Making The Most Of Pheromones On Your Night Out

Happy weekend, Love Scent fans. It’s been a long week, and hopefully you have plans to have some well-deserved fun this weekend.

Pheromones are a great addition to a weekend night out. Whether you’re headed to a party at a friend’s place, a concert, or your favorite club downtown, pheromones can give you the boost of confident energy you need to make the most of your night. That said, it’s important to use pheromones properly if you want good results. Here’s how to make sure you’re using your pheromones in a way that will get you the results you want as you head out for a night of fun.

Know Your Pheromone Science

It may seem basic, but remembering what pheromones are and how they work is critical if you want to use them properly. For example, remembering that pheromones are already naturally found in your sweat, and that many pheromone products smell similar to sweat, can help you avoid overdosing. If you’re planning to spend the night on a crowded dance floor with a few dozen other weekend revelers, you’re probably going to be sweating–and you’ll want to be careful not to use too many pheromones so you don’t overwhelm your dance partners with the smell of body odor. A faint musky smell isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a smelly cloud around you will have people moving to the other end of the floor. A drop or two of our more potent pheromones will get you the results you want without chasing anyone away.

You’ll also want to be familiar with the formula in your favorite pheromone products. Knowing what effect the pheromones in the bottle will have on you and those around you is the first step in choosing which product to apply before heading out. You can check out our “Pheromone Focus” series to get more familiar with what the individual pheromones do so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Know Yourself…And What You Want

A big part of using pheromones properly is knowing your own body chemistry. Our products are meant to supplement what you have, and all of the pheromones we sell here at Love Scent will interact with the pheromones you’re already producing. If you already have an alpha personality type, using a pheromone blend meant to give you an air of dominance and authority can end up backfiring: you may come across as too aggressive, too dominant, and your dance partners may well end up finding someone else to spend the evening with. Alpha types will benefit more from an AndrosteNOL-heavy formula, which will temper their alpha qualities and make them more approachable.

On the other hand, if you’re not yet an alpha and want to become one, using a formula designed to give you an aura of authority and confidence is your best bet. Alpha-7 is a great formula for male and female pheromone users alike, and will give you the boost of confidence you deserve on your night out.

It’s also important to remember what you want. It’s your night off, after all. Maybe you just want to blow off steam with some old friends, and maybe make some new friends too, rather than spend the night looking for a date. In that case, the ever-popular Liquid Trust and its trusted social hormone will give you the relaxing social charisma you’re looking for.

Then again, maybe you really do want to find a new partner to spend the night with, or turn up the heat with your current date. If this is your idea of a good Saturday night, we have plenty of products to help you out. Women will enjoy copulin-heavy formulas, such as Primal Women, and the effect they have on the men around them. Men will get a boost of sex appeal from Alpha-7 Unscented. Just remember our first piece of advice: know the science! This is powerful stuff, and should be used sparingly for best results.

Mix And Match To Find Your Formula

Ultimately, pheromones are all about chemistry, and pheromone pros and newbies alike can have fun playing chemist. Once you’ve checked out our “Pheromone Focus” series and gotten to know your ingredients, you can create pheromone mixes that are tailored to you, your body, and your desires.

Pheromone experts will likely be interested in the pure pheromones sold here at Love Scent, and especially the popular Fab 4 Chem Sets. These allow you to mix and match pure pheromones to your heart’s content until you’ve found the perfect formula for you.

If you’re not an expert, and don’t plan on becoming one, don’t worry: you don’t have to be a seasoned pheromone chemist to benefit from experimenting with mixes. We already have some recommendations for you, and learning about pheromone mixes is not as hard as you might think. For example, once you know that the AndrosteRONE and AndrosteNONE in Alpha-7 create an air of dominance, and that the AndrosteNOL-heavy formula of the Love Scent Pheromone Oils makes you more approachable, you know that combining those two makes a well-balanced pheromone cocktail that gives you confidence without scaring anyone off. It might take you time to find the right mix, but that’s part of the fun–and it’ll feel great to test out your formulas on weekend nights out with friends and partners.


We hope this has given you the information you need to make the most of your pheromones when you head out for a night of revelry. Please leave a comment below the article if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or topics you’d like us to cover in future blog posts. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get some free samples, and to be updated on new blog posts, products, and promotions.


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