Pheromone Focus: AndroSTANone

Hello, Love Scent fans.  This week we’ll be delving into the interesting pheromone, androstanone.  Not to be confused with androsteNONE, androSTANone is a unique pheromone with some great effects.  Read on to learn more.


Where is androstanone found naturally?

Androstanone is found naturally in human sweat and urine.  Chemically, it is very similar to androsteNONE, but the effects of each pheromone are different.


What are the effects of androstanone?

Androstanone has sexually aggressive effects similar to that of androsteNONE, but is a bit gentler and more appropriate for less sexual social situations.  In fact, users have reported that androstanone can make other people more friendly and sociable towards you.  It can also bring more attention towards you, which makes this a very valuable pheromone for places like parties, clubs, and other social gatherings.

Androstanone is particularly unique because of its self-effects, which include an enhanced sense of smell and altered visual perception.

Androstanone can also be used together with androsteNONE to buffer the negative effects of NONE (such as over-aggression).


What does androstanone smell like?

Androstanone has a very light musky smell, but compared to androsteNONE it’s smell is not very noticeable.  Still, we recommend using a cover fragrance with any unscented pheromone product.


What are the best pheromone products that use androstanone?

Currently we have no pheromone products that contain androstanone, however we do sell androstanone in pure form to use in your own pheromone formulas.


Now you know the basics about androstanone.  Go ahead and experiment with it in your own mixes and tell us about your experience!  As always, leave a comment if you have any questions, concerns, topics you’d like us to discuss, or anything else.  Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on new promotional codes and blog posts, and get yourself a set of free samples.  See you next week!


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