Pheromone Science: Androstenone and Dominance, Pt. 2

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Now, on to today’s topic: a look at pheromone research! This time, we’re taking a look at the connection between AndrosteNONE and dominance–and how it impacts your interactions with others!

AndrosteNONE is the go-to sex pheromone for many people, men and women alike. Its confidence-boosting, authority-enhancing properties help people raise their game in their romantic life. It can help create an intense and sexually-charged dynamic in both new and long-term relationships. For this reason, it’s a popular ingredient in many pheromone products, from everyday formulas to intense sex attractants!

One thing that most people know to keep in mind, however, is that AndrosteNONE works best when used sparingly. It is a very intense pheromone (it can even intensify emotional responses to ordinary things[1]) and can become overwhelming if you use too much. Pheromone fans report that it can agitate other people to the point of aggression, and can intimidate people you want to attract.

Because AndrosteNONE can have these unintentional unpleasant effects, many people do not wear it by itself. Alpha-7 Unscented, Chikara, Edge, and NPA are all products that mix AndrosteNONE with other pheromones. The other ingredients help smooth out the “alpha” pheromone’s rough edges, and bring their own positive effects too. This helps AndrosteNONE work better!

Today, we’ll look at research[2] that studies link between AndrosteNONE and dominance, and why it can have those unpleasant effects! Knowing the reason behind it helps us understand the effects better. It also helps you know when and when not to wear a lot of AndrosteNONE, and when to pair it with other pheromones.

This research involved both male and female participants. Researchers wanted to see how sensitive the participants were to AndrosteNONE, and what kind of emotional response they had to it. To better understand their responses, researchers also kept track of the participants’ body chemistry by taking saliva samples throughout the experiment.

The study exposed the participants to 2 odors: AndrosteNONE, and a chemical that mimics the smell of human sweat. Researchers then asked the participants whether they were able to smell the AndrosteNONE, how they liked the smell, and how they felt after smelling it. Throughout the process, researchers collected saliva samples to test the participants’ body chemistry too.

(One thing to remember, a particular organ in the nose called the VNO detects pheromones, while other parts of the nose detect other smells. So any participants who could not detect a smell when sniffing the AndrosteNONE could still have an emotional response to it!)

This study’s results gave us interesting insights into AndrosteNONE and its emotional effects. It also gave us important information about body chemistry’s effect on our responses to this pheromone!

In male participants, those with naturally high testosterone levels were less likely to be able to smell the AndrosteNONE, but were also more likely to have a negative emotional response to it. So it wasn’t that they were offended by the smell: they just didn’t like the way it made them feel.

In women, on the other hand, participants with higher estradiol levels reported that AndrosteNONE smelled bad and made them feel bad. They did not have this response to the control odor, so they did not simply dislike the natural sweat-like smell of the AndrosteNONE.

So, what does this mean in terms of AndrosteNONE’s effects? And what does it mean for you, as a person who uses pheromones?

Researchers believe that the men’s responses had to do with feeling anxious about competition. We know that AndrosteNONE can boost a person’s self-confidence, but this research once again shows that other men might find that threatening. It solidifies the link between AndrosteNONE and dominance, and emphasizes that some men really don’t enjoy the connection. This could be why some men report such negative responses from other men when they wear a lot of AndrosteNONE!

As for the women’s responses, the researchers believe this was also due to discomfort with the link between AndrosteNONE and dominance. Men who are feeling competitive with each other can make things unpleasant for the women around them. So a large amount of AndrosteNONE can leave women feeling intimidated rather than enthralled.

Of course, the research also revealed that a person’s body chemistry plays a role here. Testosterone levels drop in men as they age. The same happens to women’s estradiol levels as they age. So younger men and women are more likely to have these potentially negative responses than older folks.

Does this mean you should avoid AndrosteNONE? Not necessarily–it has many beneficial effects too! But given these links between AndrosteNONE and dominance, it’s important to consider the people around you and their response to the pheromones. It’s also important to think about the role other pheromones can play!

Say, for example, that you’re a man who enjoys the boost in confidence and sex appeal that AndrosteNONE gives you. But you don’t want to start a fight with other men. And you really don’t want to chase women off! So what do you do? Well, first, you should use AndrosteNONE in small amounts. And you should consider pairing it with a pheromone that can counteract the negative effects, such as AndrosteNOL!

Or say you’re a woman who enjoys using AndrosteNONE. But you don’t want to irritate the men you’re interested in. And you don’t want to put your friends in a bad mood when you go clubbing together. You can pair the AndrosteNONE with a social pheromone that counteracts its negative effects, like AndrosteNOL. You can also pair it with something that keeps men enthralled and intrigued, like Estratetraenol or copulins!

As you can see, you can still enjoy the benefits of AndrosteNONE, even with its complex effects. Sometimes it’s just a matter of pairing it with the right pheromone “partners!” You can also adjust the amount of AndrosteNONE you’re wearing based on the age of your partner. They might just be extra-sensitive to it because of their body chemistry!

In short: by tempering the link between AndrosteNONE and dominance, you can enjoy its benefits while minimizing the downsides. Remember, pheromones are tools, and sometimes it just takes a bit of extra effort to use them properly!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! We hope you have a better understanding of AndrosteNONE and dominance now. Hopefully you’re also better prepared to enjoy the benefits of this powerful pheromone, while avoiding its possible drawbacks!


Do you have any stories about AndrosteNONE and dominance? What are your experiences with this powerful “alpha” pheromone? Tell us about it in the comments! You can also contact us directly with your thoughts, questions, and concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to hear about coupons, new products, and more!


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1. d’Ettorre P, Bueno S, Rödel HG, Megherbi H, Seigneuric A, Schaal B and Roberts SC (2018) Exposure to Androstenes Influences Processing of Emotional Words. Front. Ecol. Evol. 5:169.

2. Katrin T. Lübke, Bettina M. Pause, Sex-hormone dependent perception of androstenone suggests its involvement in communicating competition and aggression, Physiology & Behavior, Volume 123, 2014, Pages 136-141, ISSN 0031-9384.


  1. So how do I use this product correctly??

    • Hi Clarence! As we recommend above, you can try using Androstenone sparingly and pairing it with a social pheromone to counteract its potentially unpleasant effects. For example, only use small amounts of Androstenone, and pair it with a social pheromone such as Androstenol!

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