Oil-Based Pheromones For Summer

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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

Sunday, June 20, was the first official day of summer. Celebrate the start of this sunny season by taking 25% off your order! Just use the code SUMMERLUV21 to get your discount. This offer is good on our entire catalog, so be sure to stock up on all your pheromone needs!

Now, if you’re looking forward to the sunny says of summer, but are worried about sweating off your pheromones, we have some tips for you!

First of all, remember that oil-based pheromones tend to hold up better in hot and sweaty conditions than alcohol-based pheromones. (This is one of the very few functional differences between oil- and alcohol-based pheromones!) So, if you’re going to be outside on a warm day, an oil-based pheromone would be a good choice for you.

Second, remember that your sweat already contains pheromones, so be careful not to overdose. Start with small amounts of strong pheromones and only apply more if you’re sure you need to. Less is almost always more when it comes to strong pheromones!

And third, while oil-based pheromones do hold up better when you’re sweating, they still won’t last as long on a very hot day. Pheromones tend to last 6-8 hours on the skin, but heavy sweating might bring that range down to 5-6. Just pay attention to the effects you’re seeing and refresh the pheromones as needed!

All right, now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at some great oil-based pheromones for summer!

Love Scent Pheromone Oils1. Love Scent Pheromone Oils ($9.95)

The Love Scent Pheromone Oils are a line of scented social pheromones. Their key ingredient is AndrosteNOL, “the icebreaker pheromone,” which puts everyone who smells it in a good mood. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a day spent out in the sun with friends!

The Love Scent Pheromone Oils come in ten fragrance options. Choose from classic fragrances like Sandalwood and Musk, florals like Honeysuckle and Floral Garden, or sweet summery scents like Citrus and Jasmine. Each scent variation contains the same pheromones, so choose whatever fragrance suits your tastes!

Each 3.7 ml eyedropper bottle of Love Scent Pheromone Oils is $9.95. Order a bottle or two today!


2. Primal Women (starting at $9.95)

Primal Women is an oil-based sex pheromone for women. It contains the social pheromone AndrosteNOL and the sex pheromones called copulins. Unlike most sex pheromones, copulins aren’t secreted in the sweat, making this a sex pheromone that you’re unlikely to overdose on just because it’s hot! But be careful: these potent pheromones are still best used sparingly!

Primal Women contains no fragrance, but has a natural pheromone odor that many people find unpleasant. We recommend always using a cover fragrance with this product. Any perfume will do! Just apply 1-2 drops of Primal Women to your pulse points and spray your chosen fragrance over it.

You can try Primal Women with the 1 ml Primal Women Mini for $9.95, or get the full-size 10 ml Primal Women euro dropper bottle for $49.95. Order today!


Alpha 7 Unscented Pheromones3. Alpha-7 Unscented (starting at $9.95)

Alpha-7 Unscented is a potent sexual pheromone that contains two powerful ingredients: the “alpha” sex pheromone AndrosteNONE, and the mild sex pheromone AndrosteRONE. Both of these are found in sweat, so this formula is one to use sparingly during the hot months. When used in the correct amounts, Alpha-7 can help you make a sexually-charged, ultra-confident impression. When you use too much, though, you can come across as overbearing and aggressive. So remember: less is more!

Alpha-7 contains no fragrance, and we recommend always pairing it with a perfume or cologne. Apply 1 drop to your pulse points and spray your chosen scent over it. If 1 drop is too much during the hot months, you can dilute it in your favorite fragrance!

You can try Alpha-7 with the 1 ml Alpha-7 Mini for $9.95, or get the full-size 10 ml Alpha-7 Unscented euro dropper bottle for $49.95. This is one of our most popular oil-based pheromones, as well as one of our most popular pheromones overall, so order today!


Edge Pheromone Cologne with Sandalwood3. Edge Pheromone Cologne for Men ($39.95)

If you’ve been looking for a no-fuss summer pheromone cologne, Edge Pheromone Cologne with Sandalwood is for you! This versatile, well-balanced cologne combines social and sexual pheromones with a light sandalwood cover fragrance. The roll-top bottle makes applying (and refreshing) pheromones easy, and it fits in just about any pocket! Its pheromone concentration makes overdosing less likely even in the hot months.

Because Edge Pheromone Cologne with Sandalwood is already scented, you do not need to use it with your own cologne. Just apply a stripe or two to your pulse points and you’re good to go!

A 10 ml roll-top bottle of Edge Pheromone Cologne with Sandalwood is $39.95. Get yours today!


New Pheromone Additive for Men5. New Pheromone Additive for Men ($39.95)

If you like the sound of low-fuss oil-based pheromones, but prefer to use your own fragrances, New Pheromone Additive for Men is a great option! It contains the same three pheromones as Edge Pheromone Cologne with Sandalwood (AndrosteNONE, AndrosteNOL, and AndrostaDIENONE) in the same user-friendly concentrations, but does not contain a cover fragrance. This leaves you free to use whatever cologne you like!

To use New Pheromone Additive for Men, apply 1-2 drops of the pheromones to your pulse points and spray your favorite cologne over it!

A 10 ml euro dropper bottle of New Pheromone Additive for Men is $39.95. Order this classic pheromone today!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! Our top oil-based pheromones to see you through the summer! We hope something on this list appeals to you. And don’t forget to save 25% on your order by using the code SUMMERLUV21 at checkout!


What are your favorite summertime pheromones? Do you find that oil-based pheromones work better in the heat, or have you not noticed a difference? Tell us about it in the comments! You can also contact us directly to share your comments, questions, and concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to hear about coupons, website updates, new products, and more!


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