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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

First of all, we’d like to announce this week’s Weekly Special! This week, we’re offering you 50% off on our pure AndrosteNONE!AndrosteNONE (6 ml)

Like our other pure pheromones, our pure Androstenone has the highest possible pheromone concentration: 1 mg of pheromones per ml of carrier. (That’s twice the Androstenone concentration of the popular Primal Instinct for Men.) The carrier is a blend of perfumer’s alcohol, which keeps the formula thin and workable, and DPG, a cosmetics oil that does not evaporate from the bottle or off the skin. The carrier is long-lasting, stable, and resistant to evaporation loss. If stored properly, this product will last you for years and years!

Because of its potency, we recommend that you get some experience in working with pheromones before using a pure Androstenone concentrate. The product should be properly diluted in a fragrance or pheromone mix before using. To prepare, read up on mixing pheromones, diluting pheromones, and working with pure pheromones.

When properly diluted, Androstenone can boost your confidence, enhance your sexual magnetism, improve your own libido, and earn you respect. It’s a popular choice among people who want to bring the spark back to their sex life. It’s also the go-to for people who need to improve their perceived authority. But be careful: too much can have the opposite effect of what you want!

As you can see, pure Androstenone is a great addition to a pheromone collection–as long as you know what you’re doing! If you’re comfortable using pure pheromones, now is a great chance to add Androstenone to your at-home pheromone lab. For the next week you can get a 6 ml bottle for $29.95! That’s a great deal for such a potent concentrate, so order now!

And now, on to today’s topic: your questions about the strongest pheromones!

It’s a understandably common assumption that the strongest pheromones are automatically the best pheromones. You want the biggest bang for your buck, right? As we’ve discussed before, though, stronger doesn’t necessarily mean better. There are plenty of other factors you need to consider!

Before we get too far into this, let’s clarify something: what do we even mean when we talk about the “strongest pheromones?” There are a few different interpretations. For example, “strongest” can refer simply to pheromone concentration. A higher concentration means a stronger product, right? Well, that depends on what you mean by “stronger!” A high concentration of the social pheromone Androstenol will have gentler, more mellow effects than a comparatively low concentration of Androstenone.

A more useful approach to finding the “strongest pheromones” takes into account the effects of the final product. A pheromone product with a high concentration of a strong sex pheromone like Androstenone, and no other ingredients, will have very intense effects. If you add a social pheromone like Androstenol to the mix, the effects will be less intense and more balanced even if the Androstenone concentration stays the same.

So, when looking for the strongest pheromones, there are two things you should consider. First, think about a particular pheromone’s effects. And second, think about what you want the pheromones to do for you. Do you want something that will give your sex appeal a boost? Something that will improve your trustworthiness in the eyes of friends and colleagues? Or something that will strengthen your bond with your long-term partner? Know what you’re looking for, and consider products based on their effects rather than their pheromone concentration.

And finally, remember that “stronger” doesn’t necessarily mean “better.” Sometimes you’ll need a pheromone with relaxing effects, or trust-boosting effects, rather than intense effects. Think carefully about what you need so you can choose the best product for you! And remember, too, that the strongest pheromones can always be diluted: mix them with other pheromones, or dilute them in a fragrance, until you have the results you need!

All right, now that we’ve clarified some things, let’s take a look at some of our strongest pheromones! For our purposes, “strongest” won’t just mean the most concentrated, but rather the pheromones with the most intense effects.

Let’s take a look!

Alpha 7 Unscented Pheromones1. Alpha-7 Unscented Pheromones (starting at $9.95)

One of our most popular products, Alpha-7 Unscented is also one of our strongest pheromones. It contains a blend of the potent sex pheromone Androstenone and the milder sex pheromone Androsterone. While less intense than pure Androstenone, Alpha-7 Unscented has some very potent effects. Most people need only 1 drop (or less!) to see substantial increases in their sex appeal and perceived authority. But be careful: too much Alpha-7 can make people around you frightened or aggressive, so be ready to dilute or pair with a social pheromone if needed.

Because Alpha-7 Unscented has no added fragrance, you’ll need to pair it with a cologne, perfume, or scented social pheromone. Apply to the pulse points. If it’s too strong by itself, dilute a drop in several milliliters of fragrance or social pheromone. Experiment with that concentration, and adjust as needed!

Because a little goes such a long way, one bottle of Alpha-7 Unscented will last you a long time. You can try it out with the Alpha-7 Mini for $9.95, or the 10 ml Alpha-7 Unscented dripper bottle for $49.95. Try it today!


Love Scent Copulin Concentrate

2. Love Scent Copulin Concentrate ($19.95)

Love Scent Copulin Concentrate is an intense sexual pheromone for women. And we do mean intense! Its pheromone ingredient, copulins, have powerful emotional and physical effects on men. They strengthen men’s libidos, women’s sexual desirability, and the bond between couples. When diluted properly, they can be an incredible addition to a woman’s pheromone collection. But when used in too high a concentration, they can agitate everyone around you. So be prepared to dilute, mix, and experiment!

Love Scent Copulin Concentrate contains no added fragrance, but it has a very strong–very strong–pheromone scent. Some people describe the scent as vinegary. Others call it sickeningly sweet. Others find it similar to the smell of various bodily functions. Whatever you think it smells like, you’ll want to mask the smell! Always pair Love Scent Copulin Concentrate with a perfume of some kind. Dilute one drop in 5 milliliters of your favorite fragrance and apply to the pulse points.

A 3.7 ml bottle of Love Scent Copulin Concentrate is $19.95. This is definitely one of our strongest pheromones for women, so if that’s what you’re looking for, give it a try today!

AndrosteNONE (6 ml)3. Pure Androstenone ($29.95 for one week only)

This week’s Weekly Special is also one of our strongest pheromones: pure Androstenone! In terms of intensity, this is the strongest product in our catalog. You will most definitely need to dilute this product before use. You can dilute it in a perfume or cologne, or use in a DIY pheromone mix. Trust us: the extra steps are worth it! A small amount of this concentrate will give you incredible effects, from improved confidence and authority to enhanced sexual magnetism.

Because our pure Androstenone is so concentrated and unscented, you’ll always need to pair it with a cover fragrance or scented pheromone. Once you’ve properly diluted it and added a fragrance, apply to the pulse points like the wrist, throat, or behind the ear.

And, for the next week, you can save 50% on our pure Androstenone. Order a 6 ml bottle now for $29.95! If you’re looking for the strongest pheromones, you can’t find anything better!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! We hope you learned something about what we mean by “strongest pheromones,” and know how to decide if they’re right for you!


And, if you’re interested in the strongest pheromones around, don’t miss your chance to order a 6 ml bottle of pure Androstenone for $29.95!


What are the strongest pheromones you have used? Have you tried anything on this list? What were your experiences? Tell us all about it in the comments! You can also contact us with all your questions, comments, and concerns. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about blog posts, new products, promotions, and more!


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