7 Pheromones For Attraction

Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

This week, we’re going to take a look at some pheromones that are great for attracting romantic and sexual partners.

The products we’ll focus on today are pheromones that take a direct approach to attracting others by stimulating their interest in sex and romance, or their interest in you. They can enhance your sex appeal, earning you attention you might not otherwise get, and either help you begin a new relationship or improve an existing relationship.

Now, as we’ve said in the past, directly stimulating someone’s sexual interest is not always the only way to attract them. Some people respond just as well, if not better, to more socially-oriented pheromones that help them relax and elevate their mood. And, of course, some people respond to both, in which case you can benefit from mixing social pheromones with sexual pheromones. It’s always good to experiment with different types of pheromones, and mixes of multiple different kinds, to see what works for you and the person you are hoping to attract!

But if you’re looking for pheromones that specifically work for sexual and romantic attraction, we’ve got some ideas for you! Let’s look at some of our top pheromones for attraction now.


Mistress Pheromones for Women1. Mistress Pheromones for Women (starting at $9.95)

Mistress contains a blend of pheromones designed to enhance a woman’s sex appeal by stimulating her partner’s sexual and romantic interests. It contains copulins, which are produced in the female reproductive tract and directly stimulate straight men’s sexual interest in their partners; and Estratetraenol, a female pheromone that has strong physical and emotional effects on both straight men and gay women. The pheromones are paired with an alluring herbal cover fragrance.

Mistress works well for women who are hoping to attract someone new, but it really shines when used by women in existing relationships. Women report that their partners are more attentive, more interested in sex, and generally more engaged when exposed to Mistress–even when in long-term relationships. These powerful effects have made it one of our most popular pheromones for attraction, and one of our most popular pheromones for women overall.

Because Mistress is already scented, you do not need to pair it with additional perfume. Apply to the wrists, throat, and behind the ears; some women also like to apply a little under the nose, which helps the Estratetraenol stimulate their sexual thoughts too.

You can get a 10 ml Mistress roll-on for $48.95. Give it a try today!


2. Seduce for Her ($9.95)

Seduce is a women’s pheromone perfume that contains Estratetraenol. This female pheromone works well on both straight men and gay women, and has a wide range of emotional and physical effects. Straight men find women more feminine, and straight men and gay women alike find women more attractive, when exposed to Estratetraenol. Straight women also find their feelings of sexual arousal are stronger when they use Estratetraenol for its self-effects. As pheromones for attraction go, this product is as versatile as it is powerful.

Like Mistress, Seduce tends to work extremely well for women in established relationships, but it also works well for women who want to attract strangers. Wearing it, you will probably find that people are more likely to compliment you and express interest in you, and that partners will show a greater interest in both physical and emotional intimacy.

Seduce already contains a floral cover fragrance, so you do not need to pair it with additional perfume. Apply to your pulse points such as the wrists, throat, and behind the ears for best results.

A 5 ml roll-on of Seduce for Her is $9.95. This is one of our most popular products for women, as well as one of our top pheromones for attraction, so order a bottle today!

UPDATE: We no longer carry Seduce for Her. Try NPA for Women with your favorite cover fragrance instead!


Mojo Pro for Men

3. Mojo Pro for Him ($12.95)

Mojo Pro is a popular pheromone cologne for men. It contains a blend of social and sexual elements, enhancing your sex appeal and your social magnetism at the same time, and leads to people being more open and relaxed around you while also experiencing heightened sexual attraction to you. The pheromones are paired with a designer cologne that grabs people’s attention and draws them closer.

Men who use Mojo Pro have reported strong responses from partners, strangers, and acquaintances. It works equally well in established relationships and when attracting strangers, and can help turn long-term platonic relationships into something else. It’s one of our most versatile pheromones for attraction, and can work for virtually any type of man.

Because Mojo Pro is already scented, you do not need to pair it with a cologne. Apply to your wrists, throat, and behind the ears for best results.

A 3 ml atomizer of Mojo Pro for Him is yours for $12.95. Order yours now!


Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men4. Chikara Pheromones for Men (starting at $14.95)

Chikara is not just our most popular product for men; it is also one of our best pheromones for attraction. It contains a powerful mix of social and sexual pheromones, including the social pheromone AndrosteNOL and the sexual pheromones AndrosteNONE and AndrostaDIENONE. These pheromones work together extremely well: AndrosteNOL elevates the mood and acts as a social lubricant; AndrosteNONE stimulates sex appeal and sex drive; and AndrostaDIENONE stimulates sexual interest in both straight women and gay men. The complex pheromone profile has made Chikara the go-to pheromone for many men all over the world.

