Using Sexual Pheromones

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Love Scent Copulin Concentrate

As its name implies, our Love Scent Copulin Concentrate contains a potent amount of copulins. These female sex pheromones have a strong effects, both physical and mental, on straight men in particular. That said, many gay and bisexual women have reported good luck using copulins to attract women. They can also naturally increase a woman’s confidence in her own sex appeal. Some men even use copulins to stimulate their own sex drives!

Our Love Scent Copulin Concentrate is so potent that you only need a drop, diluted in several milliliters of your favorite perfume, to see effects. We recommend starting with 1 drop per 5 ml of fragrance. Test it out, and adjust the amounts higher or lower as needed to get your desired results!

Because it is so concentrated, one bottle of Love Scent Copulin Concentrate will last you for years. Use it to turn your favorite scents into powerfully sexual pheromone fragrances. You can even make DIY pheromones for your friends and loved ones.

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And now, on to today’s topic: properly using sexual pheromones!

Remember, pheromones fall broadly into one of two groups. Sex pheromones increase the wearer’s sex appeal, and increase sexual interest from others. Compare that to social pheromones, which soothe the mind and elevate the mood. Both pheromones have their advantages, and you can combine them to get the best of both worlds.

When using sexual pheromones, it’s best to follow some general guidelines if you want to be successful. Let’s take a look!



One thing to always remember when using sex pheromones: you can, in fact, use too much. Overdoing it on sex pheromones can have some unpleasant results. If you use too much, you may notice people around you getting agitated. You, yourself, might also feel irritable. Sometimes you’ll find that the people around you get downright aggressive. None of these are the results you’re looking for!

Pheromone “overdosing” can sometimes have different effects based on gender. Men, for example, are more likely to notice aggressive behavior from other men. They might also notice that women are intimidated or overly shy. Women, on the other hand, often notice that other people find them irritating or overly dominant. Whatever your gender, or the gender of the people you’re trying to attract, you don’t want to use too much.

So, in general, make sure that you’re using small doses of sex pheromones. This is especially true with highly concentrated formulas like Love Scent Copulin Concentrate or Alpha-7. We always recommend starting with the smallest amount you can apply and only using more if you need it.

This “overdose” risk does make using sexual pheromones a bit more tricky. But trust us: the results are definitely worth it! The right amount of sex pheromones can give your sex appeal and magnetism a huge boost. They can rekindle a long-term relationship, or can help you start a new relationship off right. There are plenty of reasons to try them! Just be ready to experiment a bit to find the right dose.



What if the smallest amount of sex pheromones you can apply from the bottle is still too much? What if one drop of Alpha-7 leaves you, and everyone around you, in an irritable mood? Or what if the smell of sexual pheromones is too much for you or those around you? Does that mean that using sexual pheromones just isn’t for you?

In short: of course not! If a bottle’s smallest amount is still too much for your needs, you can always dilute the pheromones directly in a fragrance or other carrier.

You can learn all about diluting pheromones in this post, but we can give you some basics here:

  • You can dilute sexual pheromones in anything that goes on the skin: perfume, cologne, cosmetics-grade oils, lotions, and more!
  • You’ll need something to carry the resulting mix: an atomizer, roll-on, or other container.
  • You’ll need to budget a bit more time to experiment with dosing.

Dilution may sound complicated, but it’s actually a great way to take advantage of a potent product. If you don’t need much of a particular pheromone, for example, diluting it in a fragrance or other carrier can make a single bottle last for many years. It’s also part of making your very own customized DIY pheromones, which are a great way to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need out of your pheromone collection!

In the end, using sexual pheromones can be a lot of fun, even when you have to take extra steps. The extra bit of time will be time well-spent when you find the product and dose that are right for you!



Last but not least, it’s important to consider where you’re going–and who you’re seeing–before using sexual pheromones. Social pheromones can be worn in just about any situation, from work to bars to houses of worship. But sex pheromones are not as flexible due to their sexual and sometimes aggressive effects.

Now, some products that contain a blend of sexual and social pheromones are okay to wear in many places–but always use your best judgment. Chikara, for example, is balanced enough to wear almost anywhere you’d like, unless you naturally produce a lot of sex pheromones yourself. (Younger and healthier men tend to have naturally high sex pheromone levels compared to older men or men with health problems.) A good rule to keep in mind: if people around you act negatively to your pheromones for any reason, don’t wear them to that place again.

As usual with pheromones, there are some exceptions to the general rules. If you dilute sex pheromones very heavily, and naturally produce low levels of powerful sex pheromones, you can probably wear them places you wouldn’t otherwise. For example, many women can heavily dilute Alpha-7 and wear it to professional settings to give themselves an authoritative edge. Men can dilute NPA for Men and wear in non-sexual situations to give their magnetism a boost. Just pay attention to the responses you get and adjust your pheromones accordingly.

Bottom line: just make sure that you’re putting thought into where and when you’re using sexual pheromones. You know your situation better than anyone! Use your best judgement, and you’re sure to know what’s best for you.


There you have it, Love Scent fans! Our tips for using sexual pheromones effectively. We hope this has been illuminating!

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