Pheromone Science: Pheromones And Sexual Orientation

A chalkboard with male and female symbols in paitings. One pairing is a male symbol and a female symbol, symbolizing a heterosexual relationship. Another pairing is two male symbols, symbolizing a gay male relationship. The third pairing is two female symbols, symbolizing a lesbian relationship.

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Now, on to today’s topic: another dive into pheromone science! This time, we’re looking at the connection between pheromones and sexual orientation!

If you’re like most pheromone fans, you probably use pheromones to spice up your love life. Pheromones can be a great asset when trying to attract someone, whether you’re trying to attract someone new or trying to rekindle the spark with a longtime partner. This is because sexual and romantic pheromones activate the parts of our brains that are involved with courtship and sexual activity. They essentialy prime the brain for romance and get you in the mood for love!

One lesser-known fact about pheromones: your brain will respond differently to some pheromones depending on your sexual orientation! That is, if you’re a gay man, there are certain pheromones that you’ll respond differently to compared to straight men. Likewise, lesbian women will respond to certain pheromones differently than straight women.

So, if you’re using pheromones to attract a same-sex partner, there are certain pheromones you’ll want to be on the lookout for!

Before we dive into the research, we do want to clarify one thing: pheromones are not powerful enough to change a person’s sexual orientation. If you are a woman who wears a pheromone that gay men are more attracted to, it won’t make that man attracted to you because he is not attracted to women. Likewise, men who wear pheromones that gay women are attracted to won’t attract any gay women. This is one of those facts of life that simply cannot be changed!

All right, let’s look at the research into pheromones and sexual orientation!



AndrostaDIENONE, a male romantic pheromone, is one of the most well-researched pheromones out there. So it’s no surprise that it’s also been the focus of research into pheromones and sexual orientation!

Unlike many sex pheromones, which tend to affect men and women in pretty similar ways, AndrostaDIENONE affects people differently based on their gender. It can put women in a good mood[1], for example, while it typically puts men in a bad mood[2]. Its many positive effects on straight women have made it a popular ingredient in men’s pheromone colognes.

But gay and bisexual men should also take interest in AndrostaDIENONE, for two reasons! Let’s take a look at those.

First, in gay men, AndrostaDIENONE activates the anterior hypothalamus[3]. Why is this significant? Well, the hypothalamus plays a big role in romance[4], and is important to our emotional lives[5]. Activating this part of your brain puts you in a romantic state of mind, and helps you deepen your connection with those around you–especially romantic partners. So, gay men who want to attract another man should definitely add an AndrostaDIENONE-based product to their collection!

Second, AndrostaDIENONE can make gay men view other men as more masculine[6]. Masculinity plays a big part in attraction for a lot of men. If you are a man who is attracted to men and want to come across as more masculine to them, AndrostaDIENONE is a great way to do just that.

So, in summary, AndrostaDIENONE not only primes gay men’s brains for love–it can also make men more attractive to men who find masculinity attractive. Gay men should definitely consider adding this pheromone to their collection.

But what if you’re a woman who is attracted to women? Read on!



Estratetraenol is another very well-researched pheromone. In fact, it was one of the first human pheromones researchers identified! Like AndrostaDIENONE, it’s also been the focus of research into pheromones and sexual orientation.


Just like AndrostaDIENONE, Estratetraenol can affect people differently based on their gender. For example, it can make men behave more cooperatively[7], but doesn’t necessarily have the same effect on women. In addition to these differences, Estratetraenol also affects people differently based on their sexual orientation!

Just as AndrostaDIENONE affects gay men in a specific way, Estratetraenol affects gay women in a certain way. It activates the anterior hypothalamus in straight men and gay women[8]. It does not do the same to straight women or gay men. As we said above, the anterior hypothalamus plays a large role in romance and courtship. By stimulating this part of the brain, Estratetraenol gets lesbian women in the mood for love!

This orientation-specific effect makes Estratetraenol a good choice for women who want to attract other women. It’s not a unisex pheromone that attracts everyone: it attracts very specific people based on both their gender and their sexual orientation.

So, gay women should consider using Estratetraenol specifically when looking for pheromones to attract other women. While unisex sex pheromones, or other female sex pheromones, will surely do a fine job, Estratetraenol has a particularly strong effect on gay women. It’s therefore a great go-to for women who are attracted to other women!

So how do you incorporate Estratetraenol into your collection? Let’s take a look!



Now that you know that there are solid, research-based links between pheromones and sexual orientation, you’re probably wondering how to make sure you have the right pheromone on hand. Love Scent is here to help!

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And if you’re a woman who wants to attract other women, we’ve got you covered, too! There are several Estratetraenol-based products you can use. Try New Pheromone Additive for Women, Mistress Pheromone Perfume, or Pure Estratetraenol!

By incorporating these products into your collection, you can make the most of the best available pheromone research. We hope they help bring joy to your love life!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! We hope you better understand the connections between pheromones and sexual orientation now! We believe that knowledge is power, and want you to be able to make the best decisions possible when trying out these amazing products!


Do you have any other questions about pheromones and sexual orientation? Are you a gay man or lesbian woman who wants to share your insights into these products? Tell us all about it in the comments! Also feel free to contact us directly with your thoughts, questions, and concerns. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to hear about coupons, new products, and more!


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