Customer Questions: Using Pure Pheromones

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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

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Now, on to today’s topic: your questions about using pure pheromones! We’ll take a look at our selection of pure pheromones, who should use them, when to use them, and (most importantly) how to use them!

Let’s dive right in!



If you’ve thought about using pure pheromones, you’ve no doubt asked yourself this straightforward question: what are “pure pheromones,” anyway?

Here at Love Scent, “pure pheromones” refers to pheromone products that contain only one type of pheromone. Remember, there are plenty of different pheromones: the “alpha” pheromone AndrosteNONE, the “icebreaker” pheromone AndrosteNOL, the romantic pheromones AndrostaDIENONE and Estratetraenol…the list goes on. Pure pheromones contain only one of these at a time rather than a blend.

What’s more, our pure pheromones are very highly concentrated. Each of our pure pheromones contains a concentration of 1 mg dry weight of pheromones per ml of carrier. Compare that to some of our other products: SuperMone Pheromone Cologne, for example, contains roughly 0.27 mg dry weight of pheromones per ml of carrier; Primal Women contains 0.5 mg per ml. As you can see, the pure pheromones are significantly more potent!

So, our 6 ml bottle of Pure AndrosteNONE contains 6 full mg of AndrosteNONE pheromones, our 6 ml bottle of Pure AndrosteNOL contains 6 full mg of AndrosteNOL pheromones…you get the idea!

But why would you want to just use one pheromone at a time? What makes pure pheromones appealing? Let’s talk about that next!



Another question you’ve asked yourself before using pure pheromones: are pure pheromones better? They’re much more concentrated than the average pheromone product, sure…but does that make them the superior option? Is stronger and more potent always better?

As we’ve said before, “stronger” isn’t always “better” when it comes to pheromones. In fact, many people find that stronger pheromones actually don’t give them the results they’re looking for. There is such a thing as too strong, after all, especially with strong sex pheromones like AndrosteNONE. Wear something too potent, or wear too much of something, and you could end up chasing people away rather than drawing them close!

So what is the benefit of pure pheromones? With such high concentrations, won’t they be far too strong for most people? Well, if you wear them right out of the bottle, they definitely will be! But that’s not their intended use. Our pure pheromones are concentrates that you can dilute into your favorite fragrances, turning those fragrances into pheromone colognes and perfumes!

Because our pure pheromones are concentrates rather than ready-to-wear products, you can use them to make custom pheromone blends. You’ll be diluting them into your favorite fragrances, so you’ll control not only which pheromones are going into the final product, but how much of each, too! You get total control over the pheromone formula. If you haven’t had luck with ready-to-wear, off-the-shelf products, pure pheromones could finally get you the results you’ve been looking for!

In short, pure pheromones can be beneficial not because of their strength, but because of their versatility. Think of them as a chemistry set rather than a collection of pheromone perfumes and colognes. They let you make your own pheromone products virtually from scratch!

If using pure pheromones sounds like something you’d be interested in, that’s great! But do be aware that you’ll need some experience with pheromones under your belt before you get started. It’s not a process we recommend to beginners! Let’s take a look at that process next.



Like we said above, using pure pheromones requires some background with pheromone products. If you’ve never used pheromones before at all, we recommend trying some beginner-friendly off-the-shelf products first. This gives you the chance to learn which pheromones work well with your body chemistry. It’s also just plain easier to use off-the-shelf products, so it’ll be a much less daunting start!

If you’ve been using pheromones for a while, though, you’ll know which products get you better results. Maybe you’ve found that strong sex pheromones are the best for you. Or maybe you’ve realized that social pheromones are your better choice. And maybe you’ve realized that blends of many different pheromone types should always be your go-to! Either way, you know what works and what doesn’t. So taking on pure pheromones will be an easier process for you!

Now, on to the finer details: how exactly do you go about using pure pheromones?

Remember, our pure pheromones are concentrates, not ready-to-wear products. You shouldn’t be applying drops straight to your skin. And what do you do to a concentrated product before using it? You dilute it!

How do you dilute our pure pheromones? It’s a simple process, but one that requires some equipment. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Take an empty container such as a pocket atomizer or roll-on bottle.
  2. Put at least 5 ml of your favorite fragrance into the container.
  3. Using an eyedropper or pipette, add 1 drop of pure pheromones into the container with the fragrance. If using multiple pheromones, add 1 drop of each, using a separate eyedropper or pipette for each type of pheromone.
  4. Cap the container and shake it thoroughly to mix the formula.
  5. Experiment with the formula to test its strength, pheromone content, and fragrance.
  6. Adjust the formula as necessary until you see your desired results.

Note: you can use this process with other beauty products as well, such as lotions and handcreams. The steps are the same, but you’ll need a different type of container to store your custom blend.

As you can see, the actual process for diluting and mixing pure pheromones is the easy part. Knowing what pheromones to use is the more complicated part of the process, and it’s something you can only know if you have experience with pheromones! So don’t dive right into using pure pheromones if you’ve never used pheromones at all. Trust us: experimenting with beginner-friendly pheromones first will give you all the knowledge you need to make amazing DIY concoctions later. Don’t skip that crucial step!

In summary: first, you’ll need to establish a solid knowledge base for which pheromones work for you, and then you can move on to using pure pheromones to make customized blends. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, so make sure to gain some experience first! And if you need any guidance along the way, we’re always here to help!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! If you’ve been thinking of using pure pheromones, we hope this has given you a good idea of what’s involved! If you think you’re ready to dive in, have a look at our pure pheromone selection today!


Have you ever used pure pheromones? Have you had any luck? Do you have any tips for your fellow pheromone fans who are thinking of using them? Tell us about it in the comments! Feel free to reach out directly with your questions, comments, and concerns too! And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to hear about coupons, new products, and more.


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