4 Pheromones Perfect for the Summer

Happy weekend, Love Scent. Welcome back to Love Scent blog. Sorry for the long break, I took a short vacation to Florida with some friends. Summer there is quite a bit more intense than here in Oregon! With that in mind, all of the summer heat and humidity has a real effect on which pheromone products are the most effective, and how much you should be wearing.

With any pheromone products, it’s a good idea to wear a little less during the summer than you normally would. The reason for this is that we all sweat quite a bit more during the summer, and a lot of our natural pheromones are found in our sweat. When you combine a lot of sweat with a lot of pheromones, it can be an overdosing disaster! Just make sure you only use a small amount of pheromone products, and preferably use a lighter pheromone, like the ones on this list.

1. Chikara

Chikara is a perfect scented pheromone for the summer. It’s not quite as potent as other pheromones such as Alpha-7, but it gets the job done. This makes it great for the summer since it’s harder to overdose Chikara than many of our other products. Also, the great fragrance included in Chikara is perfect at covering up the musky sweat scents that your body produces more of in the summer heat. Chikara is truly a “jack of all trades” pheromone for men, and that doesn’t change during the summer months.

2. Liquid Trust

Since Liquid Trust is already pretty hard to overdose on, and it doesn’t have any of the usual musky pheromone scents on it’s own, it is a great product to use during the summer. Wear it during any social outings with a group of friends, and you’ll notice the whole group meshing together better than ever before. The social hormone found in Liquid Trust is perfect for group settings for that reason. If you’re looking to make some good memories with your friends over the summer, you can’t beat Liquid Trust.


3. Scent of Eros

Scent of Eros is another amazing pheromone product for the summer months. Its androsteNOL based formula is perfect for both group social outings with your friends, and romantic summer evenings with a partner.

UPDATE: We no longer carry the Scent of Eros products. Try the Love Scent Pheromone Oils or Liquid Trust instead!


4. Super Primal Pheromone Oils

Super Primal Pheromone Oils are one of our most cost effective products at only $10 for a small bottle. They’re also great for the summer months because they have a light pheromone formula that is hard to overdose with. They are available in a wide variety of fragrances for both men and women, so you have a lot of options. For the summer, we’d recommend the Cool Scent, Juniper Berry, and Roman fragrances.

UPDATE: We no longer carry the Super Primal Pheromone Oils. Try the Love Scent Pheromone Oils instead!


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