How Are Pheromones Affected By Temperature?

Happy Saturday, Love Scent Fans! Here in Eugene, Spring is just beginning to kick into gear, and that means it’s getting hot pretty fast. We often have customers asking about hot or cold temperatures affect pheromones, so this week we’ll go over a couple points on the subject. Read on to learn about temperature and pheromones.


Be careful about using too many pheromones in hot weather

Contrary to some things I’ve read on the internet, pheromones do not lose their potency in the heat. BUT, many pheromones (such as androsteNONE and androsteDIENONE) have a strong, musky smell when used alone, and that smell isn’t too much different from the smell of sweat. When it’s hot out, we produce a lot of sweat on our own. We always recommend that you cover unscented pheromone products with a fragrance of your own, but even then the combination of pheromones and natural sweat can overpower many fragrances and leave you smelling pretty unappealing. In these cases, it’s best to just use a little less pheromone product that you normally do, especially if you’re planning on doing a lot of physical activity during the day. You can still use pheromones when it’s hot out, you just need to be careful, and make sure that you shower in the morning to get off any sweat smell from the day before. There is a fine line between intoxicating someone with you sexy pheromone aura, and making them stand as far away from you as possible because of too much body odor.


Keep pheromones in a cool, dry place (but not cold)

Pheromones themselves are not affected too much by heat, but many pheromone products are combined with an alcohol base, which can slowly evaporate in hot environments, leaving you with a more potent pheromone formula that you could accidentally use too much of pretty easily. However, the flip side is that if certain pheromone products get too cold, the pheromone content can actually become solid again, leaving you with small flakes of solid pheromones in the bottle. Many products do not have this issue, but the easiest way to avoid it all together is to keep your pheromone products in a cool, dry place like a cabinet. Some of our products tell you on the package to keep them in the fridge, and that’s a fine place to keep many products, but any colder than that and you risk solidifying the pheromones. Best option in our opinion is a cabinet or shelf that does not get a lot of direct sunlight.


That’s it! Not much, I know. But there isn’t really much to say about pheromones and temperature other than these short points. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a comment below. If you’d like to be updated on new blog posts, products, and coupons, you can subscribe to our newsletter.


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