5 Great Pheromones For Beginners

Happy weekend, Love Scent fans! By now, a lot of you have probably tried out a lot of products and fancy yourselves experts on the various pheromones we offer. However, for any of you that might be starting out, it can be hard to decide which product to buy first. Maybe you’ve signed up for our newsletter and gotten your free samples, but you’re still not sure which one to commit to. Well, for all you beginners out there or experts that need a good recommendation to give their friends, this list is for you.


1. Love Scent Beginner Specials for Men and Women

Instead of committing to one product, why not try a few out at a deal price? Our Beginners Specials for men and women are a great product to start your pheromone journey with, because it includes everything you need to get going. These sets include some of our most popular products to wear alone or as part of a mix, and an atomizer for carrying around any potential mixes.

2. Chikara

Chikara is on so many of the lists on this blog because it’s good for a lot of people in a lot of different situations. It’s great for beginners too, because it’s got a great, balanced yet complex pheromone formula that is surprisingly difficult to overdose on. As long you have a decent sense of smell, you should know the right amount to put on. It’s light musk scent is beloved by many a Love Scent customer, and we guarantee that you’ll find plenty of women that love the smell too.


3. Primal Women

For women, we recommend one of our best unscented pheromones, Primal Women. It’s our own take on the old standby in pheromone products, Primal Instinct for Women, but our own version is just as powerful, has a slightly updated formula, and is available at a lower price. The best thing about Primal Women is that you can combine it with any of your favorite perfumes. It’s as easy as putting a couple drops of Primal Women on and spraying over it with your perfume, or you can even mix in a small amount of Primal Women with a larger amount of perfume in an atomizer. The only warning we’ll give you is that you shouldn’t use too much! A couple drops is plenty, because Primal Women is a powerful product.


4. Alter Ego for Men and Women

Alter Ego is a pretty straightforward pheromone product available in scented versions for men and women. It’s formula includes three tried and true pheromones that go great together, and give you that feeling that beginners are usually searching for when they first try out pheromones. It makes you feel like almost a new person, gives you a boost of confidence, and most of all, it makes you more attractive.

UPDATE: We no longer carry Alter Ego. Try NPA for Women or NPA for Men instead!


5. Alpha-7

Alpha-7 is the go to recommendation for men when they ask for something unscented. If you’ve already got a cologne that you love and would like to give it a pheromone kick, Alpha-7 is great for that purpose. Be warned though, we highly, highly recommend that you use it with a cologne instead of by itself. It is possible to use unscented pheromones successfully without a cologne, but especially for a beginner, we recommend that you don’t. Alpha-7 is also one of our stronger products, so make sure you start with just a couple drops on your wrists or neck. Alpha-7 can even be used by women, if you’re a woman that’s looking to boost your aura of authority and command the room. Alpha-7 is available in a mini version for $15 (another great reason to give it a shot if you’re a beginner), or a larger bottle.


There you have it. Any of these products would be great ones to start out with, so don’t hesitate to give one a shot if you think it looks good. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get some free samples, and to be updated on new blog posts, products, and promotions. And if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know below.


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