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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

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Now, on to today’s topic: our top 10 pheromones!

Are you looking for field-tested, tried-and-true pheromones to add to your collection? We can help! We’ve put together this list of our most popular pheromones! These are the products that Love Scent fans come back to again and again. They are versatile, dependable, and ready to add to your collection today!

Let’s dive right in!


Love Scent Pheromone Oils1. Love Scent Pheromone Oils ($9.95)

Let’s get started with our most popular product! The Love Scent Pheromone Oils shot to the top of our best-sellers list shortly after we released them. And it’s easy to see why! These versatile bottles of scented pheromone goodness contain AndrosteNOL, the “icebreaker pheromone.” AndrosteNOL is perfect for just about any occasion, and so are these oils!

The Love Scent Pheromone Oils come in 10 different fragrance options: spicy Woodland, bright Citrus, fresh Musk, sweet Honeysuckle, classic Smoky Amber, ancient Amber Oudh, nostalgic Sweet Cream, exotic Jasmine, relaxing Floral Garden, and soothing Sandalwood. They all contain the same pheromones, so choose whatever scent suits your tastes! Then apply 1-2 drops to your pulse points whenever you need a mental boost!

You can get a 3.7 ml eyedropper bottle of any of the Love Scent Pheromone Oils‘ fragrance options for $9.95. If you haven’t added these to your collection, this is a great chance to do so!


Liquid Trust2. Liquid Trust ($24.95)

Liquid Trust has been one of our top 10 pheromones nearly as long as it’s been in our catalog! It is arguably our most versatile product, so its popularity is no surprise. It contains a potent social pheromone that can improve everything from your mood to your daily social and professional interactions. And it contains no fragrance while having virtually no scent of its own, making it safe for use even in scent-free spaces!

You can wear Liquid Trust just about anywhere, at any time! Apply 1-2 sprays to the wrists and around the throat for best results.

A 7.5 ml spray bottle of Liquid Trust is yours for $24.95. Order now!


Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men3. Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men (starting at $9.95)

Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men has been one of our top 10 pheromones for years. It’s a versatile, everyday pheromone cologne that works well for just about every man! Its proven formula mixes social and sexual pheromones with an unforgettable, attention-grabbing fragrance. It’s perfect for date nights, mixers, or just running around town!

You can wear Chikara on its own, or in combination with other unscented pheromones. Apply 1-2 sprays to your pulse points like the wrist and throat, and you’re ready to go! It already has a great fragrance, so there’s no need to add any more cologne.

You can try Chikara in 2 ways: the 1 ml Chikara Pheromone Mini for $9.95, and the 15 ml Chikara Pheromone Cologne atomizer for $49.95. Give it a try today!


Primal Women4. Primal Women (starting at $9.95)

Primal Women is a sexy, balanced formula for women, and has consistently been one of our top 10 pheromones. It contains a mix of AndrosteNOL, a versatile social pheromone, and copulins, strong female sex pheromones. This is a great one for women to wear on date nights or nights in with their partner. It creates a romantic, sexy atmosphere that helps bring down walls and establish lasting connections!

Primal Women contains no perfume, but its copulin content does give it a strong natural odor. We recommend always wearing it with a cover fragrance of some kind! Apply 1-2 drops of the pheromones to your pulse points and spray the perfume over it.

You can try Primal Women with the 1 ml Primal Women Mini for $9.95, or get the 10 ml Primal Women euro dropper bottle for $49.95. Add this one to your collection today!


FAB 4 CHEM Sets5. Fab 4 Chem Sets ($79.95)

We designed the Fab 4 Chem Sets so that pheromone aficionados could make customized pheromone formulas for themselves in their own home. These popular kits contain four 6-ml bottles of pure pheromone concentrates. You can add these pheromones to your favorite colognes and perfumes to make DIY pheromone fragrances!

Each Fab 4 kit contains 1 bottle each of pure AndrostaDIENONE, pure AndrosteNOL, pure AndrosteRONE, and pure AndrosteNONE. These concentrates need to be diluted in a carrier (such as your favorite fragrance) before use. You can read up on working with pure pheromones for more tips on how to use these concentrates! Just remember: they’re intended for people with experience! If you’re new to pheromones, something else on this list might suit you better.

The Fab 4 Chem Set is yours for $79.95. If you’ve been working with pheromones for a while and want to explore more advanced options, this might be for you!


