Working With Pure Pheromones

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Now, let’s turn to today’s topic: working with pure pheromones.

The pure pheromones in the Love Scent catalog are products that contain only one pheromone (such as AndrosteNONE or AndrosteNOL), and contain the highest possible concentration of that pheromone. That concentration is 1 mg per ml of carrier liquid; any higher, and the pheromones do not remain stable in the mix, and you can see re-crystallization of the pheromones or other problems develop over time.

Let’s take a moment to compare these pure pheromones’ concentration to the concentrations found in some other products. The Love Scent Pheromone Oils, for example, contain 0.8 mg of AndrosteNOL per 3.7 ml bottle, which comes out to less than a quarter of a mg of pheromones per ml of carrier liquid. Alpha-7 Unscented has a higher concentration, of 7 mg of pheromones per 10 ml bottle…so 0.7 mg of pheromones per ml of carrier liquid.

Note that even the lower concentrations of these other products produce fantastic results for pheromone fans, and that some of the products with higher concentrations (such as Alpha-7) are actually too strong for a lot of people. Remember: when it comes to pheromones, stronger is not always necessarily better, and a lot of people see the exact results they want with a low concentration of pheromones.

So why do we offer our pure pheromones at such high concentrations? Well, we’re not actually expecting people to wear them by themselves, and generally don’t recommend doing so: even one drop of these highly concentrated formulas could lead to a pheromone overdose! They also aren’t intended for pheromone beginners, and we encourage those new to pheromones to stick with the pre-mixed colognes and perfumes in our catalog before venturing into pure pheromones.

But if you have experience with pheromones, know how they work, and know how individual pheromones affect you, our pure pheromones offer an excellent chance to make fully customized DIY pheromone products that you can tailor to you and your body’s unique pheromone needs…all without needing to build your own professional laboratory!

So, if you’ve been working with pre-mixed pheromones for a while–maybe Chikara, Alpha-7, or Primal Women–and are ready to move on to making your very own products, our pure pheromones could definitely be just what you need.

Now, let’s take a look at what you need to do to make sure your work with pure pheromones leads to great results!



The single best thing you can do to prepare for working with pure pheromones is to know how each pheromone works for you. This is one reason that we recommend experimenting with pre-mixed pheromone products before venturing into the pure stuff: you can get a sense of whether sex pheromones, social pheromones, or a combination of each works best for you, and which specific pheromones show you the best results.

So, before anything else, you’ll need to learn about the effects of individual pheromones. Our Pheromone Focus series is a great way to educate yourself on each pheromone and the range of effects it has to offer. Just remember that not all pheromones have the exact same effects for everyone who tries them, so what works one way for one person might work slightly differently for you. Reviewing the effects can tell you what to expect, but be prepared to see different effects than you’d anticipated and don’t be discouraged if you do.

Next, you’ll want to experiment with different pheromones to get a sense of what works well for you, keeping an open mind all the while. You might get some results you don’t expect! Many people have thought that strong sex pheromones would be the only way for them to go, but realized that milder sex pheromones or even social pheromones actually gave them the results they had wanted. Other people have thought that they just needed help with their social magnetism, but found that a dose of confidence-boosting sex pheromones went a longer way than social pheromones.

When you’re experimenting, pay close attention to the results you get–and to the pheromone content of the products you’re trying–so you can know how each pheromone is affecting you and what results you’re getting from each. Here’s an example of how that might look:

Let’s say you tried out Alpha-7 as your first pheromone. You liked the confidence and enhanced sex appeal it gave you, but you found that it intimidated others (including the people you were trying to attract) even if you weren’t wearing very much. Having read up on the different pheromones, you know that intimidation is a common side effect of AndrosteNONE (Alpha-7’s key ingredient), and so have decided that a high concentration of strong sex pheromones is probably not ideal for you. On the other hand, you did find that the Love Scent Pheromone Oils worked well to attract others (which you know their key ingredient, AndrosteNOL, can do), but they didn’t give you the sexual edge you were looking for. Finally, you tried wearing several drops of the Pheromone Oils with a small amount of the Alpha-7 and found that people were less intimidated but still not relaxed enough around you to let you get to know them.

In the above scenario, you would deduce that you do well with social pheromones, but need the addition of a very low concentration of a strong sex pheromone to really get the results you’re looking for. But fiddling with different pre-mixed pheromones, all with different concentrations of their respective pheromone ingredients and possibly with clashing cover fragrances, may end up proving difficult.

And that is where pure pheromones come in!

Because all of the pure pheromones come at the same concentration of 1 mg/ml, they can help simplify the math as you’re developing a formula that works for your needs. They are also unscented, so the end result can be paired with any fragrance you like. And, because they are so concentrated, a tiny bit goes a long way–meaning that you won’t need to use very much in your test batches and will have plenty of freedom to experiment until you find the exact formula that works for you.

Does all that sound like an exciting prospect to you? Great! Now let’s turn to what you’ll need to get started.



