Pheromone Science: Estratetraenol and Romance

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Now, on to today’s topic: another dive into pheromone research! This time, we’re going to take a look at the link between the female pheromone Estratetraenol and romance.

If you’re familiar with pheromones, you may already know about Estratetraenol’s romantic properties. Its cuddly and emotional effects have led some people to call it the “couple’s pheromone.”

Past research shows that Estratetraenol has many beneficial effects for couples. It activates the brain regions associated with sexual and romantic bonding–and does so in both straight men and gay women! Straight men and gay women also, when exposed to Estratetraenol, view women as more feminine. Estratetraenol can also intensify sexual feelings in men and women alike. So, this is a great pheromone for women in relationships with men and women in relationships with women.

For straight couples, Estratetraenol has the added benefit of making men behave more cooperatively. Researchers believe this is because Estratetraenol functions as a “mating chemosignal,” which are scent cues that tell men that women are interested in romance–and inspire men to attract a mate by being on their best and most appealing behavior.

So, overall, the links between Estratetraenol and romance are well-established! It gets straight men and gay women in the mood for romance. It enhances a woman’s natural femininity and attractiveness. And it inspires men to be as appealing to women as possible!

Now, further research shows that Estratetraenol has yet another benefit for women, especially women who want to attract men. This new research suggests that this pheromone helps men understand romantic situations better, and intensifies their emotional response to romance!

To test how Estratetraenol impacts men’s responses to romantic situations, the researchers ran two experiments. The first experiment tested whether Estratetraenol helped men identify romantic situations more easily. The second tested whether men responded more intensely to romantic situations when exposed to Estratetraenol.

In the first experiment, research participants (all men) watched brief film clips of people interacting. They they then had to answer questions about the relationships of the people in the film clips. Were they family? Or were they romantically involved? Perhaps they were competing with each other? Or tricking each other? And so on.

The research participants watched the clips a few times. Sometimes, they were smelling Estratetraenol while watching. Other times, they were smelling a control solution that did not contain Estratetraenol. This helped researchers measure whether the pheromone had any impact on the men’s assessment of human relationships.

In the second experiment, the research participants looked at more than a dozen photographs. The photographs fell into two categories: photos of people and inanimate objects touching romantically, and photos of people and inanimate objects sitting beside each other without touching. The participants then had to choose which photos seemed “emotional,” and which did not.

As with the video clips, the participants went through two rounds of reviewing the photos. During one round, they were smelling Estratetraenol while looking at the photos. During another round, they were smelling a pheromone-free control solution. This helped the researchers determine whether Estratetraenol helped men see romantic situations as emotionally-charged.

Given the already-established connections between Estratetraenol and romance, the study’s conclusions weren’t too surprising! Researchers found that Estratetraenol helped men identify romantic interactions between people more accurately, and that it gave men stronger emotional responses to romantic images. Interestingly, the study even found that men responded emotionally to inanimate objects touching each other–as long as Estratetraenol was involved!

All right, so now you see that the link between Estratetraenol and romance is a strong one. But what does all this mean for you, as someone who uses pheromones?

Well, if you’re a woman who wants to attract men, this gives you a lot of helpful information. Wearing Estratetraenol can help you attract men in multiple ways. You already knew that Estratetraenol can enhance your femininity and get yourself and the men around you in a romantic frame of mind. Now you know that it can make your romantic intentions loud and clear to any man who is interested in you, and help forge an emotional connection between you and your partner.

And, if you’re a man, this opens up new ways to use Estratetraenol for its self-effects. If you’ve ever struggled to pick up on romantic signals from women, or need help getting in a romantic frame of mind, this pheromone can clearly help you out! A dab of Estratetraenol under the nose may be all you need to turn your romance game around.

Now, if you’re interested in adding both Estratetraenol and romance to your life, there are a few ways to do it!

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There you have it, Love Scent fans! We hope you have a good understanding of the connection between Estratetraenol and romance now–and some ways to add this powerful pheromone to your collection! And don’t forget to save 25% on your order with the code LUV4MEMORIAL22.


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