or authoritative.


Now, get out there and try some of these tips out for yourself.  Throw on some Alpha-7 or Liquid Trust, head over to the nearest bar or club, and meet some new people!  We promise, the more you try, the more friends you’ll have, and the more you’ll score.



  1. It’s body heat, smells, color’s you wear and even what you eat.My body must give off a lot of heat baseuce I can be around 6 people and they always swarm around me the most .:(

  2. The article said that there were 8 tips, however there is only 7 tips listed. So, what is the 8th and final tip?

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