Pheromone Overdosing: An Overview

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Now let’s turn to today’s topic: how to avoid pheromone overdosing.

Before we get into the specifics of avoiding it, let’s clarify one thing: what exactly is pheromone “overdosing,” anyway? Simply put, it means using more pheromones than you need, and the unpleasant side effects that result. While a pheromone overdose is not a medical problem and poses no immediate threat to your health, it can prevent the pheromones from working properly. Some signs of overdosing include:

  • Increased aggression from other people, especially members of the same gender
  • Shyness from people you’re trying to attract
  • Closed-off body language from those around you
  • Agitation or irritation from people nearby
  • Bad odors

As most people use pheromones to attract a partner, these are not good things!

So it’s very important to remember that, when it comes to pheromones, less is almost always more. If a particular pheromone is working well for you, it can be tempting to double or triple the amount you’re wearing under the assumption that you’ll only see an increase in the good effects. If women are finding you attractive with a small amount of pheromones, they’ll probably be lining up at your door if you wear a much larger amount, right? Actually, they probably won’t. Using a larger amount is more likely to chase people away than to draw them in, because the unpleasant side effects will be outweighing the benefits. So it’s important to use pheromones sparingly. If you’re already getting great results, there’s no need to wear more than you’re already wearing.

Another thing to remember, too, is that some pheromones are more prone to overdoses than others. While mild social pheromones, like AndrosteNOL, don’t have too many unpleasant side effects, strong sexual pheromones, such as AndrosteNONE, should be used very sparingly until you’re certain that you need more. AndrosteNONE is naturally a very aggressive pheromone and using too much will make you appear overbearing and overassertive rather than confident and sexy. Overdosing on an unscented sexual pheromone will also make you smell like you’ve just spent hours in the gym but didn’t shower afterwards, which makes it hard for people to want to be close to you!

Finally, remember that you are already producing your own natural pheromones, and not everyone’s pheromone chemistry is the same. While your friend might be producing less AndrosteNONE and therefore benefits from wearing some extra in the form of a pheromone cologne, the same might not be true of you. If you are already producing plenty of natural AndrosteNONE, wearing more isn’t going to do you any good–in fact, it might lead to just the opposite of what you’re hoping. Focus on your body chemistry and your needs, not what has worked for people whose body chemistry is different than yours.

So what are some active, specific steps you can take to avoid pheromone overdoses? Let’s take a look!


1. Know Your Pheromone Needs

When considering what kinds of pheromones to buy, think carefully about what you want the pheromones to do for you, and what type of pheromones would help you reach those goals. Let’s consider a few scenarios…

  • A very young, confident, alpha-male type man who has no problem appearing in charge or dominant does not need to add large amounts of “alpha” type sex pheromones like AndrosteNONE. Adding more to his natural pheromone levels can lead to an overdose and chase people away. People who are already dominant would benefit more from social pheromones like AndrosteNOLor a milder sex pheromone like AndrosteRONE(Suggested products: Liquid Trust, Super Primal for Him)
  • A very likable and approachable young woman who has no trouble making friends, flirting, or carrying on a conversation, but has some problems taking charge or being seen as authoritative or dominant, can safely use strong “alpha” type pheromones because she is probably not naturally producing very many. She just needs to be careful not to overdose on a potent pheromone concentrate. (Suggested products: Alpha-7 Unscented, Super Primal for Her)
  • An older man who wants to feel more like his old self again can safely use strong pheromones because, as he has aged, his body has produced smaller and smaller amounts of pheromones. He can use strong sexual pheromones, social pheromones, or a mix of both, all of which can help him feel youthful and energetic again. (Suggested products: New Pheromone Additive for Men, Edge Pheromone Cologne with Sandalwood)
  • A young person who is neither particularly dominant nor especially approachable does not need to worry too much about overdosing on sex pheromones, but should still be careful not to overdo it so they do not chase people away. They would benefit most from a mix of social and sexual pheromones, so they can gain confidence and authority while also remaining friendly and socially magnetic. (Suggested products: ChikaraAlter Ego)

Okay, you get the picture now. Make sure you know yourself and what you need when deciding on pheromones. Doing so will make sure you don’t end up ordering a bottle of something that won’t give you pleasant results!

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2. Consider The Occasion

When you’re preparing for a night out, and are looking at your pheromone collection and deciding what to wear, consider the event. You probably know not to wear strong sex pheromones to an office party or family gathering, but even in situations where sex pheromones are perfectly acceptable, you should also consider the risk of overdosing.

As an example, consider an outdoor event in the summer, such as a music festival. A large crowd of people at a warm venue leads to lots of sweat, which leads to an increase in the amount of pheromones naturally coming out of your body. (Many pheromones, including strong sex pheromones, are found in your sweat.) Wearing additional pheromones on top of what your body is already releasing can lead to an overdose very quickly. Between the smell and the fact that people will find you overbearing, it can kill a fun evening very quickly. So be careful about wearing too many sex pheromones to such events.

So, when choosing pheromone for the night, think about the event. If there’s a risk that you’ll be overheated and sweaty, use sex pheromones sparingly so you don’t risk an unpleasant overdose. You’ll have a lot more fun that way!

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3. Start With Small Doses and Experiment

When testing out a strong pheromone formula such as Alpha-7start out with very small amounts until you’re sure you need more. By “small,” we mean 1-2 drops between each wrist or each side of your throat. Many people will find that this is all they need, and won’t ever need to use any more. But if 1-2 drops isn’t enough, add 1 drop at a time until you’re seeing the effects you want.

Also remember that, for some people, strong formulas can be too intense no matter how small the amount. This can be due to your personality or body chemistry. If this happens to you, don’t worry too much! It just means that you should stick with milder formulas, such as the Love Scent Pheromone Oils, which are also great products that can help you attract people.

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4. Be Careful With Your Mixes

Mixing different pheromone products is an excellent way to get the best of many different types of pheromones. Mixing social and sexual pheromones can create a more well-balanced formula than either component is on its own, for example. The Phero Mixer Cookbook is full of advice and “recipes” for mixes that were developed and tested by pheromone users like you.

That said, when mixing pheromones, the chances of overdosing increase. While many people benefit from mixing Chikara and Alpha-7, for example, both formulas do contain AndrosteNONEand the resulting mix might be too intense for some pheromone users–especially those who are already dominant alpha types. As the Cookbook itself says, less is better when it comes to AndrosteNONE, so make sure your mixes don’t overdo it on this strong, aggressive pheromone.

As with individual pheromone products themselves, you should experiment with mixes until you find one that works for you. Mix small test batches and try them out for a few days before deciding whether it’s a good mix for you.

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5. Remember Your Cover Scents

If you’re using unscented pheromones, it’s important to wear a cover scent! Remember, “unscented” does not mean that the pheromones themselves do not have a scent, and in fact most pheromones have a natural musky smell that is similar to body odor. These natural scents mean that even smalls amounts of an unscented pheromone can make a pheromone user smell unpleasant!

So, when choosing an unscented pheromone, make sure you’ll have a cover scent of some kind on hand when you use it. You can use a cologne, perfume, or essential oils, and can even get creative with baking extracts. Use whatever scents you like, as long as they cover up the natural smell of the pheromones!

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That’s all for this week, Love Scent fans! We hope you have a better understanding of overdosing now, and how to avoid it–whether you’re heading to an awesome Halloween party or just out for some drinks with friends!


Have you ever had problems with pheromone overdosing? What happened? What did you do to prevent it from happening again? Tell us about it in the comments! As always, feel free to contact us directly with any questions, comments, or concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to hear about blog posts, exclusive promotions, new products, and more!


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