Using Pheromones As A Student (Or Teacher!)

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Which brings us to today’s topic: how should students (or their teachers) go about using pheromones during the school year? Let’s take a look at some things you need to remember if you want to use pheromones as a student or educator.


1. Age Matters

When we refer to “students” in this post, we mean students of college age or older, not high school students or younger. Young people already produce plenty of pheromones, and so don’t need any supplemental pheromones. In general, we don’t recommend that people under the age of 18 use pheromones at all, and we don’t sell pheromones to people who are not at least 18 years old.

Even young college-age students should be aware of their own pheromone production. Younger adults, from 18 to about 25, are still producing plenty of natural pheromones, so adding more can rapidly lead to a pheromone overdose. Younger pheromone users should use pheromones sparingly, and pay very close attention to the effects any pheromone products are having on them and the people around them. If even small amounts of pheromones are too strong, that’s a sign that your natural pheromones are doing enough for you already.


2. Social vs. Sexual Pheromones

We’ve covered the differences between social and sexual pheromones before, and students and educators especially should be aware of the difference. You should always avoid using strong sexual pheromones in an educational environment–or any professional environment, for that matter–and stick to the more social pheromones. You can use sexual pheromones all you want in your private life, but in classrooms with your fellow students and colleagues, social pheromones are the much better choice.

The main social pheromones include:

  • AndrosteNOL – the “icebreaker” pheromone that improves mood, communication, and interactions
  • Beta-AndrosteNOL – a beta-isomer of AndrosteNOL with stronger, more intense effects
  • AndrostaDIENONE – a mild pheromone that elevates mood and increases cooperation
  • Estratetraenol – a stress-relieving pheromone that improves communication

All of the “social” pheromones can be used in your romantic/sex life (partners who are less stressed and more communicative have happier relationships), but they’re also suitable for use on their own in non-sexual, non-romantic situations.

That said, some “sexual” pheromones have effects that can be beneficial outside your dating life. These pheromones don’t directly stimulate arousal, but make the wearer more confident, authoritative, and intriguing–all of which can be helpful in social situations as well. Of these milder sexual pheromones, the safest to use in non-sexual situations is AndrosteRONE


3. Pay Attention To Scents

Any time you will be encountering large groups of people who must remain together in the same space, wearing scented products gets tricky. Allergies, sensitivities to scents, and the general need for a distraction-free environment means that a lot of schools would prefer that people leave their strong scents at home.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t ever wear scents to class. Just use your best judgment. If you want to wear scented products, or want to combine an unscented pheromone with a cologne or perfume, consider more subtle fragrances instead of the strong, overbearing types. Your colleagues will thank you.


All right, with those general rules in place, let’s look at some specific products!

The products we’re recommending here are beneficial for students and teachers, but aren’t necessarily for wearing to class or meetings. You can also use them while studying alone, while spending time with classmates, or while taking a much-deserved break after a hard week. Have a look:


1. Zellous Essential Oils (starting at $4.95)

Essential oils have been used for centuries and have seemingly infinite uses: skin care, meditation, homemade beauty products, natural cleaning, even repelling insects. Their versatility and usefulness have made them very popular with today’s DIY-ers.

To use essential oils safely, remember these two things: (1) do not ingest them unless directed to do so by a trained and licensed professional; and (2) always dilute them with a carrier oil or alcohol if you are going to put them on your skin. Ingesting essential oils or putting them directly on your skin without dilution can lead to bad reactions similar to allergic reactions. We want you to benefit from these oils, not be harmed by them, so use them responsibly!

Some particularly useful essential oils for students and teachers are:

  • Lavender – a relaxing, stress-relieving oil that you can use to unwind after a tough day
  • Peppermint – an invigorating oil to give you a boost of energy and resilience
  • Tea tree – a popular skin care oil that you can use to soothe skin that has been irritated by stress

There are hundreds of ways to use essential oils, and all of them are very affordable. You can make a reed diffuser and set it on your windowsill or table to fill your room with the soothing scent of lavender to help you sleep. You can make a natural air freshener to keep your apartment or dorm smelling nice and clean–essential for a good work environment. You can make massage oils with your favorite scents to treat sore muscles after spending hours working at your desk. It’s extremely important to take care of your mental and physical health, and essential oils can help you do so naturally.

