Pheromone of the Month: Chikara Pheromone Cologne

Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

Today, we’re taking a closer look at one of our most popular products: Chikara Pheromone Cologne, the pheromone of the month! “Chikara” means “power” in Japanese, and you’ll soon learn why that’s the perfect name for this cologne.

Chikara Pheromone Cologne for MenLet’s dive right into what makes Chikara the go-to for so many pheromone fans!



You can’t talk about Chikara without talking about its formula. It contains a complex blend of pheromones to give you, the wearer, a huge range of possible benefits!

First up: AndrosteNONE. This “alpha” pheromone gives you a confidence boost, enhances your sex appeal, and improves your perceived authority. When used in the right amounts, AndrosteNONE helps you give a confident, trustworthy, and respectable impression. People will turn to you for everything from advice to affection to a plain old good time! And, as a bonus, Chikara doesn’t overdo it with the AndrosteNONE, so the risk of a pheromone overdose is low!

Next we have AndrosteRONE. This mild sex pheromone is very similar to AndrosteNONE in its effects, but it dials the intensity back. AndrosteRONE raises your confidence without over-inflating your ego, and gives you an appealing aura without intimidating anyone. It’s a great complement to AndrosteNONE and is a useful addition to any all-purpose pheromone formula.

Next, AndrosteNOL, the social “icebreaker” pheromone, comes in to raise everyone’s spirits and create a happy atmosphere. Think of AndrosteNOL as a social lubricant that makes interactions easier, whether you’re hanging out with friends or meeting a new business partner. It can also help you appear more attractive to those around you, which pairs nicely with the element of sex appeal you get with the AndrosteNONE!

Finally, you have AndrostaDIENONE, a powerful and romantic pheromone with an endless list of benefits. AndrostaDIENONE helps you appear more masculine and romantically appealing to women. Women will also find themselves in a good mood when they’re around you! On top of all that, AndrostaDIENONE helps you command respect and cooperation from other men. It’s a great way to round out the many other benefits of this formula!

As you can see, the Chikara formula draws from years of pheromone science to give you an incredibly versatile formula. Chikara is great for romantic occasions, days spent out and about, and even professional events! Enjoy giving others a dynamic, confident, and appealing impression.



Another element that sets Chikara apart: its fragrance. It contains an attention-getting cologne that turns heads and draws people closer just to get a better sniff!

We’ve talked about why cover fragrances are important before. Think of them as a tool in your pheromone toolbox!

First of all, cover scents “cover up” pheromone odors. You don’t want to smell like body odor when you’re trying to attract people! The fragrance helps you make an appealing first impression.

Second, cover fragrances help draw people closer to you. This increases those people’s exposure to the pheromones, and helps the pheromones work better. The closer someone gets, the more effective your pheromones will be!

Third, scent is one of the most powerful senses we have. It helps create and solidify memories, helping you leave a lasting impression. This, in turn, helps intensify the positive impact of the pheromones. The right cover scent can do wonders for a pheromone formula!

Chikara’s fragrance is so popular that some people say they get Chikara just for the scent. It also lets Chikara double as a cover fragrance in pheromone pairings, like the popular Chikara + Alpha-7 combo!

So, if you want a powerful pheromone that will have people asking who smells so good, Chikara is the right choice for you!



Chikara’s user-friendly nature is what seals the deal for a lot of people. Some pheromones are just plain too potent for the average pheromone fan. Want to avoid fussing over the correct dose? Not interested in diluting pheromones and making complex DIY mixes? Looking for something you can easily apply before running out the door? Chikara is there to meet your needs!

Between its balanced formula and user-friendly pheromone concentration, Chikara is perfect for anyone interested in pheromones. It will soon become your go-to everyday pheromone. Just spray 1-2 sprays on your wrists and throat, and you’re ready to go! That’s all you need!

So, if you want to introduce someone to the world of pheromones, Chikara is perfect. If you want to add an incredibly dependable pheromone to your collection, Chikara is perfect for you too! Whether you’ve been using pheromones for 10 days or 10 years, you’ll love this superb cologne.


There you have it, Love Scent fans! Everything you need to know about Chikara Pheromone Cologne. We hope you add this one to your collection soon!


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