A Short Guide To Finding The Perfect Pheromone Product For You

Finding the right pheromone product for you can be a difficult process. Everyone has different body chemistry and one pheromone product will never be perfect for everyone. To find the best one for you, you have to try a few of them out. In this week’s blog, we’ll show you how to find and test new pheromone products so that you can get the right pheromone product for your needs.


Try a Sampler Pack

If this is your first step into the world of pheromones, you might want to try a lot of things out before you commit to an expensive bottle. Fortunately, we have sampler sets available for men and women that are only $20 and include a bunch of different products to try out, including scented and unscented products. You won’t be able to get a perfect understanding of how effective each product will be by only using it once or twice with the samples, but you should at least get an idea of what ones might work better for you, or which ones that you like the scents of. If you like one of the products from the sampler sets, most of them are available in bottled form, which we encourage you to check out.


Scented or Unscented?

At this point you should probably figure out if you’re more interested in scented pheromone products or unscented pheromone products. Neither is better than the other, it all comes down to personal preference. Do you have a fragrance that you already love and don’t want to switch to something else? Unscented products might be for you, because you can simply add them to your fragrance and get the power of pheromones while smelling like you always do. Do you want something simple and easy to use? If so, you should probably go for a scented pheromone product. Scented pheromone products are easy to use, because you don’t have to combine them with anything and you can use them exactly the same way you would use a normal fragrance.


Why are you using pheromones?

It’s important to figure out why you want to use pheromones before deciding on a product to try out. Are you using them purely to make yourself more attractive? You’ll want something with sexual pheromones like androsteNONE and androsteDIENONE in it. Are you using them to help out with social anxiety? You might want something heavy in androsteNOL. We have a lot of lists of great pheromone products for particular purposes on this blog, so looking around here might help you find something as well.


Test it out more than once

Once you get a full bottle of pheromone product, you need to try it out multiple times over the course of 2 or 3 weeks to really get a good idea of how it works for you. If you don’t get any hits the first time you use a product, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you. There are a lot of factors involved in attraction, and pheromones are just one thing that can tip the scales. If you try it out several times and still don’t get any hits, don’t worry! Love Scent is a great company to start out with when it comes to pheromones, because we have a great return policy. If you buy a product and end up hating it, we offer full returns, refunds, and exchanges as long as you get back to us within 60 days of purchase and the bottle is at least half full.


There you have it! Finding the perfect pheromone for you can sometimes be a difficult process, but if you know what you’re looking for it doesn’t have to be too hard. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or topics you’d like us to cover in future blog posts, please leave a comment below the article. Also make sure to subscribe to our newsletter┬áto get some free samples, and to be updated on new blog posts, products, and promotions.


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