Our Zellous Essential Oils are 100% pure, undiluted oils and are available even to those with tight budgets. Try individual scents for $4.95 a bottle, or get a sampler pack of 6 popular scents for $29.95. Treat yourself today!



2. Super Primal Pheromone Oils ($9.95)

Our Super Primal Pheromone Oils contain AndrosteNOLthe social “icebreaker pheromone” with many benefits. AndrosteNOL reduces stress, elevates mood, makes the wearer more approachable and trustworthy, and dissolves tension. It’s a very versatile pheromone that can be used by all genders for a wide range of purposes.

Students and teachers can benefit from AndrosteNOL in many ways. The friendly effects of this pheromone make it easier to get along with those around you, which is helpful in educational environments where many diverse people with contrasting personalities have to work together on a range of projects and topics. The trust-building effects make interactions easier as well. And teachers and students alike could always use some stress relief!

Use the Super Primal Pheromone Oils as you would perfume or cologne: a few drops on a pulse point, like your throat, wrists, or behind your ear. There is a low risk of overdosing with this product, so you can use as much as you like.

Note that the Super Primal Pheromone Oils are scented, so be conscious of how those scents are affecting those around you. Of the scents currently in stock, Roman and Cool Scent are the mildest.

You can get a 7.5 ml eyedropper bottle of Super Primal Pheromone Oils for $9.95. Try this versatile product today!

UPDATE: We no longer carry the Super Primal Pheromone Oils. Try the Love Scent Pheromone Oils instead!



3. Scent of Eros ($49.95)

One of our most popular formulas, Scent of Eros combines the dependable social pheromone AndrosteNOL with the mild sex pheromone AndrosteRONE(Remember, AndrosteRONE is one of the few sex pheromones that is safe to use in non-sexual situations.) The icebreaking, anxiety-reducing qualities of AndrosteNOL blend with the confidence-building qualities of AndrosteRONE. This combination makes Scent of Eros an excellent choice for anyone needing a pheromone with stellar self-effects.

Scent of Eros is available in an unscented formula that does not have a particularly intense natural scent of its own, so it can be used without a cover scent. It should be worn on pulse points (wrists, throat, behind the ears), and can also be dabbed under the nose to ensure that the wearer benefits from the pheromones’ self-effects.

You can order a 10 ml roll-top bottle of Scent of Eros for $49.95. Order yours now!

UPDATE: We no longer carry the Scent of Eros products. Try the Love Scent Pheromone Oils or Liquid Trust instead!


Liquid Trust

4. Liquid Trust ($29.95)

Liquid Trust is one of our most popular products, and is one that we recommend for a wide range of needs. It contains a social hormone that promotes trust, reduces anxiety, relieve stress, facilitates bonding, and improves mood–and that’s just part of the long list of what this hormone does. It is believed to play a fundamental role in many, if not most, of our social interactions, making it one of the most versatile options in the Love Scent catalog.

Liquid Trust’s wide range of effects make it a good choice for students and teachers. It can be used to reduce tension in classrooms, facilitate open communication, and generally make people get along better. Its stress-relieving and tension-reducing properties are very useful during stressful exams and big projects. Its promotion of trust and strengthening of social bonds help form friendships and good relationships. It also carries a low risk of overdosing, so it is safe to use even in large amounts.

Wear Liquid Trust around your neck to ensure that you’re getting the full effects. Also apply it to your regular pulse points so the molecules can be diffused properly. This unscented formula does not need to be combined with a cover scent, so just apply the amount you need and you’re good to go.

At $29.95 for a 1/4 oz bottle, Liquid Trust is one of our best deals. Get this popular and dependable product today!


There you have it! If you’re a student or teacher, or have a student or teacher in your life, we hope one of these options appeals to you. If you do decide to treat yourself or a loved one, remember to use the BACK2SCHOOL discount to get 25% off your order!


Are you a student or teacher? Do you use pheromones at school or work? Let us know below! Also feel free to contact us directly with any questions, comments, or concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to hear about blog posts, new products, exclusive promotions, and more!


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