Valentine’s Day With Love Scent

Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

Valentine’s Day is two weeks away! To celebrate, we’re offering 30% off your next order with the coupon code BEMINE. Just enter the code at checkout to save big on all your favorite pheromones, cover scents, and supplies!

And if you’re thinking about giving the gift of pheromones to your valentine this year, or want something to wear that will spice up your Valentine’s Day date, we have some suggestions for you–with options for every budget! Let’s take a look….


Deadly Passions - Red

1. Brand Colognes and Perfumes (starting at $9.95)

If you’re not sure your valentine is ready to try pheromones just yet, but you know they’re a fan of fragrances, we have options for you! We have a wide variety of pheromone-free fragrances for men and women. With brands like Black Onyx, Creation Lamis, Fragluxe, and the Dorall Collection, and gift options ranging from single perfumes to gift sets that include lotions and shower gels, we have something for everyone!

Our brand colognes and perfumes start at $9.95. Order a bottle for your sweetheart today!


Love Scent Pheromone Oils2. Love Scent Pheromone Oils ($9.95)

If you think your valentine would like to start experimenting with pheromones, and you’d like to treat them to a great starter product, the Love Scent Pheromone Oils are an excellent choice! These oils contain the easy-to-use social pheromone AndrosteNOL, which has an impressive range of positive effects and virtually no bad side effects. If you want something that will put you and your valentine in a positive, intimate, cuddly mood, the Love Scent Pheromone Oils are for you.

The Love Scent Pheromone Oils are available in ten fragrance options; pick whichever your sweetheart will like most! Options are: spicy and faintly smoky Woodland, sweet Citrus, fresh Musk, distinctive Smoky Amber, nostalgic Honeysuckle, ancient Amber Oudh, rich Sweet Cream, distinctive Jasmine, bright Floral Garden, or classic Sandalwood. Whichever scent you choose, apply 1-2 drops to the pulse points.

Each 3.7 ml bottle of Love Scent Pheromone Oils is yours for $9.95. These make great gifts, and a great addition to any romantic evening, so order now!


Mistress Pheromones for Women3. Mistress Pheromones for Women ($48.95)

If you’re interested in a more sexy, romantic pheromone for your Valentine’s Day date, as a gift or as something to wear yourself to make the night more memorable, we recommend Mistress Pheromones for Women. This pheromone perfume contains several intense, emotionally-charged pheromones that enhance sexual attraction and intimacy (physical and emotional), including copulins and Estratetraenol. Mistress is a good choice both for those in new relationships and those in long-term partnerships. It’s also one of the best choices for women in relationships with other women, due to Estratetraenol’s effects on gay and bisexual women.

Mistress comes scented with an herbal and floral fragrance, so you do not need to combine it with additional perfume. Simply apply to the pulse points like the wrist, throat, and behind the ears, and you’re ready to go.

You can get the 10 ml Mistress roll-on for $48.95. Order now!


Master Pheromones for Men4. Master Pheromones for Men ($48.95)

A counterpart to Mistress, Master Pheromones for Men is a pheromone cologne that emphasizes self-effects. Its pheromone formula includes copulins, female sex pheromones that increase straight men’s testosterone levels and boost their interest in sex. These effects have made copulins popular with many men who like to give their own libido a boost. It’s a great formula for any man who wants to relight the spark in a long-term relationship, or enhance the intimacy of a new relationship.

Master already contains a distinctive fragrance, so you do not need to add a cover fragrance to it. Just apply to the pulse points and, if you’re interested in self-effects, to the upper lip underneath the nose.

A 10 ml Master roll-on is $48.95. Order for yourself or your partner today!


Mojo Pro for Women5. Mojo Pro for Women ($12.95)

Mojo Pro for Women contains a confidence-boosting, sexy blend of pheromones paired with a designer cover fragrance. Women enjoy Mojo Pro for its self-effects as much as for its effects on others, and many users report an increase in self-esteem and feelings of flirtatiousness in addition to increased attention from those around them. If you’d like a pheromone that will make your Valentine’s Day celebrations flirty, fun, and relaxed, Mojo Pro for Women is a great choice.

Because Mojo Pro for Women already contains a perfume, you don’t need to use it with additional scent. Apply 1-2 sprays to the pulse points and get ready for some fun!

The 3 ml Mojo Pro for Women is yours for $12.95. Give it a try today!


Mojo Pro for Men6. Mojo Pro for Men ($12.95)

Like Mojo Pro for Women, Mojo Pro for Men contains a blend of pheromones that puts everyone in a lighthearted and sexy mood. Fans of this pheromone have reported everything from enhanced self-confidence and more attention from women to huge increases in emotional and physical intimacy. It’s great for new and long-term relationships alike, and for self-effects as well as effects on others. Mojo Pro’s designer fragrance enhances all of these positives.

Because it is already scented, you do not need to combine Mojo Pro for Men with a cologne. Just apply to the pulse points like the wrists, throat, and behind the ears, and you’re ready to go.

A 3 ml atomizer of Mojo Pro for Men is yours for $12.95. Order this popular product today!


Mojo Pro Pheromone Infused Massage Candle - Original Desire7. Pheromone Massage Candles ($14.95)

Made by the makers of the Mojo Pro pheromone sprays, the Mojo Pro Pheromone Infused Massage Candles are a very romantic gift. In addition to releasing mood-elevating, intimacy-enhancing pheromones into the air as they burn, they also create usable massage oil that is perfect for a partner-to-partner massage–which has all kinds of benefits for your relationship. The candle wax melts at a relatively low temperature, and is therefore cool enough to use on the skin virtually right away. Just pour the oil into your hand from the tin’s sloped edges and massage it into your partner’s skin. These candles can take your Valentine’s Day date to a whole new level.

The Mojo Pro massage candles are available in two fragrances: fruity, feminine Original Desire, and sweet, tropical Bahamian Adventure. Both are packed with pheromone that are sure to make your night unforgettable.

Each Mojo Pro Pheromone Infused Massage Candle fragrance option is yours for $14.95. Do something extra special this Valentine’s Day, and order now!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! We hope this list has given you some ideas for making your Valentine’s Day an occasion you and your partner won’t forget! And be sure to save on all your Valentine’s Day pheromones by entering the code BEMINE at checkout.


Have you ever used pheromones to make your Valentine’s Day extra special? What did you choose? Something on this list, or something else? Share your tips and experiences in the comments! You can also contact us directly with your questions, comments, and concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about blog posts, new products, exclusive promotions, and more!


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