Product Spotlight: Pure Estratetraenol

Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

Today, we’re going to look at one of our catalog’s pure pheromone offerings: pure Estratetraenol!

Estratetraenol (6 ml)

Pure Estratetraenol is once again available in our catalog, now with a reformulated carrier and in a new 6 ml bottle. Let’s take a closer look at this powerful pheromone!



Estratetraenol is a pheromone naturally produced by women. It has a variety of sexual, emotional, and romantic effects, with its strongest impact being on straight men and gay women, and is a key ingredient in many popular women’s pheromone products.

Research shows that Estratetraenol stimulates the “courtship” centers of straight men and gay women’s brains–specifically, the anterior hypothalamus, which regulates behaviors related to sex and bonding. Straight men also view women as more feminine, and behave more cooperatively with one another, when exposed to Estratetraenol. People of all genders can experience more intense feelings of arousal when exposed to Estratetraenol, too, so straight women can also use Estratetraenol for its self-effects.

As you can see, the effects of Estratetraenol range from the directly sexual to the emotionally-charged. It’s a great pheromone for couples, whether they’re in the early stages of a relationship or want to relight the spark after being together for years. It’s also a good choice for single women who want to enjoy more confidence in their own sex appeal and magnetism. Even straight men can use Estratetraenol for its libido-stimulating, mood-improving self-effects.

Our pure Estratetraenol contains a high concentration of this powerful pheromone in an unscented carrier. It can be combined with other pheromones in a DIY mix, or diluted and worn by itself. While not as intense-smelling as many other pheromones, it does benefit from the addition of a cover fragrance–perhaps your favorite perfume or body spray.

If you’ve been looking for a pheromone that can bring a special something to your romantic life, Estratetraenol is a great way to go!



Like all our pure pheromones, our pure Estratetraenol contains the highest possible concentration of pheromones: 1 mg dry weight of pheromones per ml of carrier. At higher concentrations, the formula does not remain stable and pheromones tend to recrystallize, which reduces the consistency of the formula and can lead to incorrect dosing and poor performance.

This high concentration means that you should dilute the pure Estratetraenol before use. Remember, pure pheromones are not meant to be worn right out of the bottle; instead, you can use them to create a DIY pheromone fragrance by blending them with a perfume or cologne and, if desired, other pheromones. If you want something that can be worn right out of the bottle, we recommend a pre-made pheromone fragrance such as Mistress Pheromones for Women.

If you’re ready to work with pure Estratetraenol, dilution is a simple process. You can dilute the pheromones in a neutral carrier liquid, such as perfumer’s alcohol or a cosmetics-friendly oil, or in your favorite fragrance or aromatherapy blend. Experiment with different concentrations until you find the right dose for you! (You can learn more about working with pure pheromones here.)

The high concentration of pure Estratetraenol, or any pure pheromone for that matter, means that you’ll have a few more steps to go through before using the pheromone on a regular basis. But you’ll be rewarded with a formula that is fully customized to your needs: you’ll control the pheromone strength, fragrance, the addition of complementary pheromones, and so on. The effort is well worth it, so if you feel ready to experiment, pure pheromones are an excellent option for any pheromone enthusiast!



Many pure pheromones come in an alcohol-and-water carrier. Our new 6 ml bottle of pure Estratetraenol, however, uses a carrier that blends perfumer’s alcohol with the cosmetics oil Dipropylene glycol–commonly known as DPG.

This particular carrier blend has some key benefits. The alcohol keeps the formula thin and easy to work with, and ready to blend with virtually any cover fragrance you choose. The DPG helps prevent evaporation loss: oil does not evaporate, unlike alcohol and water, so you won’t experience the same likelihood of evaporation loss seen in alcohol-and-water based products. The end result is a stable, long-lasting carrier with good staying power on the skin and on the shelf.

Our new 6 ml Estratetraenol comes in a screw-cap bottle rather than an eyedropper bottle, which further guards against evaporation loss and other forms of leakage. Eyedropper tops can be prone to leakage, but screw-cap bottles are less likely to experience that problem. As long as the bottle is properly stored–upright, out of direct sunlight, and at room temperature–the product will remain stable indefinitely.

The long-lasting carrier and leak-resistant packaging mean that your investment in a bottle of pure Estratetraenol will last a very long time with proper storage. Order now and have this potent ingredient on hand for years to come!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! Everything you need to know about our new 6 ml size of pure Estratetraenol. Order today for $59.95!


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