Alpha 7 Unscented Pheromones6. Alpha-7 Unscented (starting at $9.95)

We developed Alpha-7 Unscented to give pheromone fans an AndrosteNONE-based product that performed better than other products available at the time. We accomplished this by adding the element of AndrosteRONE, which smoothed out AndrosteNONE’s rough edges and let its best qualities shine through. It quickly became one of our top 10 pheromones, and is now many people’s go-to sexual pheromone!

Alpha-7 Unscented contains no added fragrance, but it has a natural musky pheromone odor. We don’t recommend skipping the cover scent with this one! Apply 1-2 drops to the pulse points and spray your favorite perfume or cologne over it.

You can try Alpha-7  with the 1 ml Alpha-7 Unscented Mini for $9.95, or get the 10 ml Alpha-7 Unscented euro dropper bottle for $49.95. Order today!


Super Primal for Her7. Super Primal for Her ($49.95)

Super Primal for Her is a user-friendly pheromone that contains a relatively low concentration of AndrosteNONE. It can be easy to use too much of this potent sex pheromone, and an “overdose” can leave you (and everyone around you) feeling agitated. But Super Primal for Her leaves a lot of wiggle room. The low concentration makes it easier to find the right amount for you without accidentally using more than you need! This lets you enjoy the benefits of AndrosteNONE without risking the downsides.

While Super Primal for Her doesn’t have as strong a smell as some sex pheromones, it’s still a good idea to wear a cover scent with it. Apply a few drops of Super Primal for Her to your pulse points and spray your favorite scent over it. You’ll soon see why it’s one of our top 10 pheromones!

A large 2 oz bottle of Super Primal for Her is yours for $49.95. And heads up, guys: despite the name, this product is unisex! So, whatever your gender, add this one to your collection today!


Super Primal for Him8. Super Primal for Him ($49.95)

Super Primal for Him is an unscented product that contains the versatile social pheromone AndrosteNOL. This “icebreaker pheromone” can help improve your interactions with others, elevate your mood, reduce your stress, and more. It’s a great addition to any pheromone mix, and can turn your favorite fragrance into an all-purpose mood-booster. This versatility has made Super Primal for Him one of our most popular products for a long time!

Super Primal for Him does not have a strong odor, and some people find that a cover scent isn’t necessary with it. But you can, of course, add additional fragrance if you wish! Apply a few drops of Super Primal for Him to your pulse points, and apply your favorite fragrance after it.

A 2 oz eyedropper bottle of Super Primal for Him is $49.95. And attention, ladies: like Super Primal for Her, Super Primal for Him is actually unisex! Order today!


Mojo Pro for Women9. Mojo Pro for Women ($9.95)

It’s easy to see why Mojo Pro for Women is one of our top 10 pheromones! This sexy, alluring blend of pheromones is the perfect formula for snagging someone’s attention and keeping it! The designer fragrance enhances the pheromones to give you an irresistibly seductive aura. It’s perfect for turning up the heat with your existing partner, attracting a new partner, or just having a fun night out with your friends!

Mojo Pro for Women already contains a fragrance, and does not need any additional scent. Just apply 1-2 sprays to your throat and wrists, and prepare to have a great time!

A 3 ml atomizer of Mojo Pro for Women is yours for $9.95. Add this popular perfume to your collection today!


Love Scent Copulin Concentrate10. Love Scent Copulin Concentrate ($19.95)

Our Love Scent Copulin Concentrate is another product intended for advanced pheromone users. It contains an extremely concentrated blend of copulins, which are some of the most powerful sex pheromones out there. They can enhance a woman’s natural femininity and ramp up her sex appeal to both new and long-term partners. This concentrate’s powerful effects quickly made it one of our top 10 pheromones.

One note: copulins, in addition to being very powerful, are also notoriously smelly. Their powerful, sour-sweet odor is the main reason we recommend Love Scent Copulin Concentrate to experienced pheromone users only. Using too much of this product can have you smelling terrible! It needs to be diluted in at least 5 ml of your favorite fragrance before use. But if you have the extra experience, this concentrate can easily become your go-to pheromone for years to come!

A 3.7 ml bottle of Love Scent Copulin Concentrate is yours for $19.95. If you’ve got some pheromone experience behind you, give this one a try today!


And here you have it, Love Scent fans! Love Scent’s top 10 pheromones! Whether you want something ready-to-wear, or something more complex to tickle your inner DIY-er’s fancy, we hope you’ve found something on this list that appeals to you! And don’t forget to save 30% when you order by using the code BEMINE22 at checkout!


Have you ever tried one of our top 10 pheromones? What did you think? Which one would you recommend to someone new to pheromones? Tell us about it in the comments! You can also get in touch with us to share your comments and concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to hear about coupons, new products, and more!


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