Product Spotlight: Arome De Femme

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And third, today’s topic: one of the Love Scent catalog’s true hidden gems, Arome de Femme!

Arome De Femme

Arome de Femme, which translates to “scent of a woman,” is a copulin-infused perfume for women. It comes in an easy-to-use 15 ml spray bottle that can conveniently be tucked away in your purse and brought with you just about anywhere you need to go. Why should you try it? Let’s take a look!



First, let’s talk about Arome de Femme’s fragrance. This is one of the most classic-smelling perfumes in the Love Scent catalog. Its complex floral fragrance opens with sweet top notes of vanilla and citrus which are supported by heart notes of aromatic florals, and finishes with warm base notes of musk, sandalwood, and vetiver. The fragrance is concentrated enough to cover up the natural smell of the pheromones without needing to use too much, but is not overwhelming–at least not to anyone who likes its scent notes!

Overall, Arome de Femme has a more natural-smelling fragrance than you find in many perfumes, and is ideal for anyone who likes sweet, feminine, floral scents. It’s perfect for both daytime and evening wear. If you like timeless perfumes, you’ll love Arome de Femme.



Now let’s take a look at the pheromone content. As we said, Arome de Femme is infused with copulins. These are natural acids produced in the female reproductive system throughout the month, and produced at particularly high levels during ovulation. They are very sexual compounds (“copulin” derives from the verb “copulate,” a more clinical word for sex) that have powerful effects on men’s behavior and emotions.

Now, if you google “copulins,” you’ll likely come across articles claiming that copulins “drug” men, can manipulate men’s minds and behavior, or allow women to have full control over the men around them. This is a common misconception about pheromones in general–that they’re magic mind control potions that can take over other people’s senses–but it’s not exactly true. Pheromones can impact people’s behavior for a number of reasons, but none of them can control people’s minds, none of them are a drug, and none of them can overpower a person’s natural willpower.

So what do copulins do? Well, on a chemical level, copulins can increase a man’s testosterone levels–and when men’s testosterone levels increase, so does their interest in sex, sexual confidence, and overall energy. Men exposed to copulins can also become more bold in their decision-making, possibly due to a general increase in confidence, and tend to find women more attractive.

None of these effects qualifies as mind-control, but it does mean that a woman who wears copulins will increase her chances of attracting men both sexually and emotionally. Copulins can help shyer men overcome low confidence and feel more bold when interacting with women, and can help boost a man’s interest in sex. These qualities make copulins useful both for single women who are trying to attract a new partner (or just someone to have a little fun with), and for women in long-term committed relationships who want to enhance their bond with their current partner.

Copulins’ confidence-boosting and sex drive-enhancing qualifies have even led some men to use copulins for their self-effects. Some men wear copulins themselves, either by adding unscented copulin concentrates to their own colognes or by using one of the few men’s products that also contain copulins. Other men prefer to give their wives and girlfriends copulin-infused perfumes as gifts. Either way, these men greatly enjoy the benefits that copulins have for them, both mentally and sexually.

As you can see, copulins are a very beneficial pheromone for anyone interested in a sexual or emotional connection. Many people have used them with great success, and you could be one of them!



If you’re interested in any of the effects of copulins, either as a woman who wants to attract men or as a man who would like to bring the power of copulins into his relationship, Arome de Femme is a very good choice. The fragrance does a good job of masking the natural smell of the copulins (those of you who are familiar with unscented copulin concentrates know that copulins don’t smell very pleasant on their own) and is striking enough to draw attention without being overwhelming. Buy it for yourself, or give it to a woman in your life! It makes a great anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift.

A 15 ml spray bottle of Arome de Femme will last you several months (1-2 sprays to the pulse points is all you need) and is yours for $59.95. This truly is a hidden gem and a high-quality product for our female customers. We hope you try it today!


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