5 Calming and Anxiety-Reducing Pheromones

Happy weekend, Love Scenters! Most readers of this blog should know by now that pheromones aren’t only useful for enhancing social interactions and attraction. Pheromones also have have a ton of great “self-effects” that work even when the user is alone. Many first-time pheromone users are pleasantly surprised by the calming and anxiety-reducing effects that some pheromone products have.  Depending on your mood, it can even feel like a wave of calming energy (not unlike the first sip of a hot morning coffee in the winter).

In particular, products with androstaDIENONE, androsteNOL, beta-androsteNOL, androsteNONE, and androsteRONE can have these types of effects and similar ones on men and women. One caveat here is that many pheromone users have reported that androstadienone has wonderful, calming effects when used by women, and can even help relieve the symptoms of PMS. However, many men have found that androstadienone is great for sexual attraction, but not for relaxation. Strangely, estratetraenol, a pheromone mostly found in women’s products, has been shown to have mood-enhancing effects when used by men.  Read on to learn about a few pheromone products that can be used to relax and feel better about yourself.


1. Scent of Eros

Scent of Eros is an androstenol-based pheromone product that is great for a relaxing evening with your partner. The androstenol will help you and your partner both stay calm and feel great, and the rest of the pheromone formula will help you both get in the mood and turn up the heat later in the night. It’s one of the best romantic pheromones because of it’s combination of social and sexual pheromones, and it has wonderful calming effects on the user, which is why it remains a favorite among Love Scent fans.

UPDATE: We no longer carry the Scent of Eros products. Try the Love Scent Pheromone Oils or Liquid Trust instead!


2. Liquid Trust

Liquid Trust includes a special social hormone that can actually bring people together and help them be more open and trusting with one another. These effects also extend to the user. On top of that, they also have some great calming effects, and can help with the user’s general sense of well being. The effect of Liquid Trust is a little more under the radar than other pheromone products, but it is still powerful in it’s own right and worth checking out if you haven’t.


3. Alpha-7

Early pheromone products like Primal Instinct were often made of pure androstenone, one of the most popular sexual pheromones. Androstenone is great at increasing confidence, attraction, and perceived authority, but on it’s own it can also cause you and others around you to act more aggressively. With Alpha-7, we took the pure androstenone formula of Primal Instinct and added some androsteRONE on top of it.  The RONE balances out the aggressive effects of the androstenone, resulting in a pheromone product that can increase your confidence, self esteem, attractiveness, and perceived authority without making you more aggressive. Alpha-7 is marketed towards men, but it’s worth noting that many women have used it to great effect, especially when using them at work in office-type settings.  Alpha-7 is available in an unscented version, as well as a new unscented mini version.


4. New Pheromax Trust

New Pheromax Trust is like a combination of Liquid Trust and a strong, sexual pheromone product. It has all of the great confidence and anxiety-reducing pheromones on top of the social hormones found in Liquid Trust. New Pheromax Trust is a bit on the expensive side compared to some of our other products, but its quality and complexity is worth the price. New Pheromax Trust is available in unscented versions for men and women.

UPDATE: We no longer carry Pheromax Trust. Instead, try mixing Liquid Trust with your favorite sex pheromone!


5. Alter Ego

Alter Ego is an androstenol based pheromone product, with androstenone and androstadienone thrown into the mix to add some sexual power. Alter Ego is perfect for starting fresh with a new group of friends and reducing your social anxiety, and it comes in scented versions for men and women that are both very popular. Alter Ego is not the strongest pheromone we carry, but it’s great for staying cool, calm, and collected while you socialize with new people or people you might not feel totally comfortable with yet.

UPDATE: We no longer carry Alter Ego. Try NPA for Women or NPA for Men instead!


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