Pheromones And Cold Weather: What You Need To Know

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That brings us to today’s topic: everything you need to know about pheromones and cold weather!

Every year, as the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, we get questions about how cold weather will affect pheromones. Will freezing temperatures during shipment ruin the pheromones? Will they still work when it’s cold outside? Can you use the same pheromones in winter that you use in summer? These are good questions, with (thankfully) simple answers! Let’s jump right in.



This is perhaps the most common question we get about pheromones and cold weather, and the answer is: no, your pheromones won’t be damaged! Even if temperatures drop far below freezing, your pheromones won’t be hurt. That said, cold temperatures do affect some carrier liquids used in pheromone perfumes and colognes.

If you’ve ever ordered an oil-based pheromone in wintertime, you may have received a bottle of viscous goop rather than a bottle of pheromone-infused liquid, or maybe a bottle of liquid with blobs of fatty-looking solids floating in it. This is because many oils, including the cosmetics oils used in oil-based pheromone products, turn solid in cold temperatures. But don’t worry: the solidification doesn’t hurt the oil, or the pheromones, or the fragrance, and it’s actually very easy to fix!

If you receive a bottle of solidified pheromone oil, simply let the bottle return to room temperature. You can speed the process along by putting the bottle in a cup of warm–warm, not hot–water. The oil will return to its liquid state within a few minutes. After that, give the bottle a good shake, and you’re ready to use your pheromone oil!

As for the pheromones that you already have, you’ll want to continue storing them at room temperature, standing upright, out of direct sunlight during the cold months. A drawer or cabinet works well. If it gets cold in your house, your oil-based products might turn viscous, but you can use the same cup-of-warm-water technique mentioned above to get them back to normal again.



This is another one of our most common questions about pheromones and cold weather, and the answer is also simple: yes! Pheromones will still work in the cold, but you may need to adjust your approach a little bit if you’re going to be using them in cold weather.

First of all, know that people’s olfactory senses tend to be a bit muted in the cold. Scent molecules don’t travel as quickly or as far in cold temperatures, and there’s some evidence that our scent receptors bury themselves deeper down into our tissues during cold weather to protect themselves. (As you probably know, pheromones are detected by a different olfactory organ than other smells, but sensitivity to pheromones is still decreased in winter months.)

So, if your nose is less sensitive in the cold, you need to adjust the strength of your pheromones. If you’re using a cover fragrance, you’ll want to adjust its strength, too. It’s still important not to overdo it–pheromone overdoses are more likely in the summer, but going too far overboard with pheromones in the winter is still a possibility–but you’ll almost certainly need to use more pheromones than normal when the temperatures drop outside.

Do keep in mind, though, that cold temperatures outside doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to use stronger pheromones inside. If you’ll be spending winter in totally climate-controlled environments where temperatures don’t vary that much depending on the season–such as an office building that stays at roughly the same temperature year-round–you don’t need to worry too much. But if you’ll be using pheromones outdoors in the cold, maybe during an outdoor date, hiking trip, or street fair, keep the cold’s effects on pheromones and other scents in mind.

All in all, the rules regarding pheromones and cold weather are about the same as they are during the rest of the year: experiment a little to find the right dose for the circumstances, and stick with that until circumstances change!



This question about pheromones and cold weather is related to the question above, and the answer this time is: it depends!

As we said above, you may need to increase the strength of the pheromones you’re wearing to see the same effects in wintertime. Decreased sensitivity to scents can make it more difficult for your pheromones to shine through if you stick with the less-intense amounts we recommend for the warmer months.

You can increase the strength of your pheromones in two ways: one, simply use a larger dose of the pheromones you normally use; and two, switch to a formula that is more potent to begin with. If Chikara Pheromone Cologne is your typical choice for warm weather, for example, you can consider switching to New Pheromone Additive for Men or Alpha-7 when the temperatures drop, or simply use more Chikara until the weather warms again. If your go-to summer pheromone perfume is Mistress Pheromones for Women, either add more to your usual dose or switch to something potent like Primal Women or Love Scent Copulin Concentrate. (If switching to a potent unscented product, be sure to use a cover scent that masks the pheromones and is strong enough to get through winter’s scent-muting effects!)

There are other reasons to consider switching your pheromones up, too: some pheromones have effects that can help you deal with winter’s challenges. We’ve spoken recently about using pheromones to keep you energized during winter’s shorter, colder days. You can also turn to pheromones to help keep yourself in a good mood if you tend to feel less upbeat in cold weather; the Love Scent Pheromone Oils, Liquid Trust, and Super Primal are all good choices for this purpose.

So, in the end, feel free to keep using your usual pheromones (knowing that you may need to use more than usual to see the same effects), but also feel free to experiment with different formulas and types of pheromones as the seasons change. Pheromones offer a huge range of possibilities for you, and experimenting can be a lot of fun. Do what feels right for you!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! Our most common questions about pheromones and cold weather. We hope you feel more confident with using pheromones in the wintertime now!


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