Pheromone of the Month: New Pheromone Additive for Women

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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

We hope everyone had a fun Halloween! And if you missed the Halloween sale, don’t worry–you still have some time to save! Just enter the code SPOOKYSEASON23 at checkout to save 31% on your order. This offer will soon be gone, so take advantage of it now while the savings last!

Now, on to our topic for today: our pheromone of the month! This time, we’re looking at a hidden gem in the Love Scent catalog–New Pheromone Additive for Women!

New Pheromone Additive for Women

New Pheromone Additive (NPA) for Women is an unscented pheromone that you can pair with your favorite perfume. Its pheromone formula contains pheromones from across the pheromone spectrum, giving you a wide range of positive effects.

Let’s dive into the details now!



The New Pheromone Additive for Women formula contains three pheromones: one social, one sexual, and one romantic. These three pheromones work together to give you a very wide range of possible benefits. The pheromones also help one another work better, bringing out their best effects while smoothing out any potential unpleasant side effects.

The pheromones in NPA for Women are:

As you can see, this trio of pheromones is packed full of benefits for you. It improves your sex appeal, enhances your natural femininity, and ramps up your charisma and magnetism.

With such a wide range of benefits, New Pheromone Additive for Women can be your go-to in just about any situation. Hoping to catch your crush’s eye? Want to strike up a meaningful connection with someone new? Wanting to strengthen your connection with your long-term partner? New Pheromone Additive for Women can do it all!

Another of this formula’s benefits: it contains no cover fragrance, so you can mix and match with all your favorite perfumes. Let’s look at that next!



New Pheromone Additive for Women is an unscented pheromone, so it contains no cover fragrance. Now, as we’ve talked about before, “unscented” does not mean “scent free” in the world of pheromones! It simply means that the product contains no perfume, cologne, or other fragrance. But pheromones themselves have a strong natural odor! This means that unscented products have nothing masking their pheromones’ odors.

Some unscented pheromones have no discernible pheromone odor, because their pheromone content isn’t naturally smelly. In those cases, you can wear unscented pheromones without a cover scent. New Pheromone Additive for Women, however, contains one of the smellier pheromones out there: AndrosteNONE. You won’t want to skip the cover scent with this one!

And don’t worry: as we’ve said before, using a cover fragrance with pheromones doesn’t interfere with their effects. Your nose has a special organ, the VNO, which is dedicated to detecting pheromones in the air. A completely separate part of your nose detects regular scents, like perfumes and colognes. The cover scent will mask the natural pheromone odor, but won’t prevent the VNO from detecting the pheromones!

So you can feel free to use any cover scent you like with New Pheromone Additive for Women! Pair it with your favorite perfume, body sprays, essential oil blends–you name it! You can either add it directly to your perfume, or apply it to your pulse points and spray your chosen cover scent on top of it. (For more on pairing pheromones with cover scents, look here.)

If you’re particular about your fragrances, and like to mix them up from day to day (or even throughout the day), unscented pheromones are the best choice for you. New Pheromone Additive for Women lets you turn any of your carefully-chosen fragrances into powerful pheromone perfumes. What’s not to love?



New Pheromone Additive for Women’s balanced, versatile formula and fragrance-free flexibility make it perfect for pheromone users of all kinds. Whether you’re brand-new to the world of pheromones, or have been using them for years, it has something to offer you.

Beginners will benefit both from the versatility of the formula, and its concentration. As we said above, its complementary blend of pheromones keep each other in check and improve each other’s effects. They are also at the user-friendly concentration of 0.3 mg per ml of carrier. This gives you some flexibility in the amount you wear, and reduces the risk of a pheromone overdose.

Pheromone experts will enjoy the all-purpose nature of the New Pheromone Additive for Women formula. Its blend of social, sexual, and romantic effects make it the perfect addition to any woman’s pheromone collection. If you primarily use pheromones in your romantic life, NPA for Women could be the only pheromone you’ll ever need!

So, regardless of your past experience with pheromones, New Pheromone Additive for Women will be a great asset to you. Whatever you hope to get out of pheromones, this formula will deliver!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! Everything you need to know about New Pheromone Additive for Women. Order your bottle today for $39.95!


Have you tried New Pheromone Additive for Women? What did you think? Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of adding it to their collection? Share your thoughts in the comments! You can also reach out directly with your questions, comments, and concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to hear about coupons, new products, and more!


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