Boosting Your Confidence With Pheromones

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We talked recently about some Love Scent products with positive self-effects–that is, pheromone colognes and perfumes that have a strong positive effect on you, the wearer, as much as on the people around you.

Today, let’s take a closer look at one popular self-effect of pheromones: confidence.

There are plenty of reasons for people to be looking for ways to boost their confidence. Maybe they’re feeling a little down after a rough week at work or a slump in their romantic life. Maybe they’re naturally self-critical and need some help feeling more sure of themselves. Or maybe they get jitters during big life events, like big career moves or new relationships. Even the most self-assured person is going to deal with a loss of confidence eventually.

If you could use a little more confidence in your professional or personal life, Love Scent has a few things that might help! Let’s take a look at the two pheromones most associated with boosting your confidence, and how to properly use them.


AndrosteNONE (6 ml)1. AndrosteNONE

AndrosteNONE is a sex pheromone found in human sweat. A byproduct of your body’s production of the sex hormone testosterone, AndrosteNONE is produced by men and women alike–though men produce it at higher levels. AndrosteNONE is the quintessential “alpha” pheromone and is the go-to pheromone for anyone looking to be perceived as a dominant, confident leader.

People of any gender can use AndrosteNONE, though the resulting confidence and dominance it gives your personality is typically more associated with men. This does not mean that women should not use it; on the contrary, we encourage experimenting with all sorts of pheromones to see what works for you and your desires.

One word of caution regarding AndrosteNONE: this is a very powerful pheromone, and its potent sexual nature means that you should be very discriminating in how you use it. Men especially should avoid using pure AndrosteNONE at work or in any situation where strong sexuality is not appropriate. Women, who naturally produce less AndrosteNONE, can sometimes use it at work, provided that they do not use too much: a drop is more than sufficient for most people! Women should use their best judgment when deciding which situations are appropriate for them to use this powerful pheromone.

So when should you use AndrosteNONE? Well, it’s an excellent choice for your romantic or sex life. It gives you the confidence you need to put your best self forward and approach people you might not normally even consider speaking to. What’s more, it directly affects other people’s perceptions of you, and heightens your natural charisma and sex appeal. People will be drawn to you, and you’ll have the confidence you need to bring them even closer.

Just remember: don’t use too much! This is a very strong product, and using too much can leave people feeling intimidated, shy, and over-dominated. Start with a drop and go from there.

AndrosteNONE is best worn on the throat and wrists and, because of its strong natural odor (it’s found in sweat, after all), should always be combined with a cover scent.

Pure AndrosteNONE is available from Love Scent for $49.95 for a 6 ml bottle. It is also found in these products:



AndrosteRONE (6 ml)

2. AndrosteRONE

AndrosteRONE is another byproduct of testosterone that is found in our sweat, saliva, and urine. Like AndrosteNONE, is produced by men and women (though men produce it at higher levels(, and both men and women can achieve great results by using it.

AndrosteRONE’s effects are very similar to those of AndrosteNONE: it creates an aura of alpha-style authority around the wearer, and gives you both a boost in self-confidence and perceived authority and respectability. That said, AndrosteRONE does not have the aggressive side-effects of AndrosteNONE, and comes with a lower risk of intimidating or frightening others. It can even be used to both enhance the good effects of AndrosteNONE and take off its aggressive, intimidating effects. AndrosteRONE is often used in products that contain AndrosteNONE precisely because it provides such a useful balance.

Because of its gentler effects, AndrosteRONE is suitable for more environments than AndrosteNONE. Pure AndrosteNONE, and pheromone mixes containing it, are often suitable for professional environments as well as personal lives. That said, pheromones work differently on different people, so pay attention to the effects any pheromone has on those around you and stop using it if its effects are inappropriate to the given situation.

AndrosteRONE is not often used alone in pheromone mixes. It can be, but many manufacturers and pheromone DIY-ers prefer to use it in combination with other pheromones so that it can help bring out their excellent effects.

Unlike AndrosteNONE, AndrosteRONE does not have an intense scent of its own and is therefore one of the few pheromones that can be used without a cover scent. We do still recommend pairing it with a scent of some kind, however, because of the powerful role scent can play in attraction. Wear on your wrists, throat, or behind the ears.

Pure AndrosteRONE is available for purchase for $24.95 for a 6 ml bottle. Other products containing AndrosteRONE are:

  • Alpha-7 (starting at $14.95): combines AndrosteRONE and AndrosteNONE 
  • Chikara Pheromones for Men (starting at $7.95)): combines AndrosteRONE, AndrosteNONE, AndrosteNOL, and other pheromones


So, the next time you’re feeling like your confidence needs a boost, remember these two pheromones and their uses. Whether you want to give your ego a nice boost before you head out to the club with friends, or need something extra to help you take on a steadily increasing workload in your professional life, or just want to walk through your life with a surer step, these might be what you’re looking for. Give them a try today!

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