You don’t need much specialized equipment to work with pure pheromones, but a few things can help make the experimentation process easier. In addition to the pheromones themselves, you will need:

  • Measuring tools–pipettes or eyedroppers, syringes, or (for serious DIYers or those making large batches) graduated cylinders or beakers
  • Additional carrier liquid–a favorite perfume or cologne for scented formulas; alcohol diluted with distilled water or a carrier oil for unscented formulas
  • Other carrier bases–if you’d prefer to make a pheromone-infused body lotion, hair or beard oil, hand cream, aromatherapy blend, candle, or other cosmetic or wellness product, you will need the base materials for whichever product you are making
  • Containers–something to hold the product, such as an empty atomizer or roll-on bottle
  • Journal or notepad–something to keep track of the formulas you are developing and to record responses to each

You probably will not need to go to specialized stores to get any of this equipment: your local supermarket or pharmacy may well have everything you need. Anything that you cannot find locally can be purchased online.

Now, perhaps the most important of the above tools is your measuring tool. Knowing the exact amount of the pheromone that is going into your formula will help you make the best product for your needs. If you’re using a pipette or eyedropper, as most people do, you can easily keep track of the amount of pheromones going into your mix by knowing how many drops from your eyedropper equals 1 ml of fluid. For example, if 20 drops of pure pheromone concentrate from your eyedropper equals 1 ml, then 1 drop will add 1/20 of a mg to your mix!

(Note: a 3 ml pipette, complete with measuring marks, is included with every purchase of a Fab 4 Chem Set.)

The right carrier liquid is also important, as it will become the base of your new DIY pheromone fragrance. If you have a favorite fragrance that you’d like to enhance with pheromones, you can use that. If you just want an unscented spray, you can make one with spirits purchased from the liquor store, or you can get a more “professional” perfumer’s alcohol online; either type of alcohol can be diluted with distilled water to reduce the strong smell. If you prefer oil-based products, you can use any number of carrier oils–DPG, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and more, with or without the addition of essential oils for fragrance and aromatherapeutic benefit.

The carrier you choose will determine the container that will work best for you. Thinner, alcohol and water-based formulas work better in atomizers, while thicker, oil-based formulas do better in roll-on bottles. (And, of course, lotions or hand creams or other cosmetics require their own containers too.)

And then, finally, there is your experimenter’s notebook, in which you will keep track of your formulas (which pheromones used, amounts of each, carriers, and so on) and how people responded to them. This will help you review your work and choose the final formula or formulas you would like to make larger batches of. (Take a look at our Experimenting With Pheromones series for tips on reviewing your different formulas!)

As you can see, with some basic equipment and some working knowledge, you can turn your desk or kitchen into a very productive DIY pheromone lab. Now let’s take a quick look at the remaining details to pay attention to while making your custom pheromone product!



When making a DIY pheromone cologne or perfume, or any other beauty product for that matter, the biggest additional factor you need to think about is the cover fragrance.

Now, if you’re making an unscented pheromone blend using pheromones without much of a smell, you can probably get away without a cover fragrance. But many (arguably most) pheromone products need a cover fragrance of some kind. You can apply the fragrance after you’ve applied the unscented pheromones, or you can mix it right in with the pheromones and apply them all together.

The big question here is which cover fragrance to use. We’ve talked before about the importance of the right cover fragrance when using pheromones: scents are powerful triggers for memory and emotion, and natural fragrance compounds like essential oils can stimulate certain feelings and behaviors. The cover fragrance can make or break the entire formula!

If you have a fragrance you love, and know that your partner (or someone you’re trying to attract) loves it too, then it will certainly make a great base for your new DIY pheromone product. Whether it’s a perfume or cologne, scented body lotion, body spray, scented hand cream, or anything else that carries a fragrance, adding pure unscented pheromones can make it all the more special.

Essential oils are also a great way to add fragrance to pheromones. These natural compounds have been used in aromatherapy for centuries and have seemingly limitless possibilities. Adding pheromones to an aromatherapy blend can enhance the blend’s existing power, and using essential oils to create your own cologne or perfume can allow you to create a custom fragrance that meets your exact tastes. (Aromatherapy and DIY perfumery are fun arts to learn in and of themselves!)

Think of the cover fragrance, whatever form it takes, as the final flourish for your DIY pheromone product. It is an essential partner to the pure pheromones and an indispensable factor in the final formula.


Well, there you have it, Love Scent fans! Everything you need to know about working with pure pheromones. Whether you’re making a custom pheromone cologne to help you meet that special someone, or want to enhance the relaxing properties of your nighttime body lotion, or want a range of various pheromone-infused beauty products tailored to meet your specific needs, pure pheromones can help you get there. With some solid knowledge, a few pieces of equipment, and a curious and open mind, there’s no limit to what you can create! Now…go get creating!


Have you worked with pure pheromones before? Were you satisfied with the results? What advice would you give to someone who is starting to work with pure pheromones for the first time? Share your thoughts in the comments! You can also contact us directly with your stories, questions, and concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to be the first to hear about blog posts, new products, exclusive promotions, and more!


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