5 Quick Tips for Using Pheromones

Hello, fellow Love Scenters! This week, we’ll be giving you a few easy tips for pheromone use. Pheromones can be a little trickier to use than they initially seem, but if you follow these guidelines you’ll be able to use them effectively to get the results you want. There will be some info here that we’ve already covered in previous posts, but we want to make sure all our customers are getting the most out of our products, so it’s worth repeating a few points every now and then.


1. DO NOT use too much

“Overdosing” is the number one cause of problems when using pheromones. Many of our competitors have even started putting larger and larger concentrations of pheromones into their products, because most people initially think that “more is better” with any product. This is simply not true with pheromones, and using too much at once can result in people not wanting to even be near you, much less get into bed with you. With almost all of our products, you should start with a dose of only a couple drops, and never use more than 3 or 4. Trust us, subtlety is key with pheromones, and just a little bit of product can go a long way.


2. Good hygiene is important

Most people produce some natural pheromones of their own, however they get washed off during our daily hygiene rituals such as showers and baths. This doesn’t mean that you should stop showering! One of the reasons pheromone products are so useful is that you can get the power of pheromones and still smell nice. If you don’t keep yourself clean and still put on pheromone products, your natural pheromones will combine with the pheromone product, resulting in a pheromone overdose. If you read the first point on this list, you’ll know that too many pheromones is a bad thing. So, if you’re going to be using pheromones (and even if you aren’t), make sure you have good hygiene and wash yourself daily. No one wants to go home with someone that smells like they were at the gym all day.


3. Choose the right product for your needs

We have a lot of pheromone products, and no one product in particular is the “best” one for every situation. Everyone has different needs, and different body chemistry that reacts to pheromones in different ways. It can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect product for you, but if you look around this blog you’ll find a lot of lists of products for different needs, and you can try one of our sampler packs to test a lot of different products out for a low price.


4. Pheromones are not love potions, you’ll have to do some work yourself too

One of the most important things to understand about pheromones is that they will not do all of the work themselves when it comes to attracting people. Pheromones are a great tool that can push you in the right direction and give you a great edge over people not using them, but the ground work still rests on you. Make sure you’re acting friendly and approachable, and that you dress in a way that shows that you care about yourself and your image. Many pheromones can help you give off an “alpha” vibe, which is very sexy to many people, but if you are too aggressive while you have that image, some people might get scared off. Pheromones are powerful as icebreakers and to help initially attract people, but don’t expect a 100 percent success rate, and try to do everything you can to add to your attractive image outside of pheromones.


5. Always use a cover scent when using unscented pheromones

This is one of the tips we’ve repeated the most on this blog, and that’s because it’s one of the most important. A few very popular pheromones such as androsteNONE and androsteDIENONE don’t smell very good on their own, and no matter what effect they have on other people, a lot of them will still be turned off by the smell. Fortunately, these smells are very easy to cover with almost any fragrance you like. Unscented pheromones are great because you can use them to gain the power of pheromones and still use your favorite cologne or perfume. Most of the time they are not really meant to be used alone, and even pheromone products that don’t smell like much of anything are a lot more effective when paired with a fragrance.


That’s it for this week, folks. If you follow these tips, you’ll find a lot more success with pheromones than if you didn’t follow them. Pheromones are very effective when used correctly, but can easily be misused. If you have any questions about pheromone use or have another subject you’d like us to cover, feel free to let us know in the comments.  Also check out our newsletter if you’d like some free samples and to be aware when we add a new blog post or sale.


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