7 Places To Apply Pheromones For The Best Effects

Pheromone newbies often ask us about where or how they should apply their newly purchased pheromone products.  This week, we’ll show you all the best places to apply pheromones.  Depending on your clothing and what you’ll be using pheromones for, different places can be effective.  Most of them are normal places that you would apply fragrances, but even experienced pheromone users should be able to find something new here.


Remember: Before you apply pheromone products anywhere, it’s a good idea to take a quick shower first.  This will wash off any bad odors that might be lingering, as well as your sweat, which will provide a clean base for you to apply pheromones and fragrances to.  Also, you should only apply pheromones to one or two of these places, or else you run the risk of overdosing on pheromones (not a health risk, you will simply see negative effects as people will be overpowered by your pheromone scent).


1. Wrists


The most common place to apply colognes is to the wrists.  Simply apply a drop of pheromone product to the inside each wrist, add whatever scent you are covering the product with on top (unless you are already using scented pheromones), and finally rub your wrists together in small circles for a moment.  Your wrists are a pulse point, which is a place on your body that produces slightly more heat than normal.  This heat will help “activate” your fragrance and pheromone product, allowing you to smell great throughout the day.


2. Neck


If you’re going on a date and you expect that your date will eventually find themselves close to your neck, this is one of the best places to apply pheromones. The neck is also another pulse point, and a great place to use at the same time as wrists.  After you’ve applied your fragrance and pheromones to your wrists, simply rub your wrists on your neck briefly.  You could also apply an extra spray to your neck if needed.


3. Behind ears


If you expect to be particularly close to your date, applying a small amount of pheromones behind your ears can be extremely effective.  At this location, the pheromones will most effectively combine with your natural scent, giving you a unique smell.  Again, this a pulse point, which will allow your pheromones and fragrances to stay strong throughout the day.


4. Chest


If you expect that you might be doing some hugging on your date, applying pheromones to your chest can turn you into a magnet.  Like other places, one or two sprays/dabs is enough.  When  your date comes in for a hug and you’ve got pheromones applied to your chest, they won’t want to let go!


5. Inside of Exposed Elbows/Knees


Depending on your clothing, the inside of your knees and elbows can be a perfect place to apply pheromones.  If your elbows and/or knees are exposed because you are wearing a dress, skirt, shorts, or short sleeved shirt, the inside of your elbows and knees can be a great place to apply pheromones.  Particularly at a social situation like a club or a dance where you might be getting sweaty, you don’t want to apply too much fragrance to more obvious places because they can mix with your sweat and cause a bad odor.  The inside of your knees and elbows are a little further away from other people’s noses, which allow you to be a little more subtle with your pheromone power.


6. Ankles and Thighs


These areas definitely work best for women, and can be very effective depending on the situation.  Similar to your knees and elbows, you should apply pheromones here if you are wearing shorts, a skirt, or a dress and your legs are exposed.  Also like elbows and knees, applying pheromones to your ankles and thighs can give a more subtle effect, appropriate for many different social situations.


7. Clothing


If for some reason you don’t want to apply pheromones to your skin, spraying them very lightly on the cuffs and collars of your clothing can work.  However, you need to make sure to apply small amounts, or you run the risk of staining your clothing.  Also be sure that you don’t apply pheromones or fragrances to expensive fabric, or things that need to be dry cleaned.  If you really don’t want to put pheromones on your skin, try putting them on your clothing, but we would definitely recommend trying out other spots first.


If you have any other places you like to apply pheromones, let us know in the comments!


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