Pheromone Science: Estratetraenol And Cooperative Behavior

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Now, on to today’s topic: Estratetraenol and cooperative behavior!

We’ve discussed Estratetraenol a fair amount in the past, and for good reason: it’s a fascinating pheromone. For starters, its effects are often dependent not only on a person’s gender but on their sexual orientation as well. Straight men and gay women respond to Estratetraenol in similar ways: the pheromone activates their anterior hypothalamus, a region of the brain associated with attraction and reading sexual cues from others. (Straight women and gay men do not respond to Estratetraenol in this way.) Research also shows that Estratetraenol can make straight men see women as more feminineEstrateraenol has also been known to intensify feelings of arousal in straight men and straight women.

It’s clear from the above research that Estratetraenol plays a key role in romantic and sexual relationships by both putting people in the mood for intimacy and making them more alert to potentially romantic partners. Today, we’ll look at research that provides further insight into this pheromones role in relationships: it makes straight men behave more cooperatively with one another, thus making themselves more attractive to the women around them.

Research into men’s sexual and romantic behavior has consistently shown that men behave more cooperatively when they are trying to attract women. This is probably due to the fact that the ability to behave cooperatively would have been seen as a distinct evolutionary advantage in ancient humans. Men who could work well with others, without unnecessary disagreements or aggression, were better suited to living in a community and more likely to contribute to the community’s overall wellbeing–not to mention the wellbeing of their sexual partner and offspring. So, cooperative behavior boosts their attractiveness as a potential mate.

A 2018 study highlighted the link between the pheromone Estratetraenol and cooperative behavior. Young, healthy heterosexual men were exposed to various compounds: sweat collected from women who were ovulating (a “high-fertility” cue), sweat collected from women who were not ovulating, the pheromone Estratetraenol (masked with a fragrance), or control solutions. Researchers then had the men play a game that tested their cooperative behavior.

The game allowed the men to either give themselves credits, take credits away from another player, or distribute credits equally to themselves and the other player. The other player (who was not a real person at all, but a computer) could also take credits away from the study subject, or give them credits. To top it all off, researchers told the men that they would be paid more for the experiment if they got a high score in the game.

The purpose of the experiment was to see whether various scents–the scent of ovulating women, the scent of non-ovulating women, or Estratetraenol–would encourage men to behave cooperatively, perhaps as a way to prove themselves as a worthy sexual partner to the women around them.

Researchers found that men exposed to the “high-fertility” scent of ovulating women’s sweat were significantly more likely to behave cooperatively with another player, which was the expected outcome and which earlier research had suggested would be the case. But researchers also found the same link between Estratetraenol and cooperative behavior: men exposed to the Estratetraenol were more likely to behave cooperatively than men exposed to a pheromone-free control scent, indicating that the pheromone was subconsciously encouraging them to demonstrate cooperative behavior to those around them.

The results of this research are, perhaps, not surprising: earlier research into Estratetraenol’s effect on the anterior hypothalamus indicated that the pheromone primes the brain for receiving sexual and romantic signals, at least in people who are attracted to women. It makes sense, then, that the same pheromone would also encourage the individual to behave in a way that makes them more attractive to the women around them.

So, what does this link between Estratetraenol and cooperative behavior mean for you, as a fan of pheromones? Well, for women who want to attract straight men or gay women, or who want their partners to be more relaxed and cooperative, it means that Estratetraenol is a great choice. There is also the potential for beneficial self-effects for straight male pheromone users: if you want a pheromone that will help you relax around your fellow men, encourage men to be more cooperative with you rather than aggressive or competitive, or just stimulate your own sexual and romantic interest, Estratetraenol may be what you’re looking for!

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There you have it, Love Scent fans! We hope these insights into Estratetraenol and cooperative behavior are as fascinating to you as they are to us. And don’t forget to use the code BLACKFRIDAY19 at checkout if you want to add any of the above Estratetraenol-based products to your collection!


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