Pheromone Focus: Beta-Androstenol

Happy weekend Love Scent fans, and welcome to another installment of Pheromone Focus, where we examine the ins and outs of specific pheromone molecules.  Beta-androstenol is one of the less researched pheromones, but pheromone users still love it for it’s unique effects.  Beta-androstenol is the beta isomer of androstenol.  It’s effects are similar to androstenol, but it has it’s own character that can add a unique vibe to any pheromone formula.  Read on to learn about this interesting pheromone molecule.


What does beta-androstenol smell like?

Beta-androstenol smells pretty similar to regular androstenol.  Unlike many pheromones, beta and regular androstenol have a nice, light smell often compared to sandalwood.  It is safe to wear alone, though we still recommend using a cover scent with any unscented pheromone product.


What are the effects of beta-androstenol?

Like regular androstenol, beta-androstenol is a social pheromone.  However, compared to androstenol, beta-androstenol is a much more intimate pheromone.  While wearing beta-androstenol, you will find it much easier to experience closeness, intimacy, comfort, and familiarity with people, even if you have never met them before.  Beta-androstenol can make people more willing to talk about personal things they would not normally talk about.  Users have reported that in high dosages beta-androstenol can even have a “truth serum” effect, where people are simply much more likely to say what they actually think and say things out loud that they would usually keep to themselves.

Beta-androstenol can be used to great effect in combination with normal androstenol, creating a combination of the social effects of both pheromones.  The result is a fantastic social formula that is great for small gatherings and other intimate social events.




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