Our Most Popular Unscented Pheromones

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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

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Now, on to today’s topic: our most popular unscented pheromones!

As we’ve discussed before, “unscented pheromones” does not mean “pheromones with no scent.” It means pheromones with no added fragrances, such as perfumes, colognes, or essential oils. The pheromones themselves have a natural smell that ranges from body odor to intense sour-sweetness. That natural smell usually isn’t appealing, so we generally recommend wearing unscented pheromones with a fragrance of some kind!

Unscented pheromones are perfect for people who are particular about what kind of fragrance they wear. If you only like certain scents, and want to have control over what your pheromones will smell like, unscented pheromones are for you! They’re also perfect for people who like to switch fragrances up based on the occasion, season, or even time of day!

All right, let’s get into it! Here are our 5 most popular unscented pheromones!


Liquid Trust1. Liquid Trust ($24.95)

Liquid Trust isn’t just one of our most popular unscented pheromones–it’s also one of our most popular pheromones overall! This powerhouse social pheromone is incredibly versatile: you can wear it to work, while out with friends, on a date, while visiting family, and more. It’s also a rare pheromone in that it has no unpleasant natural scent. Once the carrier evaporates off, the most you’ll smell is a faint sweetness!

Because Liquid Trust does not have an unpleasant natural odor, you do not need to wear a cover fragrance with it. That said, you can wear it with an added fragrance if you want! Just apply 1-2 sprays of Liquid Trust to your pulse points, let it dry, and spray your fragrance over it!

A 7.5 ml atomizer of Liquid Trust is yours for $24.95. Order today!


Primal Women2. Primal Women (starting at $9.95)

Primal Women has been one of our most popular unscented pheromones for women for many years. It contains a mix of AndrosteNOL and copulins, so it helps relax the mind and elevate the mood while boosting your sex appeal too. Due to the copulin content, it’s also one of our smellier pheromones, so don’t skip the cover fragrance with this one! Pair with your favorite perfume every time you wear it.

When pairing Primal Women with a perfume, you can either apply them separately, or mix Primal Women directly into your favorite scent. If you do mix them together, we recommend starting with a 3-to-1 ratio of perfume to pheromones. Apply this mix to your wrists and throat and experiment a bit. Feel free to adjust the ratios until you see your desired results!

You can try Primal Women with the 1 ml Primal Women Mini for $9.95, or get a 10 ml Primal Women euro dropper bottle for $49.95. Add this excellent pheromone to your collection today!


Alpha 7 Unscented Pheromones3. Alpha-7 Unscented (starting at $9.95)

Alpha-7 Unscented is one of our strongest pheromones. It contains a high concentration of the sex pheromone AndrosteNONE, and a small amount of the milder sex pheromone AndrosteRONE. These work together to increase your confidence, sexual magnetism, and sense of authority. This is a great pheromone for people who want an edge in any area of their life: romantic life, professional life, or personal life! Alpha-7’s versatility and strength have made it one of our most popular unscented pheromones for years.

One thing to bear in mind: in addition to being one of our strongest pheromones, Alpha-7 is also one of our stinkiest. The AndrosteNONE content gives it an intense, body odor-like smell. You can easily cover this smell with a cover scent–just be sure to always use one! Either mix Alpha-7 into your favorite cologne or perfume (start with a 3-to-1 fragrance-to-pheromone ratio and adjust as needed) or apply them separately!

You can try Alpha-7 with the 1 ml Alpha-7 Unscented Mini for $9.95, or get the full-size 10 ml Alpha-7 Unscented euro dropper bottle for $49.95. Order yours today!


Super Primal for Her4. Super Primal for Her ($49.95)

Super Primal for Her is a great sex pheromone for beginners. It has a relatively low, user-friendly concentration of the potent sex pheromone AndrosteNONE. The low concentration lets you enjoy the confidence-boosting, attraction-improving effects of AndrosteNONE with a reduced risk of unpleasant side effects (such as agitation). This great balance is why Super Primal for Her is one of our most popular unscented pheromones!

Unlike many sex pheromones, Super Primal for Her does not have a very strong scent. That said, we still recommend pairing it with your favorite fragrance. You can add the pheromones directly to the fragrance, or apply them separately!

You can get a large 2 oz eyedropper bottle of Super Primal for Her for $49.95.


Love Scent Copulin Concentrate5. Love Scent Copulin Concentrate ($19.95)

Love Scent Copulin Concentrate is the perfect example of “unscented does not mean scent-free.” This is, without a doubt, the smelliest pheromone we can offer! Our customers have described this product’s smell as everything from “sour” to “bad body odor” to “rancid.” So why would anyone wear it? Well, because copulins have intense sexual effects, and can supercharge your love life! That is why, despite the smell, Love Scent Copulin Concentrate quickly became one of our most popular unscented pheromones.

If you want to try Love Scent Copulin Concentrate, be aware that there are some extra steps involved. You’ll need to dilute it in your favorite perfume. Start with 1 drop diluted in at least 5 ml of fragrance. Wear that for a while, and only bump up the amount of pheromones if you’re sure you need them. When used correctly, this is an incredible addition to your pheromone collection–we promise!

A 3.7 ml eyedropper bottle of Love Scent Copulin Concentrate is yours for $19.95. If you’ve got some pheromone experience under your belt, give this potent product a try today!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! Everything you need to know about our most popular unscented pheromones! If you’re looking for something you can add to your favorite perfume or cologne, we hope you have some ideas now. And don’t forget to save 25% on your next order with the coupon code FALLINLUV21!


What is your favorite unscented pheromone? Is it on this list, or do you have another recommendation to share? Tell us about it in the comments! You can also contact us to share your comments and questions. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to hear about coupons, website updates, new products, and more!


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