Pheromone Carriers: Oil, Alcohol, Gel

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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

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Now, on to today’s topic: decoding pheromone carriers!

There are three main types of pheromone carriers: oil, alcohol, and gel. We’re here to help you learn the difference between the carriers, how they might affect your pheromone use, and which will be best for your needs!

Let’s get started!



Pheromone carriers are any substance that pheromones have been dissolved into. They are usually liquids, like oils or alcohol-and-water blends, but you can also find pheromone-infused lotions and creams. They make applying pheromones easier: without pheromone carriers, you’d have to rub dry pheromone powders onto your skin.

Once pheromones have been dissolved into a carrier, the resulting solution forms the base of any number of pheromone products. Adding a fragrance creates a pheromone perfume or cologne. Leaving it as-is, on the other hand, creates an unscented pheromone product that the customer can combine with any fragrance they like.

While all pheromone carriers serve the same purpose, they are not all entirely equal. Let’s take a look at their differences!



As we said above, the three most common types of pheromone carriers are oil, alcohol, and gel. Each carrier has its own pros and cons. Let’s learn what they are!

First up: oil. Products like New Pheromone Additive, Edge Pheromone Cologne, and Primal Women have an oil carrier. These products are viscous, and so you usually find them in dripper bottles or roll-ons. They do poorly in spray bottles and atomizers: instead of a fine spray, they come out in a big glob. The thickness of oil-based products can make their application a little more fiddly.

While oil-based products have packaging constraints, some people strongly prefer oil-based products. The main reason for this: oil-based products have longer staying power on the skin. It’s harder to sweat off oil than it is to sweat off alcohol or gel, and oil doesn’t evaporate. So, oil-based products are an especially good choice during hot weather. Likewise, oil-based products won’t lose any volume to evaporation loss, even if the caps are not tightly sealed. (They’ll still leak if they tip over, though, so keep those caps screwed on tight during storage!)

Next up: alcohol. (Note: most alcohol-based products actually use an alcohol-and-water blend as the carrier for safety purposes.) Examples of alcohol-based products include Liquid Trust, Super Primal for Her, and Super Primal for Him. These products are easily spray-able and do well in atomizers and eyedropper bottles. Because they can go in spray bottles, many people find alcohol-based pheromones easier to apply.

While they are convenient and easy to use, alcohol-based products are also in greater danger of evaporation loss. Alcohol and water both evaporate when temperatures rise. If you don’t keep the caps sealed, the product can steadily evaporate to nothing during long storage periods. Alcohol-based formulas are also easier to sweat off, so you’ll need to reapply more frequently on warm days.

Last but not least: gel. Our Alter Ego Gel Packets and Edge Gel Packets are the only gel-based formulas in our catalog. Gel-based formulas typically come in squeeze-able packaging, like convenient single-use gel packets or squeeze bottles. Because they are a gel, not a liquid, they have better staying power on the skin than alcohol-based pheromones. That said, they don’t stay quite as long as oils. And, if there are any cracks in the packaging, they do experience drying-out and evaporation loss.

People who prefer gel-based pheromones typically prefer them for their convenience. Gel packets, like this week’s Weekly Special, take care of the dosing and measuring for you. Some people also like them because they have better staying power than alcohol, but feel better on the skin than oil.

All right, now that you know the difference between the carriers, let’s take a look at what will work best for you!



As you learned above, all three main pheromone carriers have their benefits and drawbacks. But the bottom line is that all of them make excellent pheromone products. The pheromone content is almost always more important than the carrier. In the end, your choice of carrier will often come down to personal preference!

Of course, some of the differences listed above will affect your choice. If you strongly prefer applying pheromones with a spray bottle, for example, you should choose an alcohol-based formula. Alternatively, you can get an oil-based pheromone and then dilute it in your favorite cologne or perfume until it reaches a spray-able consistency. Or, if you prefer your pheromones to come in pre-measured amounts, gel packets will be your best bet.

In the end, the best choice of carrier depends on what works best for you personally. Do you strongly prefer alcohol-based products? Then just make sure to keep the bottle tightly sealed, and be prepared to re-apply on very hot days. Do you strongly prefer oil-based products? Just be aware that applying them might take an extra step or two. Any extra steps you need to take will always be worth it!

So, bottom line: any carrier you choose will work well, so you should feel free to follow your personal preference. The pheromone content is the most important factor!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! We hope you have a good understanding of different pheromone carriers now, and know how to choose a carrier that will best meet your needs.


And don’t forget to save 50% on the Alter Ego Gel Packets for Men by ordering within the next week!


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