5 Great “Self-Effects” of Pheromones

Most people buy pheromones for the effects they have on others.  They can make people more attracted to you, more connected to you, and quicker to trust you.  However, did you know that pheromones can also have great effects on yourself?  In this post we’ll discuss a few benefits that pheromones provide to you when you wear them that you’ll feel whether or not you are interacting with other people.


1. Better Mood

Many pheromones are known to help you get into a good mood.  Even if you’re alone, you might find yourself generally uplifted after applying pheromone products, which can be a reason to use them even if you don’t plan on going out.  Specifically, most women find that androstadienone has a very positive effect on their mood.  However, not many men have found that androstadienone gets them in a better mood, and in fact can have minor depressive effects.  Strangely enough, men have reported that estratetraenol, a pheromone normally used in women’s products, has great mood-increasing effects and can even counteract the depressive effects of androstadienone.


2. Confidence

Most pheromones provide some level of confidence for the user. Partially, the act of wearing pheromones in the first place usually makes people feel more confident since they will expect others to be more attracted to them.  However, some pheromones actually create this confidence themselves, even if you didn’t know you were wearing them.  Androstenone and androsterone in particular can make men feel more confident and masculine.  When used alone, androstenone can provide such a boost of confidence that it can make men more aggressive.  When used together with androsterone, the aggressive effect is tempered, but the confidence remains.  Androstenol can make both men and women more confident, extroverted, and comfortable in social situations.  Without a doubt, confidence is one of the best self-effects that pheromones can provide.


3. PMS Relief

Women might be happy to learn that androstadienone can actually provide relief from the symptoms of PMS!  Since androstadienone is also known to generally put women in a better mood, this pheromone is very commonly used by women for this purpose.


4. Enhanced Sense of Smell

This one is less known that the rest of the effects on this list, but androSTANone has been found to enhance some people’s sense of smell.  You probably won’t end up using androSTANone just for this purpose, but it’s good to know about.


5. Calmness and Relaxation

A couple pheromones can help people feel more calm and relaxed.  Namely, estratetraenol and beta-androstenol have been found to have calming and relaxing effects on both men and women.  At high doses, beta-androstenol has even been found to induce a light meditative state in the user.


And there you have it!  Pheromones are great for a lot of things outside of attraction.  Most of these self effects are great for anyone, and could be a reason to use pheromones even if you aren’t planning on seeing people that day.

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