Pheromone Toolkit: Cover Fragrances

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Now, on to today’s topic: a very important part of your pheromone toolkit–cover fragrances!

As you probably know, cover fragrances are things like perfumes, colognes, essential oil blends, and any other fragrance that masks the smell of pheromones. These help you smell good even when you’re wearing a pheromone with a strong, possibly unpleasant odor.

When reading up on cover fragrances, a lot of people begin to wonder: doesn’t using a cover fragrance interfere with the pheromones? Why would you want to “cover up” the pheromone smell when you’re wearing pheromones so that people will smell them? It’s a good question, with a simple answer: your nose has a unique organ just for detecting pheromones, called the VNO!

The VNO–or vomeronasal organ–is a special organ in your nose that responds specifically to pheromones. Research shows that it doesn’t respond to ordinary smells, such as the smell of flowers or baking cookies, but does respond to pheromones[1]. Wearing a perfume or cologne doesn’t interfere with the VNO’s ability to detect pheromones, but it does prevent the rest of your nose from picking up pheromones’ sometimes-unpleasant odors.

So, when you’re wearing a strong-smelling pheromone such as Alpha-7 Unscented or our Love Scent Copulin Concentrate, cover fragrances have a pretty straightforward job. That job is to cover up the pheromones’ unpleasant odors. This way, you smell nice and pleasant to those around you, and not like someone who badly needs to take a bath. After all, you want people to enjoy being around you–you don’t want to chase them off with bad smells!

But cover fragrances, and fragrances in general, play another role: they, by themselves, have a very strong effect on your emotions. Our sense of smell is the most emotionally-charged sense we have. Smells can change your mood, to the extent that they can even affect your work performance! This is because olfactory information activates the emotional centers of our brain[2]. Other senses, such as words or sounds, don’t do the same thing. So we form close emotional associations with smells, but don’t do the same for words or noises.

Researchers have also found that pleasant smells can make people see others as more attractive[3], while unpleasant odors don’t. Smells have such powerful effects on our emotions that even non-pheromone scents can help you up your dating game!

As you can see, cover scents don’t just serve the practical purpose of masking unpleasant odor–though this purpose shouldn’t be taken for granted! Your pheromones will be useless to you if all you’re doing is chasing people away. But even pheromone-free fragrances can work with pheromones to enhance their attraction-boosting, mood-elevating properties. They’re not just there to mask pheromones’ unpleasant odors, but to lend pheromones’ positive effects a helping hand, too!

So, cover fragrances should not be an afterthought. You should think of them as an essential part of your overall pheromone toolkit. They help your pheromones work better in multiple ways, so don’t skip them unless you have to!

So, now that we understand how important cover fragrances are, let’s think of ways to add them to your pheromone collection!



An easy way to make sure your pheromone toolkit includes cover fragrances: use pheromones that already have the cover fragrances in them! That way, you don’t need to worry about having your own cologne or perfume on hand.

Remember, “scented pheromones” doesn’t just mean “pheromones that have a smell.” Most pheromones have an odor of some kind. Sometimes the odor is unpleasant, and sometimes it’s neutral. But virtually all pheromones have a smell. But scented pheromones have a cover fragrance added to them!

For example, New Pheromone Additive for Men is an unscented pheromone that contains no cover fragrance, so there’s nothing to cover up its pheromone odors. But Edge Pheromone Cologne for Men does contain a cover fragrance (in this case, sandalwood cologne), so you’ll smell the cologne, not its sex pheromones’ body odor-like smell.

Some scented pheromone products contain pheromones that don’t have a strong odor. For example, the Love Scent Pheromone Oils contain AndrosteNOL, which doesn’t have an intense smell. But these oils still contain cover fragrances, so you can benefit from the other positive effects that we discussed above!

You can explore our Scented Pheromones for Men and Scented Pheromones for Women on our website!



If you’re particular about your fragrances, then you might prefer to get unscented pheromones instead. Remember, “unscented” does not mean “scent-free,” as these pheromones will still have an odor. But they won’t have a cover fragrance added, so you’ll get to choose your own!

People often ask which colognes and perfumes pair well with pheromones. Luckily, we’ve found that just about any cover fragrance works well with just about any pheromone, so chances are good that your favorite colognes and perfumes will work perfectly well!

The main factor to consider is whether the cover fragrance you’re using is strong enough to mask any potential pheromone odor. This is typically only an issue with strong sex pheromones, which tend to have intense odors that can be a challenge to mask. But as long as your cologne or perfume is masking the pheromone odors, it’s a perfectly good fragrance to use!

Also consider the effects that a cover fragrance has, and whether they pair well with the pheromone you’re using. Are you wearing pheromones to attract someone? Then pair them with a flirty or alluring fragrance. Or are you wearing pheromones to help improve your social relationships? In that case, a more relaxed cologne or perfume would be your best bet. Remember: these fragrances are working with the pheromones, so pick something compatible and complementary!

If you’re interested in expanding your collection of cover fragrances, you can check out our Brand Colognes!



Another option, popular with DIY-ers and those who prefer to keep it natural, is essential oils. Essential oils are the concentrated oils of plants and fruits, such as Lavender and Oranges. Humans have been using essential oils in perfumery for thousands upon thousands of years!

One benefit to using essential oils: they all have a range of positive effects. Aromatherapists use Lavender oil to soothe and relax people, for example. Many people find Sweet Orange and Peppermint oil to be stimulating. You can use essential oils’ effects to complement and enhance the positive effects of the pheromones you’re wearing!

Now, essential oils can be tricky to work with for beginners. You’ll need to dilute them before you can apply them to your skin, for example, to avoid a potential rash. (Read more about essential oil safety here.) You’ll also need to read up on the effects of each essential oil to make sure you’re choosing the right ones to pair with your pheromones. If you’re brand-new to using them, do your research before diving in!

But if you’ve got the knowledge needed to use essential oils properly, they can be a great addition to your pheromone toolkit. Like we said above, humans have been using these oils for thousands of years. There’s a reason they’ve been so popular for so long!

If you’d like to use essential oils, we have a variety to help you get started!


And there you have it, Love Scent fans! We hope you’ve come to appreciate the amazing power of cover fragrances, and understand the role they can play in your pheromone toolkit. If you’ve been skipping the cover fragrance, we encourage you to start giving them a try!


What is your favorite cover fragrance to use with pheromones? Do you get a pheromone that’s already scented, or do you have your own collection of perfumes or colognes? Tell us about it in the comments! You can also feel free to contact us directly with your questions, comments, and concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to hear about coupons, new products, and more.


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