A Few Common Misconceptions About Pheromones

Happy New Year, Love Scent Fans!  Welcome back to the blog!  We hope you all had a great holiday season.  For the first blog post of the new year, we’ll be discussing a few common misconceptions about pheromones.  It can be hard to sort through fact and fiction when it comes to pheromones, especially when so many pheromone companies make outlandish claims about their products and about pheromones in general.  Read on to see what we mean.


1. Pheromones are like love potions, and will attract anyone without fail

If a pheromone product is advertised as a catch-all solution that will get you into bed with the most attractive people you can find, requiring almost no effort on your part except for wearing the pheromones, you should probably look elsewhere.  Pheromones are a powerful tool, but they do not work well on their own if you aren’t trying to make yourself more attractive in other ways.

Before pheromones can do their work, you need to make sure you have great personal hygiene and at least some basic social skills.  Pheromones can help you break the ice and strengthen a connection, but you need to be able to talk to other people comfortably and create a decent image for yourself in the first place.  Furthermore, sometimes people just won’t be attracted to you, pheromones or not.  You need to accept that and move on to meeting other people that might be attracted to you.

Don’t let this discourage you from putting yourself out there and using pheromones!  As long as you’re clean, well dressed, and have some basic social skills, pheromones can give you a massive boost in confidence and attractiveness that will really round out your image and help you attract people that you might have never even approached before.  Just don’t expect a 100 percent success rate.


2. Unscented pheromones don’t smell like anything

We’ve made this point time and time again on this blog, but it’s one of the most important aspects of pheromone use so we feel like it’s worth mentioning again.  Unscented pheromones DO have a smell!  Especially pheromones like androsteNONE, androsteRONE, androstaDIENONE, and copulins.  All of these pheromones have a smell that many people do not like on it’s own, and when you wear an unscented pheromone product without a fragrance you run a high risk of chasing people away instead of attracting them.

It is highly recommended to cover any unscented pheromones with a fragrance that you like, and that fits you.  Even the few pheromones that actually don’t smell like much on their own are much more effective when combined with a cologne or perfume.  The combination of smelling great and wearing pheromones is intoxicating to many people.  Many people have had bad experiences with pheromones and never tried them again because they were wore an unscented product without a fragrance.  If they had tried wearing a fragrance over the pheromones, many of them would have had very different (and much better) experiences.


3. The more concentrated a pheromone product is, the more effective it will be

One thing we’ve noticed about the pheromone industry in general is a move towards higher and higher concentrations of pheromones in various products.  The problem is, you don’t actually need a super high concentration of pheromones to get the effects that you want.  In fact, with the super-highly concentrated pheromone products, you run a much higher risk of “overdosing” and chasing people away, much like wearing unscented pheromones without a fragrance.

That being said, concentrated pheromones definitely have their uses.  Mainly, you can use concentrated pheromone products such as our pure pheromones to make your own pheromone mixes, using small amounts of pheromone product with a larger amount of cologne or perfume.  Just be aware that you really don’t need a lot.  If you’d rather get a pre-made mix, the most potent products we’d recommend are things like Alpha-7 and NPA.  Anything more concentrated than that is usually overkill.


4. Pheromones with an alcohol base are less effective than ones with an oil base

Some people have been told that alcohol actually destroys pheromones.  This is 100 percent false, and there is really no difference in effectiveness between alcohol and oil-based pheromone products.  This choice is just a personal preference.  Some people prefer the oil-base pheromones, and some people prefer the alcohol-based ones.  Our advice is to try both kinds of products out if you’re curious about the difference, and see which kind you prefer.


That’s it for this week, Love Scenters!  We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about pheromones, and that you haven’t been a victim of these misconceptions. Please leave a comment if you have anything to add to this article, or if you have any questions or concerns.  Also make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get some free samples, and to be updated on new blog posts, products, and promotions.


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