Back To Basics: Where To Apply Pheromones

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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

And welcome to another installment in our “Back to Basics” series!

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All right, on to today’s topic: where to apply pheromones!

Knowing where to apply pheromones is a key part of using them properly. There are certain places on the body that are better application points than others. We’ll take a look at the best application points, and some “second-best” application points too. But first, let’s take a look at why you need to think about application points to begin with!



Pheromones, as we’ve recently said, are scent particles that our bodies detect via a special organ called the VNO. Our bodies naturally diffuse pheromones into the air throughout the day, usually through our sweat. Other people will then detect the pheromones in the air and respond to them. This is, after all, the purpose of pheromones: to convey information to other members of our species through scent!

When you’re using additional pheromones, such as the pheromone perfumes and colognes available from Love Scent, you’ll want to apply them to places that will do the best job of diffusing the pheromones into the air. The further the pheromones travel through the air, the more people will be affected by them. Choose the wrong location, and people will need to get very close to you before they’re exposed to the pheromones…which isn’t always ideal!

On the other hand, if you’re using pheromones in a very intimate setting (such as a night in with your partner), you don’t necessarily need the pheromones to travel very far. In this case, you can choose application points that won’t put the pheromones very far into the air, because your partner will be right next to you.

So, when choosing where to apply pheromones, the main thing to think about is how far you need the pheromones to travel. If you’re going out with friends to a bar or club and want to attract people from across the room, you’ll need an application point that diffuses the pheromones far and wide. If you’re just spending a romantic night in with your partner, choose application points that you think your partner will get closest to.

Okay, now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into the details! First up: your pulse points!



If you want to diffuse pheromones throughout an entire room, your best bet will be your pulse points. These are the parts of your body where the veins run closest to the skin. These have always been the go-to recommendation for applying perfumes and colognes of any kind.

So, what’s so special about pulse points? Well, because the veins are closer to the skin, the skin is slightly warmer in those locations. The additional warmth pushes the pheromones (and other scents) away from the skin and into the air. This is the “diffusion” we’ve been talking about: the pheromones diffuse away from your body and into the air around you.

The easiest way to identify a pulse point is to, quite simply, check if you can feel your pulse there! If you can, it’s a great place to apply your pheromones. If you can’t, it’s not ideal…unless you know someone will be close enough to smell it while it’s right against your skin.

The best pulse points are:

  • Wrist
  • Throat (right below the jaw)
  • Behind ear

You can apply your pheromones to one of these places, or all three! A good way to get full coverage is to apply the pheromones to one wrist, gently rub your wrists together, and then wipe your still-damp wrists down from behind your ears to your throat. This gets a good amount of pheromones over all your best pulse points and gives you maximum diffusion as you go about your day!

While your pulse points are the best place to apply pheromones, they’re not your only options. Let’s take a look at some other application points!



As we said above, your pulse points are the best place to apply pheromones if you want the pheromones to travel throughout a room. But if you’re going to be very close to the person you want to attract, or are using pheromones primarily for self-effects, there are other places to apply them!

In truth, if you’re going to be physically very close to the person you want to attract, you can apply pheromones just about anywhere. Your fellow pheromone enthusiasts have had success with:

  • Chest
  • Base of neck
  • Crook of elbow
  • Back of knee
  • Forearms (between wrist and elbow)

Think about you and your partner, and what might work for your particular relationship. Does your partner sniff your neck or chest during romantic nights in? Then apply a drop or spray of pheromones there! Will you be slow-dancing with your arms on their shoulders? Then apply pheromones up and down your forearms! Tailor your application points to what works for you, your relationship, and the situation at hand.

What about those of you who use pheromones for self-effects? Maybe you use pheromones to help stay relaxed in stressful times? Or use them to help you stay sharp and focused during busy days? In that case, you want to apply the pheromones as close to your own nose as possible! Possibilities are:

  • Upper lip (right below nose)
  • Around the neck
  • Chest
  • Jawline

This will create a cloud of pheromones around your head. Take a deep breath and enjoy the effects!

Basically, your main takeaway should be this: when choosing where to apply pheromones, choose a spot that’s right for the situation. You won’t always need pheromones to travel across a room! Sometimes, they just need to reach the other end of the couch…or your own nose!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! If you’ve ever wondered where to apply pheromones for the best effects, now you know!


Where do you like to apply pheromones? Do you stick with the pulse points, or do you have other places you like to apply them? Share your tips in the comments! You can also contact us directly to share your comments, questions, and concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to hear about coupons, promotions, new products, and more!


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