3 Pheromones For Authority

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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

This week, we’re going to take a look at some pheromones that will help boost your authority! Whether you need a boost at work or in your private life, these pheromones can help you achieve your goals.

When it comes to increasing your authority, pheromones work in two primary ways. First, they work with the brain to make the people around you see you as an authoritative figure. And second, they boost your own self-confidence, which helps others see you as a dependable and authoritative leader. Some pheromones do both of these things at once, while others work best for one or the other!

Without further ado, let’s look at our best pheromones for authority, and how you can add them to your pheromone collection!



AndrosteNONE is sometimes called “the alpha pheromone,” and for good reason. This unisex sex pheromone is a byproduct of your body’s testosterone production, and accentuates some classic “alpha” features in your personality. It can help you give off a confident, dominant impression, molding you into an authority figure that everyone around you will respect. These effects make AndrosteNONE one of the go-to pheromones for authority.

AndrosteNONE, as you probably know, also has some intense sexual effects. You’ll appear more sexually magnetic and attractive to others. The natural confidence you feel will accentuate these sexual qualities.

There is one thing you should always keep in mind when using AndrosteNONE: this is an incredibly powerful, potent pheromone, and it is easy to use too much! If you use more than you need, you won’t seem confident and dependable. Instead, you’ll seem overbearing, obnoxious, and possibly aggressive. An overdose can make people shrink away from you or argue with you.

For this reason, we recommend using AndrosteNONE sparingly, whether you’re using it in your personal or professional life. If you naturally give off a confident, authoritative vibe, you might want to consider a different pheromone altogether. But if you need a major boost, a small amount of AndrosteNONE can really turn things around!

So, how can you add AndrosteNONE to your pheromone collection? We recommend a bottle of Alpha-7 Unscented!

Alpha 7 Unscented Pheromones

Alpha-7 Unscented contains 6 mg of AndrosteNONE per 10 ml bottle. It also contains an enhancing mg of AndrosteRONE (more on this pheromone later!) to help keep things balanced and effective. Fans of Alpha-7 Unscented like its positive effects on their perceived authority and self-confidence. Anyone who has used it can tell you, though: this is strong stuff, so only use a drop! And be sure to cover that drop with your favorite fragrance!

If you feel that people aren’t seeing your inner alpha shining through, Alpha-7 is a great addition to your pheromone collection. You can get the 1 ml trial size Alpha-7 Unscented Mini for $9.95, or a full-size 10 ml Alpha-7 Unscented euro dropper bottle for $49.95.

If you’re interested in pheromones for authority, but are worried that AndrosteNONE might be too strong for you, don’t worry! We have other options for you…just keep reading!



AndrosteRONE, another unisex sex pheromone, is the more mild-mannered cousin of AndrosteNONE. It is also a byproduct of your body’s testosterone production, but it does not have the same intensity as AndrosteNONE. For example, it typically doesn’t intimidate others, or give you an overbearing impression. It gently lifts your confidence and leads others to see you as a dependable and steady leader.

AndrosteRONE also has a positive effect on your sex appeal. Just like its effects on your authority, the effects on your sexual attractiveness are gentler and less intense. You’ll be more appealing to others without driving them to distraction.

Because AndrosteRONE is not as intense as AndrosteNONE, it’s ideal for people who find that AndrosteNONE is too aggressive for their needs. Its milder effects also make it a better fit for workplaces, at least for most people. No matter who you are, or what your needs are, AndrosteRONE is one of our best pheromones for authority!

If you want to add AndrosteRONE to your pheromone collection, we recommend our pure AndrosteRONE concentrate!

AndrosteRONE (6 ml)Like all our pure pheromones, our pure AndrosteRONE requires a few extra steps before use. But those extra steps are very worth it! Each 6 ml bottle contains 6 mg of AndrosteRONE–a very high concentration that must be diluted before application. We recommend diluting 1 drop in 5 ml of your favorite fragrance. At this concentration, your confidence and perceived authority will see big improvements.

A 6 ml bottle of pure AndrosteRONE is only $14.95. That one bottle will last you for months if not years!

AndrosteNONE and AndrosteRONE are most people’s go-to pheromones for authority. But if you’re interested in something more complex, we have one other recommendation for you, so keep reading!



AndrostaDIENONE is a male sex pheromone usually used for romantic and sexual attraction. But it’s also one of the best pheromones for authority! It just doesn’t quite work in the same way as AndrosteNONE and AndrosteRONE. Its effects are more subtle and complex. For example, research shows that AndrostaDIENONE helps establish social hierarchies. It also makes men more likely to cooperate with one another. Instead of giving you an aura of dominance, it helps you convince people to work for you and with you.

One note: while women can and do use AndrostaDIENONE, it is a male sex pheromone, so the vast majority of women do not produce it naturally. We recommend that both men and women use it sparingly for best results.

If you want to add AndrostaDIENONE to your collection, we have a great way to do it: pure AndrostaDIENONE!

Androstadienone (6 ml)Like our pure AndrosteRONE, our pure AndrostaDIENONE has a very high concentration. You’ll need to dilute it before use. For men, we recommend 1 drop per 5 ml pf fragrance. For women, we recommend 1 drop per 7-10 ml of fragrance. At this concentration, you’ll get respect and cooperation from others. At higher concentrations, people might shrink back and feel intimidated. Just use the right concentration, and you’ll get great results!

A 6 ml bottle of pure AndrostaDIENONE is $49.95. If you’re interested in pheromones for authority, this is a great choice!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! Our best pheromones for authority. Whether you want more confidence in your personal life, or need to be more assertive and dependable at work, we hope you give one of these a try!


What are your go-to pheromones for authority? Do you go for something with intense effects, or prefer something more subtle? Tell us about it in the comments! You can also contact us directly to get advice or share your comments and concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to hear about coupons, website updates, new products, and more!


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