Chikara works well in new relationships and long-term relationships alike, and many men report great success with using it to attract strangers. The mix of pheromones helps you break the ice while your elevated sex appeal earns you more attention.

Chikara is available in a scented men’s cologne and an unscented spray. The cologne requires no additional fragrance, but the unscented spray should be paired with your favorite cologne. Apply to the pulse points and, if needed, spray your favorite scent over it.

The scented Chikara cologne is available in the 1 ml trial-size Chikara Mini for $14.95 or a 15 ml atomizer for $59.95. The unscented spray is available in a 15 ml atomizer for $59.95. Order your pick today!


Alpha 7 Unscented Pheromones5. Alpha-7 Pheromones (starting at $14.95)

Alpha-7 is one of our most potent pheromones for attraction, and one of our most popular overall products. It contains a powerful blend of two sex pheromones: the “alpha” pheromone AndrosteNONE, which enhances your sex appeal as well as your perceived authority and dominance; and AndrosteRONE, a milder confidence-boosting pheromone that increases your sexual and social magnetism. The AndrosteRONE helps balance out some of AndrosteNONE’s more aggressive side effects, making Alpha-7 one of the more dependable products of its kind.

Men and women who use Alpha-7 report increased attention from strangers and partners, and more direct communication when it comes to sex and romance. It is a useful product no matter what kind of relationship you are in, or if you are not in a relationship but would like to be. One thing to note, however, is that Alpha-7 is very strong, and is too strong for many people when worn alone; many people like to pair it with something that contains social pheromones (Chikara is a very popular combo choice) to help soften its intensity and thus make it more effective.

Alpha-7 is unscented but naturally has a strong musky odor, so we strongly suggest combining it with a cologne of some kind. Apply 1-2 drops of Alpha-7 to your pulse points and spray your favorite fragrance, or a scented social pheromone, over it.

You can try Alpha-7 in the 1 ml trial-size Alpha-7 Mini for $14.95, or a 10 ml dripper bottle for $59.95. Try it today!


New Pheromone Additive for Men6. New Pheromone Additive for Men ($44.95)

New Pheromone Additive for Men contains a blend of three pheromones of various types: the “icebreaker” social pheromone AndrosteNOL; the “alpha” sex pheromone AndrosteNONE; and the male sex pheromone AndrostaDIENONE, which has strong sexual and emotional effects on gay men and straight women. This versatile and potent blend has made NPA for Men one of our most popular products for many years.

NPA for Men is suitable for men in established relationships, men in new relationships, and men who are hoping to attract the attention of a new potential partner. The social pheromones in the mix help bring people’s walls down and make them comfortable around you, while the sex pheromones enhance your sexual magnetism and appeal. It’s one of our top pheromones for attraction and would be a great addition to any pheromone collection.

NPA for Men has no added fragrance but has a natural musky odor, so it should be used with a cover fragrance. You can either apply 1-2 drops of NPA for Men to your pulse points and apply your favorite scent over it, or add it directly to your favorite cologne to make a DIY pheromone fragrance.

A 10 ml dripper bottle of New Pheromone Additive for Men is yours for $44.95. Order a bottle today!


Arome De Femme7. Arome De Femme ($59.95)

Arome De Femme is a French-inspired, copulin-infused pheromone perfume for women. Copulins are produced by the female reproductive tract and have strong emotional and physical effects on men, including increased testosterone levels, increased confidence and interest in sex, greater attention paid to their partners, and an increased willingness to take romantic risks. For women, copulins are some of the best pheromones for attraction you can find.

Women who use Arome De Femme report increased attention from partners and strangers alike. It works well for women in long-term and new relationships, and for women who are interested in starting a relationship with someone special. It can be worn by itself or in combination with other unscented pheromones.

Arome de Femme already contains a complex floral fragrance, so it does not need to be combined with a perfume. Apply it to your pulse points like the wrists, throat, and behind the ears.

A 15 ml spray bottle of Arome de Femme is yours for $59.95. Try it today!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! Our top pheromones for attraction! If you’ve been looking for something to help kick-start your love life, or to make an existing relationship even better, we hope this list has given you some ideas!


What are your favorite pheromones for attraction? Do you go with sex pheromones, social pheromones, or a combination of multiple pheromone types? Tell us about it in the comments! You can also contact us directly with your questions, comments, and concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about blog posts, new products, exclusive promotions, and more!


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