Product Spotlight: Mistress Pheromones for Women

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This week, we’d like to take a closer look at one of our products: Mistress Pheromones for Women!

Mistress Pheromones for Women

Mistress is a sexual, sensual pheromone perfume for women. It contains a blend of pheromones designed to elevate your mood, enhance your sexual allure, and create a closer bond between you and your partner. Its potent pheromone formula is wrapped in a sexy cover fragrance that adds an extra layer of attraction. Read on to see why this pheromone perfume would be a great addition to your collection!



Mistress contains a blend of sexual and romantic pheromones. The two primary pheromone ingredients are copulins and Estrateraenol, each of which bring a unique range of benefits to the formula.

Copulins are potent sexual pheromones naturally produced in the female reproductive tract, and are produced at their highest levels during ovulation–the “most fertile” stage of a monthly cycle. Research shows that they have powerful emotional and physical effects on men in particular. Men exposed to copulins see increases in their testosterone, which leads to an increased interest in sex. Men exposed to copulins also tend to rate themselves and the women around them as more attractive, and become more attentive to their partners. (For a more detailed breakdown of copulins’ effects on men, check out our post on the topic!)

Estratetaenol, chemically similar to estrogen, is a more romantic, emotional pheromone than copulins. Women (and men) who wear Estratetraenol find that it has soothing, mood-elevating effects that help couples unwind and relax together. It can alleviate anxiety and tension and make communication between couples easier. If you want something that will help you communicate emotionally in your relationship, or feel closer to your partner, or just reduce stress in all areas of your life, Estratetraenol could be just what you need.

This combination of sexual and emotional pheromones makes Mistress a very effective pheromone for couples, both in new relationships and long-term partnerships. It can also help women attract a new partner: women who wear it have reported compliments and attention from complete strangers!

If you’re looking for a powerful, sexy pheromone perfume for your collection, Mistress could be perfect for you. The combination of pheromones is hard to beat!



While many people assume that pheromones follow a very rigid sex-based binary, with “male” pheromones exclusively attracting women and “female” pheromone exclusively attracting men, the truth is that pheromones aren’t actually that simplistic. As we’ve discussed before, many pheromones are produced by people of all genders to begin with, with the main difference being the amount, not type, of pheromones produced. Further, most pheromones are effective on all people regardless of their gender. (Men and women and nonbinary people can all be affected by AndrosteNONE, for example.)

Some pheromones, however, do have different effects based on a person’s gender, and some have different effects based on the combination of a person’s gender and their sexual orientation. Estratetraenol, one of the main ingredients in Mistress, is one such pheromone.

Research shows that Estratetraenol has the strongest effects on straight men and gay (and bisexual) women. Several studies have compared how people of various genders and sexual orientations respond to certain pheromones, particularly AndrostaDIENONE and Estratetraenol, and have found that men who are attracted to women and women who are attracted to women respond to Estrateraenol in the same way: the anterior hypothalamus of their brains, a region believed to play a role in sexual attraction and courtship, lights up during brain scans. (Men who are attracted to men and women who are attracted to men respond to AndrostaDIENONE in the same way, but do not have the same response to Estratetraenol.)

So, pheromone perfumes containing Estratetraenol can be worn by women who want to attract men, and women who want to attract women. Both will find that this sexy perfume can work very well in their relationships!



In addition to its potent pheromone ingredients, Mistress comes complete with a striking, memorable cover fragrance. As copulins are notoriously smelly, they require a cover scent of some kind to mask their intense and unpleasant natural odor. The Mistress cover fragrance masks them perfectly, letting the pheromones do their job without offending anyone’s nose!

The Mistress fragrance is a floral, slightly herbaceous blend of ylang ylang, ginseng, and other floral notes. Ylang ylang is a common fragrance note in perfumes and has a sweet, heady scent, similar to the scent of jasmine. Ginseng has a slightly spicy, warm, earthy scent that soothes the mind. It’s more substantial than many other light, flowery perfumes, and creates an aura of confidence and sexual charisma.

Because its cover fragrance is already so distinctive, you don’t need to combine Mistress with any other perfume, but some Mistress fans have reported that it blends well with other floral fragrances. Feel free to experiment, or just enjoy it as-is!


There you have it! Mistress Pheromones for Women is a fantastic perfume for any woman who wants to bring the sexy, romantic spark back to their relationship, or develop and strengthen their bond with their partner. It also makes a great gift for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and other romantic holidays!

If you would like to try Mistress, you can order it in a 10 ml roll-on bottle for $48.95. When it arrives, roll a little on your wrists and throat, and put a dab under your nose to experience the self-effects. Feel free to combine it with other, unscented pheromones as well!

Order a bottle of Mistress Pheromones for Women for yourself or your partner today!


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